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American Marxism

What the Hell is going on? “Peaceful demonstrations” include looting, bombing, burning, armed takeovers. The “peaceful” demonstrators are BLM, Antifa, and white college girls who face no retribution. The ones arrested are quickly released. Bail bond money flowing from democrat contributors. An actual peaceful demonstration occurs in D.C., which included no bombings, no burning, no looting. I’ve read claims that dozens of officers were injured, but the only thing I remember seeing on the news was a young lady, Ashli Babbet getting killed by a cop, whose not being charged and has yet to be identified. Yet we have “insurrectionists” [whatever] still being held in jail where they are reportedly being abused, “Pro-Trump Capitol protesters are being Tortured in Washington DC jail like in Guantanamo Bay” (European Union Times).

Yes, If you’re not watching the American propagandia, we’re being made fun of across the planet.

But why?! What the Hell is going on? 

There is a characteristic of human government that’s gone on for as long as there has been government, and that is control! It is as natural as the lion growing up to kill the lamb. The majesty of our founders and many of their influences (John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jaques Rousseau…) was the recognition of that inherent tendency. Our Declaration of Independence recognized “rights” as being beyond what is gifted you by your government. They took it out of the hands of man and placed it in the hands of “our creator.” One of the reasons that God is attacked first in ideological takeovers. The power MUST be in the hands of your government! The controlling force must take the place in the minds of the people, of God.

Whether there actually is a God or a Jesus Christ, ideologically Christianity provides the most humaine concept of control the world has ever seen. One based on “love one another” rather than law. A far distance removed from the inherent concept of control the masses. Christianity delivers the ideology of freedom in its most potent form. 

What makes this all so mysterious is the apparent simplicity and correctness of the Biblical principle of freedom, which boils down to the ultimate reality, self control. The absolute oppositional force to governmental control. Remember, the next time you hear someone calling Jesus Christ a liberal, you are listening to the words of a fool.

Which leaves us with, what the Hell is going on?

What’s going on is precisely the governmental evolution our founders wrote the Constitution to protect us from. What’s going on is the inherent evolution of government in any form. Tis government rather than people which needs to be controlled… THE CONSTITUTION!

Whatever was intended by our founders, the governmental infection they were working to protect us from, is here in the form of Marxism. Open your eyes and look around, and you will see the two principle elements of Marxism in effect, agitation and propaganda. Yes, what’s going on is Marxism

Now, the issue about which this article was written, “American Marxism.”

Mark Levin has gifted us the most perceptive and recognizable truth about the disease America is suffering. PLEASE I beg you, buy the book! It’s out and available everywhere, so far. The left, when recognizing what a powerful tool for freedom it is, will be working full force to make it hard to get, and the reputation of it’s author will be attacked full force, with no consideration of honesty.

Mark Levin is one of the principle enemies of the leftist takeover of America. He has a record of accuracy that is at the top of the list, yet the leftists call him dishonest! They have no relationship with honesty, “We choose truth over facts!” (Biden), Indeed, those damn facts are facts and truth is what we create. Marx was a brilliant evil man who promoted under cover of “for the people,” the removal of their freedoms and the expansion of power to the state. The very thing our American founders wrote our Constitution to protect us from, and recognizing the evolutionary disease that political power is, predicted a dissolution of the Constitution’s protection predicted it’s demise… “A republic, if you can keep it.” Up until now the biggest threat to our republic has been “the politic of mediocrity” (democracy), wielded by a party which actually refers to itself as “democrat.” They were founded to battle for maintaining slavery in America! They’ve been battling against individualism ever since, and now they are the foundation of the rising Marxist revolution. Prime principles according to Marx, are “agitation and propaganda.” Seen any of that going on in America these days??? America still has a system in place which allows the people to protect their freedom, but the people need to fight! Freedom isn’t, and never has been free! Levin lay everything out beautifully! This is one of the most important books ever written and if there’s a God looking down on America, the principles illuminated here will be seen by a massive number of Americans. As absurd as things have gotten, “peaceful protests” involving looting, bombing, burning and murder; men competing against women in womens’ sporting events; a pRESIDENT flushing the toilet on American energy independence, while funding oil pipeline from Russia to Germany; the most potent and absurd scam in human history, the scamdemic; the promotion of racism in our schools (Critical Race Theory); the battle for political control over health care… The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is, the war is on! We are in a revolution and Levin’s book documents the need, explains the lie, and lays down the solution. BUY IT!!!



