The Root of Evil

Ever since my political eyes were opened, I’ve been aware that the Democrat party is not a good thing. It began, for me, as an ideological mystery. The foundation of our county was built on the concept of independence and liberty. Our Constitution was written to protect the American citizens from the dangers and weaknesses of an actual democracy (mob rule without regard to regulation) while retaining the overall element of the people being in control. Thus we ended up with a republic in which the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, prohibit the government from limiting or taking away “inalienable” rights of the people, leaving the minority protected, regardless of the will of the mob. Sadly as time wears on we are witnessing an evolution from the controlled democracy created by our founders and those who inspired them, such as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes,  Jean-Jacques Roussea, Montesquie, into a more traditional and deadly form of democracy. In America this move is headed by the Democrat party.

Now that I’ve (to some degree) become an old and wisened folklorist and a political commentator I’ve learned the truth of what the Democrat party actually is. There are certain essences of existence which remain in some form throughout history. One of these being the fragility of freedom and independence. There is in every society, large or small, a struggle between free will, and the desire to control. This struggle has been going on in America since the beginning. The pilgrims themselves threw their existence into the wind on a search for religious freedom, inspired by governmental control of their religious freedom.

As a folklorist I’ve become aware of politics and religion as being two of the most potent and enduring of all folk groups and it seems quite typical that the two overarching groups always go hand in hand. And, both groups have a distinct light side and an oppositional dark side. The  first Democrat president was Andrew Jackson, a slave owner and originator of The Indian Removal Act. He was responsible for the murder of vast numbers of Indians, including women and children and the stealing of millions of acres of Indian land. A Democrat? Well… I tend to think of him and those who followed to this day as “demonicrats.”

The Republican party was founded to oppose the spread of slavery and they had their work cut out for them. The American Civil War was the demonicrat battle to maintain slavery in America. As was their continued battle, including the Jim Crow law, and the KKK. In 1882 came the Chinese Exclusion Act, prohibiting all immigration of Chinese laborers for 10 years.. FDR delivered the New Deal which increased taxes for everyone and included Agricultural Adjustment Act which cut food production down and drove food prices up. FDR did offer a welfare program to Black people, with the catch that the participant must vote democrat. This would only affect the northern states since the demonicrat Southern states didn’t allow Black Americans to vote. The demonicrats fought stridently against the Civil Rights Act and The Voting Rights Act. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment; Japanese Internment Camps; John F. Kennedy rigged the West Virginia Democratic primary in 1960; the Bay of Pigs 1961; fire hoses and attack dogs used against children 1963; George Wallace standing in schoolhouse doors saying, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” JFK got us into a war in Vietnam which LBJ made it impossible for us to win. Over 58,000 Americans dead for nothing but undefended principle. “In 1975, when there were no Americans left in Vietnam, the left wing of the Democratic Party killed the government of South Vietnam, cut off all of its funding, cut off all of its ammunition, and sent a signal to the world that the United States had abandoned its allies” (Newt Gingrich). Bill Clinton blew the opportunity to take down Osama Bin Laden which would have prevented the 9/11 tragedy. Barack oBama’s absurd spending cost America it’s AAA credit rating. Oh, btw, interesting reading here.

It certainly does seem the work of demonic rats. 

As ridiculous as all this is, the Biden administration has delivered a new level of absurdity which is literally incomprehensible. First, like JFK, his election was rigged. Following that, we have a trail of absurdities. Biden promptly put an end to America’s energy independence! On Biden’s first day in office he issued an Executive Order revoking the March 2019 permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline. And an Executive Order banning new oil and gas development on federally owned territory. In spite of the propagandia lies, the truth is our energy prices are skyrocketing and demonicrat methods of control are unconstitutional. “The EPA’s attempt to regulate regional emissions through a novel interpretation of the Clean Air Act, known as the Clean Power Plan, was proposed by oBama and was deemed executive overreach by the Supreme Court in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agencyon June 30, 2022.” 

Which brings us to another absurdity, Biden’s retreat from Afghanistan. It’s hard to find any reasonable explanation for abandoning Afghanistan and leaving behind billions of dollars worth of equipment, except, it seems there is tremendous benefit for China who, coincidentally, have paid millions of dollars to the Biden Crime Family. This all focuses logic on Biden’s expensive and unrealistic push for electric vehicles, which aren’t as “green” as you’ve been told, and are directly linked to significant human rights abuses, and fabulous wealth for China.

Speaking of human rights abuses, Peddo-Joe’s Border Crisis is contributing a great deal to the human rights aspect of all this. The thing the propagandia leaves out of its stories on the border is the part about Biden rolling out the welcome mat. Biden cuts funding for immigration enforcement by 8% and increased funding for “noncitizen processing and care” by 700%. Biden is using our tax dollars to pay for hotels, cell phones and debit cards for illegal immigrants. Yes, we’re putting them into hotels at hundreds of dollars a night. Family Endeavors, “An organization with ties to the Biden administration was awarded a $530 million no-bid federal contract to care for unaccompanied migrant children after they have come across the southern border, a person familiar with the contract confirmed to the Washington Examiner” (Anna Giaritelli, Washintgon Times). Mind you, this was a no bid contract. Family Endeavors, a “non-profit” whose administrators are making a fortune, was not required to participate in a traditional and legally required competitive offering. 

Interesting as well, is Biden’s methodology. He’s pretty much put Congress on vacation. Moving closer and closer to a true dictatorship, ruling via Executive Order. The Trump administration,  tried to strengthen rules about rules by issuing FROGs “final rules on guidance,” that restricted the use of guidance documents to get around the APA. One of Biden’s early executive orders stomped on these FROGs to make it easier for his officials to issue de facto rules without notice and comment, as required by the APA. 

One of the most outstanding aspects of Biden’s character is his complete lack of honesty:

I had a thought of putting together an article actually listing all his known lies, but it rapidly became apparent that I don’t have time for that. An easier project would be to list all the times he’s told the truth… Not many.

Which brings us back to the underlying mystery. Why do so many Americans vote demonicrat?

This is a very complex question. The most obvious segment of reason seems also the most illogical. Education. Working people move from the country to the city seeking education in the attempt to better their circumstances. When you consider the fact that many of them are converted to a more liberal outlook on life it appears ironic. As they gain education, they loose the love of freedom and the sense of responsibility? No. They tend to be younger, and driven toward change. In earlier times, higher education promoted critical thinking which left their minds open to consideration. Today we’ve moved from critical thinking towards indoctrination. And the political powers with their ever growing ambition to control began to see the classrooms as indoctrination centers where they could employ various strategies to mold, rather than encourage thought. We end up with programs as absurd as Common Core. Absurd programs combined with the development of Marxist ideologies, and the result is the growth of the demonicrat party and its parasites, BLM, Antifa, Democratic Socialists, etc. 

Our challenge is to get education out of the hands of government. There is no mention of education in the Constitution. But in 1862, Congress passed and President Lincoln signed the Morrill Land Grant Act providing each loyal state with 30,000 acres of land for each Senator and Representative, the land to be used for agricultural and mechanical schools under a measure proposed by Senator Justin S. Morrill of Vermont. Five years later, in 1867, a federal Office of Education was established. This is where our current troubles began and are still evolving (even when Republicans are in charge of congress). The advancement of home education is now clearly demonstrating that children progress better and in a much more purely educational fashion when taught at home. It is hard to get at the truth of this because a similar form of propaganda is used to promote governmentally controlled education as are used to censor and modify news media. Yes the same Marxist infection! “Government will not fail to employ education, to strengthen its hands, and perpetuate its institutions” (William Godwin). “When the state or federal government control the education of all of our children, they have the dangerous and illegitimate monopoly to control and influence the thought process of our citizens” (Michael Badnarik).

