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Thanksgiving Truth


Thanksgiving (as we learn of it in school):

The pilgrims simply weren’t capable of surviving in the new world on their own. Fortunately for them, the Native Americans were there to feed them and take care of them and teach them what they needed to know in order to survive. It is to them we owe the survival of the pilgrims and the eventual foundation of our country. This all began from a harvest celebration in which the pilgrims sat down with the Native Americans. Not long after this the pilgrims began stealing and murdering and wiping the Native Americans out.

Thanksgiving (as it was):

William Bradford with 40 pilgrims seeking to escape religious persecution had set out, not on an adventure, but on a mission. Theirs was a Biblical foundation, The Bible having both inspired their flight and established the ground floor of their contract. Theirs was exemplary  of the value of “faith.” There was no knowledge that we will succeed, but there also was no doubt.

Upon their arrival they were met with nothing but wilderness. No hotels, no Wallmarts, no family, friends, no welcoming committee. During the first winter half of them perished. When Spring arrived Indians did teach them a great deal but it was not this that grounded our Thanksgiving celebration.

The pilgrims had previously entered into contracts with sponsors in London which required everything grown, trapped, harvested, manufactured or otherwise produced to go into a common store. Each member of the community had one share. This included all of the land and the houses. This was one of histories marvelous examples of socialism. Nobody owned anything and all product was equally distributed amongst all. The very model of the socialist fantasy we are marching toward in America today.

What they soon learned was the weaknesses of the socialist philosophy which rears it ugly head every time it’s tried. The root of its weakness being lack of motivation, which even Godly beliefs and moralistic intentions do not overcome.

William Bradford wrote:

The experience that we had in this common course and condition, tried sundry years…that by taking away property, and bringing community into a common wealth, would make them happy and flourishing — as if they were wiser than God. For this community was found to breed much confusion and discontent, and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort. For young men that were most able and fit for labor and service did repine that they should spend their time and strength to work for other men’s wives and children without any recompense, that was thought injustice.

Their solution to this obstacle evolved into the power behind the greatest economy this planet has ever seen. Each family was granted its own piece of land and the responsibility of working, harvesting and marketing the production. Keep what you need and sell the rest and with the money you earn you can buy the best. This worked magnificently, leading to trading posts being set up in which exchanges could be made not only amongst the pilgrims, but with the Indians as well. They were able to pay off their contracted debt with London sponsors. Word spread in England and through Europe and the Great Puritan Migration began.

The first Thanksgiving was indeed a get together between the Pilgrims and the Indians which whom they were trading. It was a mutually beneficial relationship which had resulted from the good will of both sides and shines beautifully from the two-sided coin the Pilgrims thanked God for at the first Thanksgiving. Freedom/Responsibility.


Freedom & Responsibility

Propaganda, Move to the Right!


We are seeing an unexpected result of the importation of “refugees.” Here we are, celebrating Thanksgiving. A celebration America doesn’t really understand. Having been taught lies through our education years, most American’s haven’t a clue as to the true meaning of the celebration and what it represents. Topping this off is the media attack Thanksgiving takes every year.

This year we are seeing a very different presentation. From the very center of the main stream propagandia outlets, The New York Times, Huffington Huffington Post, The Washington Post et al. we are getting comparisons between the pilgrims we recognize on Thanksgiving and the Syrian refugees which our administration is trooping into our country right now. We are seeing the propagandia come closer to truth about the humanity and nobility of the pilgrims than we’ve ever seen before.

The stories we typically see at Thanksgiving time about how the religious and fiendish American founders raped a virgin land, stealing from and murdering its caring, kind, and loving peoples who wanted nothing more than to be friendly and supportive, are hardly suitable tales for making a comparison intended illuminate the value and honor of accepting unvetted, healthy male members of the religion of ‘convert or destroy’ (refugees), struggling to escape the same sort of repression as did our pilgrims.

Freedom & Responsibility

Bom Jesus da Mata My Ass

Written in reaction and as commentary towards “Death Without Weeping / Has poverty ravaged mother love in the shantytowns of Brazil?” by Nancy Scheper-Hughes, for a cultural anthropology class I’m taking…