Independence Day! It has become so vitally important to keep this concept alive. We have a huge element in this country which is slipping deeper into the “politic of mediocrity” [democracy]. In this crowd, the powers that be have no interest in personal independence. What they are looking for is sheep. Sadly, they are finding them.

Our Declaration of Independence contains what is seen by patriotic Americans, and freedom loving political philosophers world wide, as a pure root of the “rights” of humanity. Our “Declaration” tears that concept out of the hands of human “authority,” and puts it in the hands of God, “All Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” We freedom loving patriots are devoted to the beauty and security of this concept. Freedom and personal independence are the natural state of human existence. It is not something we enjoy because “rulers” allow it. It is innate and inborn and when rulers fail to allow it they are going against the very nature of humanity.

We have a long history of ideological takeovers which have gone on worldwide throughout all history and lives on today in the form of Marxism and communism. The biggest commonality running through all of this, is removing any concept of Godliness or spiritual root, in the idea of independence and putting government in its place. Don’t thank God… There is no God! Thank Xi Jinping, Chavez, Stalin… and be grateful they allow you to exist! Stray and you’ll be gone tomorrow!!

We have a party in America, that I refer to as “demoncrats,” to whom this concept is an embarrassment. The idea that human rights come from God rather than secular governments is absurd and must not be taught nor even discussed in “school.” History must be rewritten. Get God out of our schools! Ban the Pledge of Allegiance, take a knee against our National Anthem, turn your back on our flag. Censor all commentary that goes against our politic. Baaaaa…. baaa… The goal of these “leaders” is to turn people into sheep.

When one notes how easily our “Bill of Rights” was trashed in the name of a flu bug! The entire world economy shut down and people willingly following a set of “rules” which are provably wrong! Masks aren’t necessary, social distancing has no benefit… Government became more powerful and Big Pharma becomes more wealthy, the flock remains in the pasture. 

Independence is your nature. Independence day has never been more important! It’s time we bring God back out of the closet. It’s time to recognize and respect the wonder of our existence.

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1


The Pagan “Enlightenment?”

At the time Christianity appeared on the scene, humanity had long, perhaps always, been in a dark age. An age of nature religions, superstitions, interaction with spirits and demons. Even the so called “secular” aspects of the time, philosophy, and legal ethics were engaging in nature and animism, human sacrifice, and sex worship. The umbrella under which all of these stand, including what we moderns refer to as “occultism,” is ages old paganism. The term “pagan,” which in classic Latin meant, villager, rustic, has now evolved into a general term for any person not of Christian faith.

Humanitarian change goes through a form of evolution. Thus, having come from a pagan world, the spiritual development of humanity didn’t happen in an instant but rather went through an evolution in which elements of  paganism still remain, even to this day. Valentine’s Day, Carnival, Halloween, even Christmas. are steeped in pagan tradition. But it was Christianity that delivered a clear dividing line between naturalism and spirituality. Biblically we read “The Son of God, [not gods, not nature] fully man, fully God; the supernatural source of life, being, personality, mind, and salvation.” (John 14:6) This effectively eliminated the need for pagan ideologies, and delivered direct scriptural refutation of those ideas, including scriptural comparisons, “You shall not behave thus toward the Lord your God, for every abominable act which the Lord hates they have done for their gods; for they even burn their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods.” Deuteronomy 12:31.

This was no easy transformation. An excellent study can be found at: But the long and short of it is that Christianity came out on top and paganism moved into the closet from which it is now reemerging. After the dissolution of the Roman empire the fully Christaian concept emerged of Europe being a large church state which referred to itself as, “Christendom.”

What we call the “Renaissance” began in the 14th century, bringing new investigation of the the concept of Roman humanitas and the rediscovery of classical Greek philosophy, along with a deep reconsideration of the Biblical translations available. This all led to the discovery of mistakes which had been made. In the 16th century, Martin Luther discovered that where the Greek has, “repent” the Latin Vulgate had, “do penance,” a rather significant difference. All of this following a long period during which Christians had been denied access to the Bible.“We prohibit also that the laity should be permitted to have the books of the Old or New Testament; but we most strictly forbid their having any translation of these books.” Decree of the Council of Toulouse (1229 C.E.) William Tyndale was burned at the stake in 1536 C.E. for translating the Bible into English. Martin Luther led the Reformation which was a severe challenge to papal authority, leading to the 30 years war and the Counter Reformation, a Catholic revival during which the Catholic Church censored writers and others linked to the Protestant Reformation. A firm fertilization for a new way of thinking.