Getting government out of education is critical to freedom!


Hail Satan!

This is getting a bit on the scary side. My religious roots are long and tangled, ranging from claiming to be an atheist, which I never actually was, to a garments wearing Mormon, and finally settling (so far) on being simply a Christian of the Born Again variety, but I’ve never been much of an apologist. The concept of Jesus Christ, “Love one another as I have loved you.” Is rather appealing, and while I’ve certainly lived what could be called, a blessed life, it might more appropriately be called a lucky life. While there is a bunch of logical evidence for Jesus, lately I’m finding much more obvious evidence in the presence of Lucifer. 

I don’t believe I’ve ever consciously known a Satanist, but as I look at what’s going on around the world these days, it’s hard not to see a firm logic in the concept of the existence of a “Church of Satan,” and a recognition that Satan does indeed, have significant power. Knowledge of Satanism and evidence of its existence has been with us for over 2000 years, and the evidence for its existence is startlingly similar today as it was back then. This, I suppose, makes perfect sense if there is indeed a Satan.

In the early 70s, “TIME Magazine” produced a cover story which pointed out, among other things, that the concept of Satan predates the Old Testament’s introduction of the term, “Satan.” During times of despair and rebellion against an establishment sanctioned by “the Church,” the Satanic Messiah became rather a popular figurehead, who survives and grows still.

Satanism is defined and described rather differently by various groups, some of whom view it as pure occultism, and others who view Satan as a “symbol of man’s self-gratifying ego,” rather than an actual supernatural being. These being largely, members of the Church of Satan.

In 1969 Anton Szandor La Vey, founder of the “Church of Satan,” produced The Satanic Bible. It isn’t presented in the form of scripture, but is more in the form of an encyclopedic, authoritative text. More of a manual, than a doctrine. There are a range of Satanic organizations, from atheistic Satanism like La Vey’s “Church of Satan,” for whom magic and supernaturalism is just part of the production, rather than a reality, to much more theistic versions, “Diabolists,” who view Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, as a deity with capabilities comparable to those of God, or Jesus.

The important thing to note is the virtual commonality of the concept. Although there are many huge exceptions, the majority of Satanists, theistic or otherwise, appear to be quite common folk. The Joneses, next door and the Jacksons across the street could well be Satanists and you not aware of it. But what we are all aware of is the foul and evil nature developing throughout society worldwide. In America specifically, we are experiencing an open opposition to Christianity. In the grand scheme there is nothing unusual in this. One commonality of all communist takeovers worldwide, which is going on in the name of “socialism” in America, is the destruction of any deistic faith, particularly Judeo-Christian. One of the core tenets of Marxism is a failure to recognize any authority beyond human authority. Is it a surprise to see what I call the “demonicrat party” pursuing the same end? The anti-God party? What would the result of an anti-God party be? Well, perhaps a pedophile-in-chief. Yes, an incestuous Peddo-Joe. Who swore his oath on a Masonic Illuminati Bible (with an upside down cross). He wants to fund abortion worldwide! He destroyed America’s clear opportunity to become a dominating force in oil production AND incredibly wealthy, by destroying our newly won (Thanks Donald Trump) energy independence. He created the biggest border crisis in world history, adding more than 700,000 new workers to the labor market; adding more than $500 million per year in health care payments just for the migrants that have arrived this year; vastly enriching criminal smuggling organizations; giant new costs for state criminal justice systems to deal with the crime problems associated with illegal immigration; “Asylum seekers and parolees can qualify for cash payments from federal coffers under the Earned Income Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit programs. We have estimated this cost to be about $3 billion year for illegal aliens who are already here ($1,100 per alien). We expect that number to increase to include potentially hundreds of thousands of new arrivals who get work permits, or who use stolen SSNs” (Center for Immigration Studies). Trillions in tax increases which will continue to be paid for generations by your descendants. Thank mom and dad! Which reminds me, one of Peddo-Joe’s few accomplishments in over 40 years in office is getting Social Security taxed and then increasing that tax. Oh, he also managed to get thousands of African Americans locked up in prison using the 1994 crime bill. Yes indeed, the pedophile-in-chief is also a blatant racist, and “‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Trump being one of the few politicians who made meaningful advancements for Black Americans. All of this does make much more sense if there is indeed a Satan.

One of the most important components of this Satanic plague is the dishonesty. With a very few exceptions our politicians are completely corrupt. Peddo-Joe didn’t win the election. Many articles admit the doubtfulness of a Biden win. But it was, in fact, mathematically impossible! And ultimately, almost anything you read in the main stream propagandia, is misinformation. It all makes perfect sense if there is, indeed, a Satan. Even if there is no Satan!


Learning from the Past



I couldn’t resist watching “Preparing For the Future By Learning From the Past: Examining COVID Policy Decisions 2/28/23.” What a severe load of nonsense! Some of them have reluctantly admitted some of the truths. Calling them “mistakes we made during the pandemic” (scamdemic). 

“Mistakes” made with both eyes open AND full knowledge of the absurdities involved. Seems everyone on this program is willing to admit that the lockdowns were a mistake. Duh! There are a few voices of reason, but the demonicrat presence is electrifyingly frightening! 

One of the “mistakes” is claimed as not vaccinating children?! Not forcing children to get dosed with a “vaccine,” which isn’t actually a vaccine, to protect our children from C19, which isn’t even a threat to children, and is but a minor threat to anyone. The definition of “vaccine” was changed, removing the part about vaccines delivering immunity so that it can be sold as a vaccine (billions for Big Pharma), which it isn’t. Nor is it effective. One of the most laughable reports (from Reuters, one of the most dishonest members of the propagandia), sports the headline, “Fact Check- Finding that most people dying from COVID-19 are vaccinated does not mean vaccines don’t work.” The fact that most people who die are vaccinated means what then? That Zeus is cursing vaccinated people for Godly reasons? 

The vaccine does deliver significant “side effects,” which can be rather deadly and long term. One of the most difficult things to dig out from the propagandia boondoggle is the undeniable fact that C19 is not only 99% survivable, but treatable, and curable! References to this truth are becoming harder to find in the propagandia as they work away to censor the truth, but they are there. The World Doctor Alliance is a good place to start. The internet and the propagandia are doing their best to keep the wisdom of this organization out of the hands of people to whom the lie has been sold so successfully. Millions dead, including my father, who was locked up in a “nursing” home 90 miles away, refused visitation, placed on a ventilator, refused effective treatments. They watched him die like millions of others, afraid and alone. Evidence also lives in people who ignored the lies, such as a very close doctor friend of mine who is over a large service and has had 100% success in curing C19 using Ivermectin. Yes that “horse dewormer,” which is actually licensed for use in humans, and which has been marvelously successful! In my own case I used a technique I learned from a military associate, chlorine dioxide. Careful with this one, it has to be mixed up properly. In my case it took 10 hours for a complete cure. This with the added benefit of leaving me AND those cured using ivermectin immune to C19. I’ve also heard of other treatments nirmatrelvir and ritonavir, and others, but I’ve no first hand info on these, and since they’re FDA approved, I’m skeptical.

What gets to me, in view of all this absurd nonsense is, why? Where did this come from and who fertilized it? One can easily find dozens of websites and organizations denying the idea that it is a scam, that it was planned. Interestingly ALL of these resources simply ignore the facts I’ve presented here. That it’s not all that deadly, that it’s easily curable, that it was engineered and intentionally released, that wearing masks is completely ineffective, six feet separation does no good, that shut-downs make no difference, but weirdly, these things are all Satanic!

