I Know this Church Is True!

I know

Politics is religion. It’s a matter of “faith.” For those on the left The oBama is the similitude of a Christian’s Peter or a Muslim’s Imam Moussa Kadhim. He America’s first “African” American President and comes from a “troubled” background. He is the apparent anti-thesis of political success in America yet what a success he is!

As with any typical religious icon, the dark edges need to be explained away so as not to reduce the overall shine. Logic and reason have only a remote, abstract relationship with this process. What Obama has done was clearly predicted by his past, which may be the main reason he has kept, and continues to keep his past so closely concealed.

Those who worship him have no desire to investigate the wrinkles, no more than do Mormons wish to analyze Brigham Young, or Muslims want to personally consider Muhammed’s reasoning, or evolutionists question the fossil record. It’s not that they believe their “savior” is evil. On the contrary. They hold a core belief that their faith is justified and that any argument is not only unnecessary, it is counter productive. Why throw up hurdles in the path of what we know to be true, in spite of whatever difficulties may exist?

For one to say that The oBama’s true agenda “emerges” is absurd. His true agenda has been apparent from the beginning and the results his election has produced are precisely what many “non-believers” such as Michelle Malkin, Fred Thompson, Ron Paul, Bacon and others predicted before he won his first term. The oBama is an “angel” in the leftist media heavens so there is no reporting from the main-stream of his short comings. His questionable background, his Marxist influences, his school records, his drug use, his sexuality, his Christianity… whatever the actual truths are, these aspects of our President remain a mystery in spite of our “magnificent” media (propagandia). Anything less than praise is immediately shot down as “racist hatred.” The only real mystery is, how did we get here?

The most amazing thing we are seeing is what has become of the American people. America has lost it’s grip on the original goal of true independence and freedom. A coin the incontrovertible tail of which is the need for true responsibility. You can’t have one without the other.

America has become a society clutching at the apron strings of some imagined government/mama. Our representative republic has evolved, as government always does, into a self serving oligarchy working against the freedom and independence of the individuals. The only mystery is the historically consistent nature of human behavior, which for some inexplicable reason, requires religion, be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Republicanism, Demonratism, global warming or the ice age… whatever the individual chooses to believe becomes “reality and truth” in his/her/its world. Logic and reason plays no part…  Praise The oBama! ‘er somethin’…

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