During the Renaissance, while the Bible was becoming available to the common person, so also was the rejuvination and availability of documentation on pagan principles which were being forgotten and replaced in the Christian world at the time. 

As we move toward the 17th century we begin what was referred to by its participants as “the age of reason,” and we refer to as the “Enlightenment.” This brought the amplification of human reason into the equation. “Dare to know! Have courage to use your own reason!” (Immanuel Kant). It was a time of religious innovation “Christians sought to reposition their faith along rational lines and deists and materialists argued that the universe seemed to determine its own course without God’s intervention.” Separation of church and state became a consideration. Secret societies began to make an appearance, e.g. Freemasons, Nights Templar, the Illuminati, Rosicrucians. New complication of the simple message of Christ, as well as an amplification of the study of paganism. It was a marvelous time in the history of man and brought into light the brilliance of such as Francis Bacon, Thomas Hobbes, Montesquieu, Immanuel Kant, Thomas Paine, John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson… 

And now we are sinking into a new age of  “enlightenment,” which is actually, much like the “progressive” political ideology, completely regressive. Back to the dark ages of paganism. The Biblical warnings are being forgotten and/or explained away. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;” 1st Timothy 4:1,2. Yes and indeed! 

Sadly, this new enlightenment is infecting the Christian world in a frightening way. We read of “man-bun pastors,” the Charismatic Sandals Church, the bizarre equation of  “modernism” with “liberalism.” We read headlines like, “Europe Leaves Christianity for Paganism,” “Chrislam: Insider Movements Moving in the Wrong Direction,” Beyond this, the modern pagan “enlightenment” is making up an entirely new history. “Nature was the authority for the Enlightenment thinkers, classical philosophical Paganism was its inspiration.” Sorry, but that’s not the case. They are delivering a new sales pitch, “To call the Enlightenment Pagan is to conjure up the most delightfully irresponsible sexual license: a lazy sun-drenched summer afternoon, fauns and nymphs cavorting to sensual music and lascivious paintings, preferably by Boucher” (Gay).

And saddest of all, these “naturalistic” pagan ideals are filtering into our politics. We have a President rumored to be a pedophile and a rapist, who a mountain of evidence indicates stole the election, and who is planning to force American taxpayers to finance abortion worldwide! One Hell of an enlightenment. Literally! Oh well… At least he’s gotten rid of our newly won energy independence… Destroyed the Keystone pipeline (1000s of jobs) and waiving sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany. Praise Thoth!

Work Cited

Gay, Peter. “The Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Paganism,” New York: Alfred Knopf, Inc. 1966. p555.

Ignorance Is Strength!

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.” I honesty never thought I’d agree with anything HilLiary had to say, but in this case, she was on to something. Sadly, reality emerged when she continued, “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.” Here is where we run, smack dab, into the truth which the demoncrats have been battling so boldly against since 1792, when the democrat party was formed by Southern plantation owners as “the white man’s party.” The democrat party (I refer to them as demoncrats, for spiritual reasons), defended slavery, started the Civil War to fight for slavery, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in American history! Thank God for Republicans who finally won all those wars. 

A blazing irony here, is the similarity between the demoncrat party and the one “faith” the demoncrat party openly supports, Islam. According to his creator, Muhammad, Allah also sanctioned slavery. The Quran teaches that slavery (and rape) is divinely ordained. Muhammad had a six-year old “wife,” and consummated their “marriage” via rape, when she was nine years old. The Global Slavery Index estimates over 860,000 Black persons are slaves in the Middle East. They suffer forced labor, sexual abuse, and degradation. Saudi Arabia is a prime market for slavery, and slave markets operate openly in many Saudi cities. Eric Martin tells us, “The Democrats also built their base of power by exploiting and terrorizing Blacks. Those slaves who escaped to the North with the help of abolitionists left behind thousands of others paralyzed by fear—fear of torture and death, which came in excruciatingly agonizing ways. Perhaps the most terrifying was to be thrown to the hounds to provide a sporting spectacle for the masters and their families. These Southern “Gentlemen” and their lackeys started the Civil War to keep their slaves, a war which killed over 600,000 Americans. Their legacy, however, survived the war, and it was enhanced by their party—the Democratic Party” (Eric Martin,