This is where we get into really muddy water. It is so Hellish and bizarre it’s hard to comprehend, let alone believe. I’m an old motorcycle hippie and an outlaw. Definitely not your typical Christian apologist, but as I look at what’s going on around us, and the devolution we are experiencing, which was predicted thousands of years ago, Biblically, and add to this how the evil continues to expand, as is typical of Satanic evils. Abortion, for example, started out being sold as a good thing. Being for the good of the people. Abortion to protect the life and health of the mother, the infant, or both. OK… But look at what it’s become! the unborn child is no longer legally considered to be a life! We’ve recently seen a Maryland Senate Bill 669 which would allow “abortion” of children for up to 28 days after they are born! There is no justification which would make such a thing anything other than murder, which, technically, abortion is, no matter how old or young the infant is, but that won’t stop the demonicrats from continuing down that path, “Open wide the gates of Hell and come forth from the abyss” ~Mercyful Fate.

An organization I’ve found intriguing, without fully understanding them is QAnon. Them being an enemy of leftist statism makes it difficult to find reliable documentation in reference to them, but the idea that there is a “cabal of satanic cannibalistic pedophiles within Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and the so-called ’deep state’ within the United States government,” seems more and more reasonable. Much of the evidence is completely obvious, Epstein, the growing number of Hollywood libs being exposed as pedophiles, pedophilic crime is on the rise everywhere, the pRESIDENT of the united states literally advertises his pedophilia. Where would a story like the one Peddo-Joe tells about kids playing with his leg hair come from? It would come from a perverted mind.

This string of pedophilic behavior expands to the point of simple and pure child abuse which we see in the trans movement which is being fostered and sold in our schools, in spite of the fact that there is a mountain of studies proving the concept wrong. Yes, true and provable, the trans movement does contribute to depression and suicide. “This is actually the circumstance in some schools — where they are allowed to call your child by a different gender all day, and they’re not required to tell the parent” Candace Owens. Drag Queens and transgenderism seem a modern construct but they are Biblical and described as an abomination over 2,000 years ago. “Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man when they were created” (Genesis 5:2).“A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God” (Deuteronomy 22:5). “For everyone who does any of these abominations, the persons who do them shall be cut off from among their people. So keep my charge never to practice any of these abominable customs that were practiced before you, and never to make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God” (Leviticus 18:29-30). “Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them” (Romans 1:32). My point here is not that transexualism is evil, rather that it was recognized as such centuries ago. 

Much more recently, scientific evidence has entered the fray. Statistically speaking, post-op transsexuals have much higher mortality rates than the general population, individuals who undergo gender reassignment surgery are 20 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population. Beyond the actual deadliness of the situation, is the absurdity of it. We are literally living a mass delusion. Women can have penises; biological males are “entitled” to womb transplants; we’re putting pre-teens on hormone blockers and allowing sex-change surgery, ignoring the fact that 70-80 percent of children who report having transgender feelings come to lose such feelings. At the root of this nonsense is the absurd concept that people are what they claim to be, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. The idea that a girl can actually be a boy is not a spec more absurd than the same girl claiming to be an ostrich, and even though “science” has lost much of its relativity, it would require a psychologist to estimate the mental damage done to our youth. Few having any capacity of logic would see this as anything less than a “mistake,” but oh so much more!

The whole scamdemic era is an exercise in nonsense and in it one of the few actual examples of scientific logic is evidenced by the one country that ignored the nonsense of shutdowns, distancing ect., Sweden. Which refused to go into lockdown yet, had the lowest excess death rate in Europe. This truth isn’t easy to find. The lie being sold to us by the main-stream propagandia turns the stories about this simple truth into backing for the lie the propagandia is selling.

The important thing to remember about “Preparing For the Future By Learning From the Past: Examining COVID Policy Decisions 2/28/23,” is… well… nothing!


Welcome to the Dark Side!

I suppose I should begin with an apology. For well over two decades I’ve observed the absurdities of leftists. Anyone with the least degree of logical capacity has no choice but to admit that in any being or organization upon whom liberalism has any influence, the ultimate result is complete absurdity. What appears to begin somewhat sensibly such as abortion, which began as something being done for the benefit of the “patient.” Like cases where giving birth is likely to cause the death of either the mother, the child or both. This, naturally, expanded to the point we’re at today in which absolutely no moral justification is necessary. Whether the child is a life or not, is not even a part of the consideration. We’ve recently seen a Maryland Senate Bill 669 which would allow “abortion” of children for up to 28 days after they are born!

Now I haven’t read the bill, but apparently the language used is “unclear,” it prevents “investigations” of infant deaths for at least seven days, or even as long as four weeks after the child is born. Whatever the actual wording of the bill is, it is representative of the evils and endless evolution of the vile “principles” of the left. I personallywent from laughing at the absurdity of the idea that abortion could be legal, to a horrid wonder that this murderous principle could become even a consideration, let alone a normal, and protected “right.” The very foundation of the principle was largely based on racism and hatred. The founder of Planned Parenthood was a principle character in the evolution of this hate filled concept. Is it irony, or just pure and simple evil? This is where the apology comes in. I can only see it as pure, if not actually so simple, EVIL. So, I’m sorry, you evil pricks, that you have no semblance of humanity within you. And abortion is just the tip of a tine on the Devil’s pitchfork, the “Bilvet,” the Devil’s tuning  fork. Let’s examine a few of these Satanic absurdities: The current war on the nature of our childrens’ sexuality. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of allowing adults to do whatever turns their crank, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. But, “doesn’t hurt anyone” has become a non sequitur in today’s absurd world. One of the early absurdities was the left’s war against the Boy Scouts. No, of course this wasn’t a struggle to make the Boy Scouts more inclusive, it was simply an effort at destruction of something they hate (moral principle), which the left excels at. 

Other victims of leftist destruction include our “education system.” I’m old enough to remember when our universities promoted and encouraged critical thinking. They have evolved into the precise opposite. They have become indoctrination centers. This is now preceded by K-12 schools as well. They are actually teaching racism, a leftist ideology since even before the demonicrats pushed us into a Civil War in order to protect slavery. Doing so today under the guise of Critical Race Theory, a modification of Marxist “Critical Theory,” which they deny but do, dishonesty being part and parcel of leftist ideology. They are teaching that America is systematically racist, even including the children’s sexuality. This, in spite of the fact that Americans fought for freedom in spite of skin color, giving well over a million lives during The Civil War, and continues to fight Worldwide for freedom, in spite of the lies broadcast by the propagandia.

“Journalism,” has been demolished! I refer to it now as the propagandia, because that is exactly what it has become. Pravda in the US, preaching the statist lie to the people, as our “government” herds us towards complete communist style control. In this regard there is some hope since various voices of reason have steadfastly held on to their principle. “The Federalist,” “The Epoch Times,” “National Review” (Founded by one of my heroes, William F. Buckley, Jr.), News Busters,” “American Greatness,” “The Hill.” There are also a large numbers of political commentators out there working to bring reason back into being: Dan Bongino, an ex Secret Service Agent and law enforcement official who presents some very detailed and well verified information. “The Blaze Network” provides a list of excellent commentators who present very well considered positions, including greats like Mark Levin, Steve Deace, Chad Prather, The Duck Dynasty boys (OUTSTANDING), Jason Whitlock, Glen Beck, Pat Grey and many others! Plus the latest and absolutely successful attempt at bringing honesty and freedom, which we’ve been completely lacking from the commie-libs at YouBoob, “Rumble,” Where you can find absolute greats such as “Louder with Crowder,” “Awaken with JP,” Both of which incorporate comedy of the type leftists have destroyed. Which brings us to another of the many victims of leftism, Comedy. Our TV’s used to radiate excellent comedy. Late night talk shows, SNL, The Odd Couple, the Jackie Gleason Show, Married with Children. Nothings funny anymore.  