I have a difficult time with this.  We live in a world where this type of thing need not be.  The wealth of the world is astounding and people still suffer indescribably from what we call poverty.  Coming, as I do, from a background of Christian “virtue”, it’s been stunning to realize that so much horror occurs in the name of “Jesus”. In this situation we hear of a midwife speaking, “just to dust the infant with baby powder and wait for it to die”, this sort of thinking justified as “cooperating with God’s plan.” It’s certainly hard to comprehend how anyone could see such a thing as being part of the “plan” of an all powerful deity. My own ethnocentrism temps me to explain it as the ignorance of a substandard civilization, but I see the same logic used right here in our own glorious, civilized, academic territory of wisdom where many see everything as directed by some unseen, inexplicable deity and all the misfortunes as being part of “his will” and the fault of our “unworthiness” of some sort. We see beliefs and behavior in another culture which are very similar to our own, and see it as horror, which many of us also see as “his will”.  The solution to such problems as this is indescribably simple, unfortunately the first requirement is logical concern against which, Gods, politics, power and money are vigilantly on guard. Bom Jesus de mata doesn’t mean “beneath the quiet” in my book..  But then, I’m just cooperating with God’s plan… ‘er somethin’.


Wednesday 9/28/11


I’ve had a lifelong struggle with religion. Believer? Don’t believer? Yes today, no tomorrow, I don’t know on Wednesday. A religion I’d grown up surrounded by yet doubting soundly, eventually got its hooks in me. I think the fact that I’d grown up such a rebel, surrounded by family that didn’t believe this particular faith, ended up arming me with the fortitude I needed to shake the hook. I now see that faith as absolutely ridiculous, yet I know very intelligent people who believe it, absolutely.

Seems if we grant power to a God, ANYTHING is possible, yes? Even the illogical, yes? Even the impossible? ABSOLUTELY! You see, we have Satan here making the truth look bad, so the truth I recognize is under constant attack by a magical, demonic, entity of immense power, so naturally it’s hard for you to see the truth. Apparently God likes the controversy since he doesn’t step in to correct it. This is why we call it a “test”.

But why does the being of ultimate power, wisdom and understanding, who knows everything, sees the future, knows the end before the beginning, and has no limitations outside of following the laws he, himself created, need to test anything?

Well, he’s doing it for us. Can a God not simply “inject” us with the wisdom needed? Apparently not. Instead he/she/it creates us, places here, gives us an obscure, endlessly debatable, non-provable, illogical, difficult set of guidelines, which he places in the hands of human “messengers/profits/philosophers” to pass on to the rabble and himself, makes no appearance (except to Moses & Joseph Smith). And why? Well, that depends on which messenger/profit/philosopher/scientist/witchdoctor/hoodoo-guru you decide is correct and choose to believe.

Interestingly, I was visited yesterday by a good friend, Jesse, who is a “Christian”.  He doesn’t use the label “born-again” but I figure that’s where he stands. We’ve had many “religion” discussions in the past, some of which have been almost frightening, in terms of his attachment to reality. He uses a lot of words to say little…  hmm..  does this make me a hypocrite? Still I hold him in high regard. Yesterday he pointed out what he sees as a mistake made by many, the belief that there is a price for redemption.

This places me at the doorstep of a big mystery… Redemption from what? Did God create fallen beings? Was there some sort of pre-existence during which we fell? Is our own simple existence somehow faulty? Were we some sort of mistake? Whatever the answer is, it has to be God’s fault, which would make “redemption” God’s duty (by any typical ethical standard).

Jesse didn’t make this particular argument but the end result, the fact that there is no price for redemption, makes perfect sense in light of this logic. “Bacon, don’t look at it as making a trade. Redemption is done. What you’ve done in the past, and what you’ll do in the future is irrelevant.”

Not having a particularly firm belief in Christ’s actual existence, particularly the deity aspect, I’ve yet been magnificently impressed by his story.  The last days in particular. The suffering he endured at the hands of the very people he was suffering for. Even the aspect that I can comprehend weighed against his ability to end it at any time. Mercy amplified!

Although a great deal of the most horrible atrocities in history have been performed in his name, the example he set in the story is peerless mercy, nobility unequaled. Even if Christ is fantasy or fiction, following his example could only be a good. Christ performed miracles of mercy and didn’t require payment. There are no examples of “I’ll cure you if you pay your tithing, if you go to church, if you go on sinlessly…” Nope, what he said was, “freely ye received, freely give.” He did, however say, “your faith has healed you”. So the closest thing I see to a price is belief or faith and I don’t know if even that is attached to redemption. If we are indeed the products of a deity, belief seems a small price to pay for redemption.

Unfortunately, due to a lifetime of being surrounded by multitudinous misrepresentations, a great many conducted by the “religious”, my belief vault is empty. Nevertheless, I deeply respect the principles Christ represents and so I’ll go forward and believe as best I can, follow as nearly as possible the example of humanity set by Christ.

Come on now!  I see that sneer…