In their early days there was no wonderment as to their purposes. The demoncrats made it clear as they fought for slavery and as they fought against suffrage for Black and female America. But as history progressed the evil of their soul began to become much more apparent and they began wielding the sword of dishonesty, one of Satan’s greatest weapons, as they continued their fight against true individualism and freedom. We have a clear record of LBJ’s “Great Society” lie. “We’ll have those n—gers voting democrat for 200 years!” Over a program which effectively destroyed Black families in America, which prior to that time were stronger than white American families, by paying bonuses for failed marriages and children out of wedlock. following in the path of previous demoncrat/socialist actions like Square Deal, the New Freedom, the New Era, the New Deal, the Fair Deal, and the New Frontier, it was an enactment of Franz Oppenheimer’s observation, “Every act of the state is necessarily an occasion for inflicting burdens and assigning subsidies and privileges. By seizing revenue by means of coercion and assigning rewards as it disburses the funds, the state creates ruling and ruled ‘classes’ or ‘castes’; for one example, classes of what Calhoun discerned as net ‘taxpayers’ and ‘tax-consumers,’ those who live off taxation. And since, by its nature, predation can only be supported out of the surplus of production above subsistence, the ruling class must constitute a minority of the citizenry (M.N. Rothbard). This is not the product of lack of foresight, nor accidental. It is the product of the Marxist concept of giving power to the government. A concept government has always loved! A concept the American Constitution was written to prevent by limiting and controlling the power of that government, and which “progressives” are actively battling against.

The demoncrat party has become the party of Marxism and we are witnessing the open flow of a Marxist revolution in America. Back in the early 60s Cleon Skausen produced a list of 45 communist goals, many of which seemed absurd at the time, but almost all of which have now become simple realities. (45 goals) We wonder at the logic behind taking a knee against our National Anthem, but #13 was “Do away with all loyalty oaths.” #15 was “Capture one or both of the political parties in the US.” The demoncrats for sure and we’re moving closer and closer to the Republicrats too! One of the big ones we see today is the use of student protestors, #19, “Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations…” What have we been watching for over a year? BLM, employing racism and defunding police departments. Antifa, a decidedly and demonstrably facist organization employing a typical liberal strategy of using a moniker referencing the opposite of what they actually represent, which IS facism. The armies of these Marxist groups? Students! Largely white, female students. Classic liberalism advocated private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and international peace based on free trade. It is hard to imagine a more diametrically oppositional philosophy to that than is “modern liberalism.” True individualism is completely under attack. Progressives have taken the individual freedom chair away from the table and the demoncrat party is applauding. “Hasta la victoria, siempre.” (Bill DeBlasio quoting mass murderer Che Guevara).

The political party that wants to destroy what America stands for has been in business for over 200 years. The power they weild today is terrifying! In 100 days Peddo-Joe has proposed over 6 TRILLION in spending of money we don’t have. Hes given us bills are are complete lies, COVID relief? One has to look carefully to find anything it has to do with COVID. An “infrastructure” bill, the main result of which has been a redefining of the term “infrastructure.” He has effectively frozen our defense budget. His “American Families Plan” with a price tag of two TRILLION, seems literally to have come from Hell, using taxpayer dollars to discourage stay-at-home parenting. Big subsidies for child care, parental leave, and pre-K. Free tui tion for community college is in the mix as well, because why not? Most of America’s K-12 school districts and universities are indoctrination centers owned and operated by “progressives” who consider their mission to brainwash, not educate America’s young people. The demoncrat battle for a Godless America includes not only burning, looting, rape, and murder, but the Antifa/BLM angels are burning Bibles. The propagandia doesn’t have much to say about it, naturally, but it’s true. Not only American flags but Bibles are fueling their flame of hatred, as they sell a Satanic vision of utopia.

“Be sober and watchful, because your adversary the devil walks around as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Pet. 5:8). “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14. “I will ally with the light, not the darkness.” (Peddo-Joe 6:66)


Today’s Lesson: FEAR!