One of the great leftist ironies is found in what they are doing to women! Who could have imagined anything as scornful of women as transgenderism? You can’t win a gold medal against men? No problem, identify as a women and you’ll kick ass! And we’ll claim it’s fair… Yep, the leftist political destruction of women’s sports! Not to mention the horrors we can cause our children. This leftist absurdity is beyond criminal. To take a 5 year old child and destroy any hope of a normal future? Historically, gender dysphoria was very rare and affected one out of thousands. The vast majority of these children with severe and prolonged gender dysphoria grew out of it. Now we’re introducing treatments like puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and actual surgery. “The transgender movement is predicated upon a disturbing ideology that denies basic facts about human beings. But denying fundamental realities like the relationship between a person’s gender and his or her biological sex does nothing to alter these realities. Instead, it simply fosters an inchoate form of dissonance, typically in those who are already vulnerable or struggling. It tells those experiencing gender dysphoria that their bodies are incidental to their identities. It creates a disconnect between how individuals think and feel and who they actually are. But contrary to transgenderism’s harmful and destructive ideology, the theology of Scripture (not to mention biological science) offers a much better framework for understanding ourselves and our sexuality” (Josh Wester, Director of Content and Chair of Research in Christian Ethics).

We’re all witness to what the left has done to sports. Beyond making them unfair for women, they’ve politicized them to an insulting form of anti-patriotism. People enjoying lifestyles most can only imagine, taking a knee against the ideology and people who made that possible? If that’s not Satanic… well… I guess that’s the unpleasant point. All of this leftist absurdity IS Satanic, but be careful who you tell. The “Free Speech” we have in America today is likely to get  you thrown in jail with no parole. 

Look at the Jan’ 6 protestors to gauge your own level of safety in terms of freedom of speech. Two years in jail for walking on DC Grass? Tucker Carlson releases actual video of the incident on Jan. 6 which demonstrates conclusively that it was no violent insurrection. After seeing what had been released  I was dumbfounded by the reaction. From both sides! The reaction being that the film shouldn’t be seen. WHAT?! Both demonicrats and Republicrats are opposed to people  seeing video of what actually occurred. Nothing imaginable could scream louder the necessity of Americans seeing it! There is no surprise in the demonicrats hating it, because it exposes their lies, but why the republicrats? Well, for one thing the ones opposed are RINOS, Mitch McConnell, “It was a mistake, in my view, for Fox News to depict this in a way that’s complete at variance with what our chief law enforcement here at the Capitol Thinks.” Mitt Romney, “It’s a very dangerous thing to do, to suggest that attacking the Capitol of the United States is in any way acceptable…”  Even if it’s on film and proves the innocence of those accused?? I think many of our founders would disagree. “Our government is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit, by consolidation first, and then corruption….” (Thomas Jefferson). “I agree to this Constitution … and I believe, further, that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other” (Benjamin Franklin). “If Congress can employ money indefinitely, for the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare, they may take the care of religion into their own hands; they may appoint teachers in every state, county, and parish, and pay them out of the public treasury; they may take into their own hands the education of children, the establishing in like manner schools throughout the union; they may assume the provision of the poor…. Were the power of Congress to be established in the latitude contended for, it would subvert the very foundations, and transmute the very nature of the limited government established by the people of America” (James Madison). In view of how our founders treated the British government in general, I think that even if the Jan. 6 demonstration, which was actually peaceful, but if it really were an insurrection, it didn’t go far enough!

Oh well. at least we know our borders are secure! Ha ha haaaa…..

Sex crimes are under control! Well… 

Violent crimes are going down! Huh??

Government is working to protect our Power Grid. HELL NO!

Well, at least our father below is smiling!!


The Church of Satan?


Although it fascinates me, for the most part I’ve avoided talking on theology. As a folklorist I see the power of various religious folk genres as being even more powerful than those of governmental ideologies. However, one of the greatest mysteries of all time is the growth and blossoming of the Church of Satan. An actual religion, although I look at the entire Satanic influence over humanity, including one of its largest branches the democrat party as “the Church of Satan.”

My own struggle with religious ideologies has varied in levels of “faith.”  Pretending atheism, to powerful belief in Christianity as an ideology, whether it’s actually true or not. I’ve a hard time with “organized” religions. Every one I’ve seriously investigated is seriously lacking in what strikes me as the most brilliant, humanitarian aspects of what really matters, the Red Letters and from whence they came. Most organized religions become some sort of business, some of them absurdly profitable, and the message goes from simple demonstrable truths, to complex formula of what must be done to achieve salvation. However confusing and mysterious these religions are, they are all based on a foundational ideology that is the most humanitarian and loving ideology imaginable. Even if it’s nothing more than folklore, were it adopted as an objective intent throughout humanity, a huge portion of our problems would be gone. So why not adopt it as a faith?

That’s right! There is no reason. 

Which brings me to question that which seems to be the absolute mystery of our time, Satanism. First of all, to be a true believer in Satan, one has to have a belief in the existence of God, the root of love and the root of humanitarian behavior. The creator of everything including, interestingly, Satan. Which makes God the father of Satan, who is the father of lies. A fascinating dichotomy!

People moving to follow Satan, the father of lies rather than God, the father of love and humanitarianism is a mystery far beyond my ability to comprehend. One doesn’t need a microscope to see it is not only a mystery, but also an absolute truth. 

If one is to look at statistical graphs depicting the fact that whenever and wherever Judao-Christianity fades, worldwide increase of evil behavior and dishonesty grows symmetrically. You will also see in this, evidence of the truth of the Bible. “Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.” Matthew 24:12

Satan is among us, he has an army, and his power is growing fast! The greatest portion of his army is, naturally, named after a lie, liberalism. Classic liberalism was an ideology based on protecting the free market. Todays “liberals” are actually the antithesis of that original ideology. In America we have a political party, democrats (I refer to them as demonicrats because demonic rats is what they are, though many of them don’t realize it). A party which openly battles against the very principle Jesus delivered, freedom! (Demonicrats do believe in freedom of perversion and freedom to murder babies, but beyond that…) The teachings of Jesus clearly point out that freedom is a double edged sword. In order to experience freedom, one must exercise responsibility. Yes, responsibility! Our founding fathers, who our Marxist “educators” and mainstream propagandia love to tell lies about were, the vast majorirty, Christians. Apparently some were deists, hut all believed in a higher power and they delivered to America, in the form of “The Declaration of Independence,” which delivered the spiritual side, and the Constitution, which upholds the Declaration in a secular fashion and protects the people from the historically proven fact that governments are and always have been, the downfall of individuality and freedom. Thereby delivering to America, and inspiring to the world, the very sort of freedom Jesus spoke of. Not democracy, which is the politic of sloth, and the lie which our children are taught in school is the politic of America. The truth is America is a Constitutional republic, served by elected representatives representing the people and limited by the Constitution, the supreme law of the United States. No laws made by state governments or the federal government can contradict it. “Republic” comes from the Latin phrase, “res publica,” meaning the public thing. Citizens of states vote for members of the House of Representatives and Senate, who then vote on their behalf. 

The demonicrat party is, without a doubt, the effective work of Satan. They are actively maintaining the existence of racism and the hatred of any ideology that actually promotes freedom that conflicts with their Satanic ideals. Dishonesty and propaganda is par for the course in the demonicrat world. Child abuse to the point of sexual mutilation, and pedophilia are ever present in America today. There is no better example of this than our pedophile in chief, Peddo-Joe, who beyond his perversion sniffing children and abusing his own daughter, seems actually incapable of telling the truth about anything. He claims he was appointed the Naval Academy; claims he was arrested during the Civil Rights movement; claims he was raised in a Puerto Rican community; claims he was arrested in South Africa; claims he confronted “Corn Pop,” a gang leader; claimed the economy had zero percent inflation, during a month when it was actually 8.5%; lightning stuck his home, no one was injured and there was a small fire in his kitchen, but he claimed that everything was ruined from the basement to the attic and we almost lost a couple firefighters; claimed he graduated at the top of his law school class, when he actually finished near the bottom; he claims there is not a recession; he claims the border is closed! The one thing you can be sure of, is if Peddo-Joe says it, it’s almost certainly untrue, and he is the pRESIDENT of the United States (via a provably rigged election, yes theft, another of Satan’s tools).

Much like Peddo-Joe’s constant dishonesty, the main-stream propagandia’s reporting is a constant string of lies. Corrupt on a level that is difficult to believe. One of the things that convinced me The Donald is a true patriot is the unrelenting attack against him by a league of Satanists. Horrendously dishonest organizations like Reuters, PBS, NBC, Washington Post, The Atlantic, Los Angeles Times, one of the biggest boatloads of bullshit can be found in Forbes, in the ultimate dirtbag organization NYT, who supported Hitler. Hell, you name the propagandia organization and you’ll find dozens of such examples. When Trump was President I was involved in several discussions with ordinary citizens, well, demonicrats, which is sadly far too normal, who accused Trump of lying. My response was always, “give an example.”

The universal response was, “Every word he speaks is a lie.”

“Just give me one example.”

Usually I’d get a no response response. Something like, “You’ve heard him speak. Pick anything he said and there’s your example.” Occasionally I would get some actual example, and here’s why they hesitate, whatever the example was, it was not a lie. Sometimes it was a tongue in cheek joke, which The Donald is very good at: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” “I am the Chosen One.” and so on. And, sadly they get this notion from the propagandia. The father of lies is guiding the media.

Satanism is sprouting up everywhere. I’ve not much faith in the concept of reverse speech, but its  advocates claim that oBama’s motto, “Yes we can,” comes out in reverse speech as “thank you Satan.” We have examples of pro-abortion demonstrators chanting, “Hail Satan,” in normal forward speech which is rather more reliable. In February, the Grammys featured  Satanic Rituals.

Beginning in the ‘80s we began to hear stories about Satanic Ritual Abuse, which has grown to epidemic levels all over the globe. Ironically the FBI did a Report on Satanic Ritual Abuse in 1992. The pot calling the kettle black? Another branch of this trend is witchcraft, which is now the fastest growing religion in America

Governmental organizations are moving to the dark side. The IRS, Justice Department, almost all the federal agencies, the worst being the FBI which has become more criminal than most of the people they pursue. The FBI seems to be working to defend Satanic offenders. The Hunter Biden Laptop, why is nothing coming from that? The FBI arrested 11 people including Vince Vaughn abortion protesters for blocking the entrance, which they weren’t doing. The arrest by the FBI came more than a year later. He was arrested, abused and then released 60 miles from home with no phone, wallet, nor automobile. Vaughn is now facing up to 11 years in prison! This has happened to others as well. Mark Houck was praying about 50 feet away from an abortion clinic. He was arrested at gunpoint in front of his wife and family. On the flip-side of this coin, we had vandalism and fire bombing done by pro-abortion demonicrats against Organization working to save unborn children, churches, crisis pregnancy centers, and not a soul of them have been troubled by the FBI let alone been arrested. Makes one a bit nervous about the IRS adding over 87,000 agents, arming them, as a part of the “Inflation Reduction Act.” During the reign of the oBama conservative groups were targeted by the IRS. The “Inflation Reduction Act” adds over $700,000 worth of bullets to the present IRS stockpile of 5 million. Talk about weaponization! The oBama’s second term, the Department of Homeland Security which only operates on American soil began the process of acquiring over 1.6 billion rounds, including both hollow points and sniper ammunition. That’s enough armament for DHS agents to shoot every man, woman and child in America… up to five times. Why? You better bet your ass there’s a reason.

Governmental organizations are moving to the dark side. The IRS, Justice Department, almost all the federal agencies, the worst being the FBI which has become more criminal than most of the people they pursue. The FBI seems to be working to defend Satanic offenders. The Hunter Biden Laptop, why is nothing coming from that? The FBI arrested 11 people including Vince Vaughn abortion protesters for blocking the entrance, which they weren’t doing. The arrest by the FBI came more than a year later. He was arrested, abused and then released 60 miles from home with no phone, wallet, nor automobile. Vaughn is now facing up to 11 years in prison! This has happened to others as well. Mark Houck was praying about 50 feet away from an abortion clinic. He was arrested at gunpoint in front of his wife and family. On the flip-side of this coin, we had vandalism and fire bombing done by pro-abortion demonicrats against Organization working to save unborn children, churches, crisis pregnancy centers, and not a soul of them have been troubled by the FBI let alone been arrested. Makes one a bit nervous about the IRS adding over 87,000 agents, arming them, as a part of the “Inflation Reduction Act.” During the reign of the oBama conservative groups were targeted by the IRS. The “Inflation Reduction Act” adds over $700,000 worth of bullets to the present IRS stockpile of 5 million. Talk about weaponization! The oBama’s second term, the Department of Homeland Security which only operates on American soil began the process of acquiring over 1.6 billion rounds, including both hollow points and sniper ammunition. That’s enough armament for DHS agents to shoot every man, woman and child in America… up to five times. Why? You better bet your ass there’s a reason.

And lastly, what ties all of this together is the anti-population globalists. The murder of millions is well under way and to imagine all of these “disasters” we are experiencing are an accident, or just bad luck is dead wrong. The evidence is all around us. Millions of chickens “depopulated or bombed, food processing plants exploding. Train derailings are nothing new, but the New Palestine derailment has some rather unusual aspects added. The toxic chemicals, butyl acrylate, ethylhexyl acrylate, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether and isobutylene were released. Reportedly over 48,000 animals dead so far. This figure is from the propagandia, so we can rest assured the real number is way larger. We know the deadly, polluting results are affecting an area  which extends to over 20 miles away from the accident, which, of course, they’re blaming on the man who did what Peddo-Joe, who was busy giving billions of dollars to one of the most corrupt countries in the world, Ukraine. And Pete Buttigieg who should have responded immediately but didn’t show until after The Donald who the propagandia and demonicrats blamed for the derailment, arrived to donate pallets of water and cleaning supplies to the victims Peddo-Joe ignored.

Globalism is sold on the concept that nation-states need to be replaced by international powers like the United Nations. Using the concept of increased “togetherness,” but actually, globalism reduces the aspect of self government, putting more power in the hands of the anti-popultion globalist leaders. The closer we move toward that objective, the more absolute their power becomes. Which brings us to the real foundation of the hatred for The Donald. He is anti-globalist. “Make America great again,” is a foul philosophy in the demonic minds of of the globalists. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” Ephesians 6:12. The goal of the Satanists in order to sell this absolute dishonest absurdity to those who lack the ambition or interest to actually investigate it themselves, is to refer to it as the “Great Reset.” A reset it damn sure is, but there ain’t nothin’ “great” about it. It was delivered by eeeevil globalists at the World Economic Forum in 2021. They presented some absurd explanation about the truth of the scamdemic C19 crisis as an “opportunity” to investigate the need for change (giving the global government more control).