In the 60s our schools were teaching the horrors of communism. Having been in grade school at the time I can testify that we were horrified by the possibility of nuclear war. They showed us films about the horrors we were facing. We did exercises such as hiding under our desks, going to the basement of the school. We were told what to do if the bombs start falling. Jump in a ditch, get indoors, get to a “bomb shelter” (of which there were none in my neighborhood). We were horrified. We all had nightmares about the upcoming end of the world. None of the exercises nor any of the advice would have made the slightest difference had atomic bombs begun to fall. But you can betcher tonsils, we were scared to death!

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” Originally found in the epigram of in the January 1849 issue of Les Guêpes (“The Wasps”). And indeed it seems true, “The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.” We now have new, horrendous threat. A coronavirus infection that will probably kill you! (Ignore those statistics). Looking at the fatalities in various countries, we see the ones that employed ivermectin and/or hydroxychloroquine (treatments that we Americans are not allowed to talk about on Facistbook, Twatter or YouBoob), had much lower fatality rates than those, such as the US, who didn’t employ those horrendous treatments. Yes it appears you’ve only got a 99% chance of survival if you catch the dreaded COVID-19! Our schools were closed down, although children face far less risk from C19 than they do from the typical seasonal flu. We were given a series of completely ineffective “protections,” including masks and social distancing, which are actually harmful for children. The fatalities caused by peripheral damage from the C19 scamdemic, such as suicides, and drug/alcohol deaths is far greater than the actual fatality rate from C19 (a number that is practically impossible to find).

And now we’re learning the truth, which those of any intelligence knew all along, COVID-19 was bioengineered in China… Yes, yes, yes, I know the propagandia is still denying this, but the evidence, which makes absolutely no difference to them at all, is that it was indeed bioengineered in the Wuhan lab financed by America (The oBama). Trump cut that funding, but, of course, that money flow is being returned. A virus that only affects the aged, sick, and weak while not attacking the youth is rather quite an accomplishment! Who knows what wonders they’ll come up with next? But I’m getting completely off track

As the fear of nuclear war subsided, the world has become safer, easier, and healthier than ever before. Yet behind the scenes. governmental terrorists such as Al Gore, who Ironically enough, wrote, “The Politics of Fear,” in a short article in “Social Research,” Vol. 71, No. 4, FEAR: ITS POLITICAL USES & ABUSES (Winter 2004), Gore telling us, “Terrorism is the ultimate misuse of fear for political ends. Indeed its specific goal is to distort the political reality of a nation by creating fear in the general population.” Yes from one of the fathers of the global warming scam. Psychologists have noted an increasing number of children who are being treated for “eco-anxiety.” Of course, they continue to point out that this is a “rational fear,” in spite of mounds of evidence that it isn’t, and may in fact, if it actually exists at all, be good for much of the planet. Carbon dioxide is one of the keys to life. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations, where they are now at 400 PPM are dangerously low for life on Earth. Yet we’re teaching our children that an increase will kill us all! And, we’re not just scaring the children. As this headline from “Buzzfeed” demonstrates, “I Chose Not To Have Kids Because I’m Afraid For The Planet.” In an article which even brings God into the argument, the writer tells of being a Mormon who learned about the horrors of global warming at Brigham Young University. She does eventually announce that’s she’s lost her “faith.” The first to go when authoritarians take over is God, and no, I don’t recommend the article, unless you enjoy fantasies about destruction because that’s what the article is, a fantasy of fear.

Al Gore who is rarely right about anything, was right about the politics of fear, which he, the left and the propagandia employ quite effectively. In 2021 our schools and media are still scaring the pants off our children, but now the heroes have become the very thing we in the 60s feared, communists. They refer to themselves as democratic socialists, which is nonsense. Say what you want about Karl Marx, he was evil, but he was a genius who pointed out the truth that “socialism” is the porch mat for communism. Our children are trembling and we’re teaching them that government is the cure. Now THAT’s what scares me!



It’s getting harder to write about the nonsense we are suffering. There comes a point at which things become so absurd that it’s simply impossible to believe that I am awake! 

We flush the toilet on the world economy in the name of a sickness that has an over 99% recovery rate. The inestimably unreliable Dr. Fauci is now saying that “seasonal” mask wearing may be, “a permanent necessity… Remember, we have hundreds of studies going back to 1918 which demonstrate that masks are ineffective at best, and probably actually harmful. 