The reality of the scamdemic for us is quite clear. A virus engineered in a lab in China, which in spite of the virile denials of leftist everywhere, seems certain. Financed by governments, including ours. Fauci being instrumental in the whole project, which he then gave murderous advice about, including face masks, distancing, lockdowns, keeping children from school and/or social gatherings. Fauci is an evil man! (We won’t even go into his disastrous involvement in the AIDS situation. It is interesting to look at the propagandia responses to this now obvious reality. Organizations with a clear cut record of lying about every thing are revealing that, no, “the virus wasn’t engineered.” Okay beyond that, the virus was released into the population, and almost certainly it was intentional. It spread rapidly, and although easily curable, is wasn’t. It killed millions. Including my father who unfortunately, went to a hospital while experiencing C19 symptoms. Instead of treating him, they sent him to a “nursing home” 90 miles away, refused him visitation, and refused effective treatment. I’ve a nephew who is a highly successful doctor and has had 100% success in curing C19 using Ivermectin throughout the scamdemic.. Nope, you can’t use it on Terry. Instead he was put on a ventilator which by that time everyone knew was not an effective treatment. And there he died, afraid and alone. If that’s not Satanic turds don’t stink! Millions suffered the same fate, even though there are several effective cures, I used chlorine dioxide when I came down with C19, I was completely cured in 10 hours and now have natural immunity which the victims of the “vaccine” which isn’t even a vaccine lie, and which appears more dangerous than C19. A disorder which in the first place is about as deadly a the common cold. In a world with our level of medical knowledge, what could explain such absurd behavior? 

And then there is the pure Satanic nature of globalism itself. Deuteronomy 32.8 gives us, “When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel.” The divisions to continue until Christ returns to take the reigns. The Tower of Babel delivers another lesson, “So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.” 

We are experiencing the actual delivery of Satanic discord as Islam, an obviously Satanic cult which uses terrorism and violence to achieve their goals much like the demonicrat groups (Antifa, BLM). presents an obvious aspect of the removal of borders and loss of nationalism as they move westward. We don’t see them adopting characteristics of the areas they invade. We see more of a conquest. Which makes sense since the basic foundation of Islam is total control of the world. Hmmm, sounds rather globalist.



While I spend a lot of time plotting, planning, writing and imagining, the simple fact is that there may be no chance that we’ll ever save freedom in America (the only country in which it even comes close to existing). And in the end there are things more important than politics, or even freedom (which requires a flip-side of responsibility), which a large portion of humanity is taking great pains to avoid. 

Without a doubt, the most important of these more important items does have a political component, but both sides here in America are equally at fault. We are currently returning to the fears we held back in the ‘60s. The fear of nuclear war. We are without a doubt far closer to that happening now than we ever have been back in the past, but we have a situation now which may be far worse than nuclear war. 

Our greatest potential weakness  is the flipside of America’s greatest strength, our technological superiority. America’s level of greatness here is not debatable. We are miles ahead of the rest of the world. Our technological advantage requires a great deal of energy to operate, which do have right now. Our energy grid provides us with almost all of the wonders of modern living. Lights, heat, transmitted communication, pumping fuel, making popcorn, hell, everything that requires any amount of energy, including charging batteries. Even our flashlights and pocket radios will be worthless without a power supply to charge up those batteries. The power grid makes almost everything possible. 

One would think that such a magnificent machine would be protected more carefully than any other American marvel. Sadly, this is far from the case. It’s scarcely protected at all. The responsibility for this rest on your shoulders and mine. We can’t sit on our hands and wait for our “leaders” who’ve been ignoring this gigantic and obvious threat since its beginning. Our “leaders” are a mystery to me in dozens of ways, both sides of the spectrum! With the Republicrats its mostly a matter of greed (six figure incomes, and an army of assistants to do the work the politician should be doing), combined with the fact that the way things stand right now they don’t have to do a damned thing! The demonicrats, are at least honest in their hatred for freedom, and other than the discomfort of not being able to turn on the lights, would be pleased with the damage it would do to America.

We’ve had examples of the damage that even short term interruptions can do, such as the Texas power grid failure of 2021. “Major outages have included the Northeast blackout in August 2003 (70,000 MW of lost customer load), West Coast blackout in August 1996 (33,000 MW), Quebec’s geomagnetic storm in March 1989 (20,000 MW), the U.S./Canada ice storm in January 1998 (19,000 MW) and Superstorm Sandy in October 2012 (20,000 MW). In the aftermath of large-scale blackouts, many customers have had power restored within a few hours or a day or two, but some customers have been without power for a month or longer” ( 

The scariness of the situation is increased by the absurd fact that America has purchased billions of dollars worth of high power transformers made in China, our principle world enemy. There is no requirement that anybody check these pieces of equipment for vulnerabilities, no inspections.. Transformers are not the only electric component we import from China. And, of course, our marvelous pedophile in chief, along with destroying America’s newly won (Thanks Donald) energy independence; history’s most absurd and cowardly retreat from Afghanistan, from whom one of Peddo-Joe’s compatriots, Xi Jinping is now obtaining the rare precious chemicals used in making electric car batteries, to power electric cars which are far more dangerous to the environment than gas vehicles. The most obscene and absurd border crises. Spending trillions of your dollars and mine on a series of unnecessary absurdities. The demented pervert also rescinded the Trump order banning Chinese involvement in the US power grid. I imagine Peddo-Joe kisses Xi Jinpings hand when they meet.

There is a potential bright side to this story, and the reason I chose to write this, is to publicize and organization which is actively involved in remedying the situation by putting the power back into the hands which really do have control, if we would just get off our asses and exercise the control we still do have, in spite of the tremendous efforts of the Marxist community (the demonicrats). So please, please check out! We are the only soldiers in this battle and we can win! We have to win! Nothing could amplify the effectiveness of the global, anti-population, billionaires as would power grid failures!


Trump’s fault


The one thing we know for certain… well, the ones of us who are capable of logic and reason, is that the main-stream media lies. Our “main-stream media” is, in fact the American propagandia. If you see it on the main-stream propagandia, no matter what it is, you can comfortably rest assured that it is not true. 

It may be based on an event that actually happened, like the East Palestine train derailment. It happened, but what does the propagandia have to say about it? Ignoring the truth about how dangerous the released gas is. People were told to return to there homes they will be safe there. But when they did, they found dead pets. We were told there is no actual chemical residue “we burned it all.” However one can actually see the chemical in local streams, where one can also see no live fish, only dead ones. They’ll not breathe a whisper about the likelihood that the agricultural ground is severely contaminated. They’ll certainly not note the link between this and so many other killing disasters seemingly spawned by the anti-populationists. Nope! Not only not linking this to all these other disasters, they’ll specifically deny these disasters are what the actually are. Reuters, of course, being first in line to foment the “absurd notion” that there are anti populationists out there working to reduce the global population as much and as quickly as possible. In America these murderous imbeciles are all demonicrats. Led in large part by the Marxist professors in our principle indoctrination centers. They will also ignore the fact that the people suffering from this disaster have been abandoned by their government. Peddo-Joe, instead of traveling  to the area ot offering any help, traveled to Ukraine to give them billions more of your dollars to Ukraine, including a staged faked show of bravery under fire! One of the most blatantly absurd of his encyclopedia of lies, for which the propagandia treats him like a hero!  Anyone with any knowledge of our Secret Service operations knows the crap the propagandia is saluting about Peddo-Joe facing “real danger” in way the propagandia claimed, is purely impossible.

Here, however, is what they WILL tell you: The train derailment was Trump’s fault. In spite of the fact that Peddo-Joe ignored East Palestine, President Trump showed up in East Palestine in spite of the danger, bringing water, taking the police department and fire department to McDonalds, and reassuring citizens his support, “If they don’t come back and give you the treatment that you need, we will come back.” The propagandia is broadcasting yet another lie, that the train derailment was Trump’s fault. The ridiculously doltish Joy Behar, blames the victims “That’s who you voted for in that district. Donald Trump, who reduces all safety.” 

“The Trump administration dismantled Obama-era rail safety regulations that would have prevented the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio” (Pete Buttegieg). First of all those regulations would have had nothing to do with what caused this derailment. EvenNational Transportation Safety Board chairwoman Jennifer Homendy, who was appointed by Biden and unanimously confirmed by the Senate, said the rule wouldn’t have applied to the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine. Buttigieg also accused Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) of signing a letter supporting rail deregulations that would reduce visual track inspections. Actually the content of the letter was the opposite of the lie Buttigieg told and the propagandia reported. Sen. Rubio questioned why the Federal Railroad Administration was allowing automated track inspection procedures to expire. The letter called for testing to facilitate better understanding of the balance between automated and visual inspection.


State of the Onion

I really had no intention of watching the pedophile-in-chief give his State of the Union address, knowing it would be nothing more for me, than an exercise in frustration, having nothing whatsoever to do with the state of the nation, other than the fact that its figurehead is not only a pedophile, but lacks any capacity for honesty, What benefit or pleasure could come from watching that? Plus there is the certitude that not only will the main-stream propagandia be falling over itself in the impossible attempt to make sense of the lies Peddo-Joe told, the honest reporters of event (Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Candace Owens, etc) will be showing an endless array of clips showing the foolishness and dishonesty of our, so called, POTUS. All of this would be horrific enough had Peddo-Joe actually won the election rather than stealing it. Yet steal it they did. Why they chose this ridiculous imbecile to occupy the stolen chair, I’ll probably never know. Probably something to do with controllability. If Peddo-Joe opens his mouth, his criminal background would make it very easy to land he and members of his crime family in prison… but I don’t know, you would at least suspect they’d pick someone capable of intelligent communication.

Which leads to one of the many mysteries of Peddo-Joe’s “speach.” he assured us, “Make no mistake, “If you try anything to reduce the cost frizazillionjujujubs, I will veto it.” While I have no idea what frizacillionjujujubs, is, this might have been the only truthful statement he made last night. I don’t know. At least it got standing applause from perhaps the least intelligent person to ever hold office in D.C., Kamaltoe Harris.

Probably the biggest lie of the evening was, “I will be honest with you, as I’ve always promised.” What a hoot

Peddo-Joe reintroduces the lie demonicrats have been spewing ever since they destroyed the magnificence that Social Security could have been, had the conservatives had their way in its creation. To have it run by private investment organizations in a purely investment strategy. Had that been done, America would still be broke, but the retired folks in America would be millionaires. Instead, demonicrats turned it into a slush fund for governmental abuse. They’ve threatened America ever since with the possibility they’d take it away. In this case the lying pedophile claimed it’s the Republicans who will take it away, “Some Republicans want Medicare to ‘sunset.’” While the truth is governmental abuse of the program is causing it to go broke. Another magnificent opportunity for Americans pissed away thanks to the demonicrat party. He follows this tremendous lie with another, that anyone who doubts it, he will give anyone a copy of the proposal (which doesn’t exist). He does expand the lie with “I’m politely not naming them, but it’s being proposed …” Polite to avoid being guilty of false accusations. What the lying imbecile is referring to, is republicans who are proposing ways to save the program, which thanks to governmental abuse WILL be broke and thus be paid for, not by the money paid into Social Security, but by your tax dollars. Money that should go to the military etc. will now be paying Social Security.

Another interesting episode in Peddo-Joe’s performance was when he started yelling, as he often does. Yelling being, I’m told, an aspect of dementia, “Name me a world leader who’d change places with Xi Jinping.” What’s he getting at here? What world leader would take over what is rapidly becoming the greatest economy in the world? What world leader wants to be in complete control of the population? What world leader wants to control the pedophile POTUS? I don’t know. Probably most of ’em.

“Gas prices are going down.” leaving out they’re still far higher than they were during Trump’s era. Leaving out the fact that he personally destroyed America’s energy independence. Leaving out the fact that he destroyed the oil industries desire to make America the top oil producing country in the world. Leaving out the truth that the prices are going down somewhat, and probably temporarily from the historic record of being the highest they’ve ever been thanks to Peddo-Joe.

Of course he went on to weilding one of the longest lived lies of the demonicrat party, that the wealthy are not paying their fair share. Actually, the top 1% in income, earn 21% of total income earned in America, yet pay 40% of the total income tax collected (IRS). The bottom 50% paid 12% of the total burdon (IRS). One of Peddo-Joe’s lies (also spread by the demonicrat party in general), was that the Trump tax decreases were just for the rich to get richer. Those tax cuts actually reduced the tax rate for the lowest income by 10%, and the richest by 0.04%. After the tax cuts, the rich pay a larger, not smaller share of income taxes. AND the federal tax income went up, because ALL Americans had more money in hand to feed the economy. The demonicrats spread this lie because in spite of the unfair tax burden they bear, the richest still have a lot of money, and the demonicrats, statist Marxists that they are, want a bigger cut of it. Fairness nor equity have anything to do with it. Which leads me to one of the most mind numbing absurdities I can think of, why are so many of the wealthy, demonicrats?

Peddo-Joe claimed to have created 12 million “new jobs.” “More jobs created in two years than any other president has created in 4 years.” Aargh! No! Not new jobs. These were jobs for people returning to jobs the Marxists in “government” shut down in the name of stoping a virus, (a practically harmless virus, we now know, and they then knew), but they did crush the economy, and globally. And reduced the global population by millions. Another incomprehensible goal of the globalist leftists.

“Our economy roared back faster than anyone predicted.” What?? The Peddo-Joe administration promoted temporary price hikes. The economy is far from “back,” unless he meant back to a previous recession.

He called for lowering the cost of insulin, neglecting to mention the fact that he froze Trumps rule to do just that. He said we need to secure our border. How do we respond to that? Biden not only started his stripping border protections enacted by Trump but he welcomed illegal migrants with open arms. “All those people are seeking asylum, they deserve to be heard.… If you want to flee, and you’re freeing oppression, you should come.” Biden and Harris vowed in the Demonicratic primary to give illegal immigrants free health care.

This self professed Catholic says, “If we want to go forward, not backward, we must protect access to health care. Preserve a woman’s right to choose” Somewhat far removed from the Catholic respect for the value of life. Hell of a health care program for the most defenseless beings on the planet! Sounds more like Hell care. 

“My plan to fight inflation will lower your costs and lower the deficit.” Yes, the plan that will increase the deficit by $367 billion over the 2022-2031 period will lower the deficit. Think your taxes will go up?

Pfizer sponsored Satanic Grammies



My academic identity is that of a folklorist

The chances of us getting out of the demonicratic Hell we find ourselves in now, are skinny indeed. We’ve entered a world of absurdity that 10 years ago would have been seen as impossible. Abortion alone, even if done early in the pregnancy. I remember laughing when demonicrats began talking about legalizing abortion. At that time they were talking about a limited number, but now they are talking about murdering babies after them having been born alive, and calling it “abortion.” In Canada they are allowing what they call, “MAID” (medical assistance in dying) to depressed children, and have now expanded that to mentally ill people as well. 

While we’re still fighting against accepting migrants from Cuba, who know what a disaster socialism/communism are, and thus vote Republican, while completely opening the Mexican border, allowing the unlimited immigration of beings more likely to vote demonicrat, Yes, this is what is properly seen as the biggest border crisis in human history. 

We have a growing number of pedophiles like Peddo-Joe Biden holding political positions. We capture Epstein, murder him to keep his mouth shut, and instead of delivering penance to the large number of clients such as the Clintons, Prince Andrew, Jean-Luc Brunel (who also died in a mysterious “suicide” while in jail and who is blamed for trafficking over 1000 minors to Epstein), Bill Gates, Bill Richardson, Lex Wexner… They have Ghislaine Maxwell in prison, ever wonder why we are seeing nothing more about Ghislane, Epstein or any of their hundreds of clients? And is it not also curious that these shit wads are all demonicrats? 

Our form of government has devolved from a representative republic into something rather resembling a kingdom. Our Congress has become a flock of magpies squawking loudly but actually doing nothing but spending money. All these wonderfully  dreadful new laws are being enacted via executive orders. Well over 100 so far. The lying pedophile speaks of bills he’s managed to get passed, as if Congress had anything to do with it. And oh the wonders of living in a country sitting on the world’s greatest supply of oil, losing its newly won (Thanks Donald) energy independence. We didn’t lose the capacity for energy independence, Peddo-Joe shut it down, along with a ton of relative construction jobs. His oh so stunning handling of the Afghanistan situation. I’m sure China and Iran are quite pleased by his cowardice. Or is it greed? Peddo-Joe’s sugar daddy, Xi Jinping certainly came out ahead! Our Pedophile in chief  ended the Trump Justice Department’s Operation Legend, which deployed federal officers to aid local law enforcement and helped arrest more than 6,000 criminals. Worked hand in hand with the globalists scamdemic operation which has resulted in millions of needless deaths (including that of my father, who they locked up in a Nursing” home, 90 miles away, refused any visitation or effective treatment which was readily available, and watched him die, afraid and alone.) Vaccine mandates for a treatment which actually isn’t even a vaccine, and is FAR more dangerous than C19! Oh well, at least big pharma, one of the greatest criminal operations in history, are making billions.

We put a lot of faith in the Republicrat party, but since we lost Trump via an easily and provably rigged election. Not only were the results absolutely impossible, even without programmed vote counting machines…

Dominion machines (interesting title, yes? “Dominion!”). Even had they not closed the doors and denied access and covered the windows to ballot centers precisely during the time that voting for trump, who was clearly going to win, was surpassed by straight line demonicrat votes:

Thousands of misplaced or thrown away ballots (all Republican) were discovered, oh and that damned 2000 mules situation. Trump would/should have won. But where are the Republicrats who should be fighting against third world style nonsense? Mostly collecting their six figure incomes  and spending our money!


The disease is easily definable

Abraham Lincoln

American condition, since the “election” of Joe Biden, seems the most screamingly apparent evidence of the advancement of the liberal lie. The horrendous damage perpetrated on America has already become a list so long it is impossible to detail in an article such as this, but the headlights alone are literally blinding! Biden, willingly and knowingly removed America from our newly won energy independence. The damage done here is not only the absurd rise in gas prices here in America, the negative effect spans the globe! Here we are sitting on the greatest wealth of energy imaginable, yet our pRESIDENT is begging for oil from some of our worst enemies. The ridiculous, traitorous imbecile even greenlighting  Russia’s Nord Stream Pipeline. Our allies also are paying for this massive absurdity. The stupidity required to attempt justification for this is impossible to measure and difficult to even contemplate.

The homicide rate in America (“defund the police!”) is breaking records! His retreat, yes, it WAS a retreat, from Afghanistan is so disgusting and absurd even the worst fantasy novel wouldn’t touch it. He pushed the most disgusting murderous lie, modern humanity has ever seen in the Covid scamdemic. A “disease” less deadly than the common cold, and easily treatable killed over two million Americans, including my father who was sent by “medical experts” at the hospital in Logan, Ut, to a “nursing home” 90 miles away, which refused visitation and any effective treatment, where he died, alone and afraid! This absurd list goes on and on and on.

What it all leads up to is the greatest evil ever perpetrated in the land of the free and the home of the brave! There are many flaws in our past, but one is so obvious that it pains me to consider the ignorance of a country unable to comprehend and recognize its own worst enemy, the Democrat party. Truly the church of Satan, if ever there were such a thing. 

Consider the foundation of the demonicrat party. Founded upon a lie. A ruthless slave owner, Andrew Jackson who believed that slavery was an economic necessity. He also introduced the horrendous, murderous, Indian Removal Act! The Republican party was formed with the intent of stopping these horrors, which went so blatantly against the American Constitution. When Abraham Lincoln took office the demonicrats undertook a Civil War to prevent freedom for Black, and under-privileged America. After losing the war the demonicrats introduced the Ku Klux Klan! This was closely followed by the Chinese Exclusion Act. The politic of inclusion my ass! When the 13th amendment passed, the demonicrats blocked and filibustered as many reconstruction bills as they could, and introduced poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses to block African Americans from voting!

All devolving into the administration of one of the greatest villains in American history, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which requires a whole novel to describe, but is the basic foundation of the most evil empire imaginable, right here in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Were Satan to run as president, he would run as a demonicrat, of that there can be no doubt! Hell… maybe he DID! Senate Democrats voted down a bill to protect babies born alive after botched abortions. Meaning Democrats want babies killed inside the womb and outside the womb. Peddo-Joe is working to make America finance abortion worldwide! And the lying piece ‘o shite calls himself a Catholic

Ah yes, and the wonders of socialism being sold to America by the demonicrat party! Socialism killed over 100 million people through the 20th century and the demonicrats are determined to continue that here in America! Not so mysterious when you consider the battle against freedom which has been the goal of the demonicrat party since its beginning. For example the demonicrat party fought against black civil rights every step of the way, overcome by the Republican party. “It was the Democratic Party that split the country by its white supremacy. It was the Democratic Party that advertised itself in a political poster in 1856 as ‘for the White man’ and mocked the Republican Party as ‘for the Negro.’  It was seven Democrat Supreme Court judges who ruled in the Dred Scott decision of 1857 that a descendent from an African slave, whether slave or free, cannot be a U.S. citizen.  Every state that seceded from the Union in 1860-61 was a Democrat-ruled state. The Confederate officers were Democrats, including commanding general Robert E. Lee” (David Cloud, Way of Life Literature). Democrats fought against Black civil rights every step of the way.

And the Hell of it is, while they won’t admit any of this, they are proud of it!

As an academic I am often surrounded by severe adherents to this absurd ideology. These are otherwise fine, surprisingly intelligent human beings who have been sucked into the greatest lie in American history, modern liberalism. Classic liberalism was a term advocating private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and international peace based on free trade. Modern liberalism is more a sociology than an ideology. A collection of incoherent beliefs and concepts used by people as a reason to flock together with little investigation or logic involved. They are fairly consistent when stating their “beliefs,” anti racist, anti pollution, anti-poverty, etc. but when you look at areas where liberalism pervades, these very problems are amplified rather than inhibited. 

There are many attempts to define modern liberalism, but the truest definition is also the simplest and hearkens back to the most basic definitions of “liberal” and “conservative.” Anything you do liberally, you do to the max! Anything you do conservatively you do in a limited way. When you apply this to government you see perfectly why liberalism is actually an authoritarian ideology while conservatism is more linked to the will of the people. 

As a folklorist, my main interest in religious ideology has been what I’ve seen as the peoples’ creation of a deistic institution for control. Thus, while I couldn’t be called a “believer,” (most of the time), I have yet been somewhat of a Biblical scholar. The relativity of Biblical predictions to the reality of life in today’s modern world are startling, and reinforce the idea that liberalism is the work of Satan. “I will give children to be their princes,  And babes shall rule over them. (5) The people will be oppressed, Every one by another and every one by his neighbor;  The child will be insolent toward the elder, And the base toward the honorable” Isaiah 3:4-5. 

We have a clear enemy marching in the same anti-humanitarian boots as have authoritarians throughout all time. In America we have a “press,” media” and “education” system cramming the lie down our throats. And the absurdities we are watching today… well…