America holds a presidential election which is so obviously rigged that it is ridiculous! Yet our Supreme Court won’t even consider the towering mountain of evidence. Evidence peaked by the fact that the sudden upward surge in democrat votes shown in this graph, is statistically impossible!

We are only four months into Biden’s (or whomever is actually directing this), dictatorial reign, and our “President,” that magnificent gentleman who’s empowered China, (that country which delivered the pandemic). Helped China leverage mining operations in Africa which produce battery components for electric cars. Oh yes there IS a reason to crush the gas market and promote electric cars! Mines which produce molybdenum, very big in the military world! Immediately following Biden’s 2013 trip to China, China “invested” 1.5 billion dollars into Rosemont Seneca private equity, property of Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz (stepson of John Kerry) and Devon Archer (convicted of stealing from Native American tribes). We don’t really know how much the Bidens have made from their crimes, but it’s a Hell of a LOT!

It’s a nightmare!

Creepy Joe used his own son, a drug and sex addict, as a front man for his string of crime. In a text message Hunter said, “I love all of you. But I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine I guess. Works for you apparently. I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family fro (sic) 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop I won’t make you give me half of your salary” (Hunter Biden text 01/03/2019). Is it not interesting that we hear nothing about Hunter Biden’s disk drive? The only thing the FBI left behind in their absurd “raid” on Rudy Giuliani was Hunter’s drives. This “raid” was based on supposed FARA violations, which are seldom prosecuted criminally and most violations are treated as civil violations, and the only thing which was likely to contain any sort of criminal evidence was left behind. The FBI is looking more and more like a Hitleresque “Brown Shirts” type of organization.

It’s a nightmare!

The list of Biden Crime Family stories is seemingly endless, but none of it kept Joe out of office. Nor did his history of dishonesty and repeated plagiarism. His history of racism is almost funny! He was a member of the anti-segregation block (demoncrats), Desegregation “is a rejection of the entire black awareness concept, where black is beautiful, black culture should be studied; and the cultural awareness of the importance of their own identity, their own individuality.” A perfectly Creepy Joe way of saying, keep those black kids out of my kid’s school. “Unless we do something about this my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle…” His Anti-Drug Abuse Act made the drug of choice for Black America at the time, crack, a much worse offense that the drug of choice for whites, cocaine. Cocaine required 100 times the weight to get the same penalty as crack. The results were a massive increase in Black Americans ending up in prison. And yes indeed, Black Lives Matter!

It’s a nightmare!

But the thing that makes the QAnon bells ring for me is the apparent fact that Joe Biden is a pedophile. The closest thing we have to proof is his open, inappropriate advances on youngsters filmed in numerous recordings. Oh… and the diary of his daughter Ashley Biden which has been reported by Patrick Howley, a very reputable journalist. It is easy to find (so far, but I’m sure Google is working on this), on the internet and includes, “Was I molested? I think so – I can’t remember specifics but I do remember the trauma.” She mentions, “probably not appropriate” showers with her father. There are videos of underage girls on Hunter’s laptop. It is said that they are violent and include forced sex on girls looking to be perhaps only ten years old! Beau Biden agreed to a plea deal for Robert H. Richards IV, the great-grandson of Irénée du Pont, the heir to his family’s fortune, who admitted to the rape of a 3-year-old. His 8 year prison sentence was suspended. Incestuous pedophilia runs in families and in the Biden case, it seems rather apparent.

It’s a nightmare!

Another wonderful development that Creepy Joe’s not responsible for, is the current border crisis. 852 per day during that horrible Orange Man’s time, now up to well over 3500 per day (that we know of).  Cocaine seizures up 63% from last October, heroine up 181%, Fentanyl up 300%. “Human trafficking business is booming at the border, with cartels raking in over $14M a day in February” (Washington Post headline 05/11/2021). US taxpayers are paying over $5 million a day to handle the influx. The Creepy administration also recently signed an $86 million contract with a “nonprofit” organization to house migrants in hotel rooms. And, of course, demoncrats are claiming it’s Trump’s fault! “Blinken told 60 Minutes that the administration of President Joe Biden had ‘inherited a totally broken system,’ and that ‘it takes time to fix it.’” But Creepy-Joe invited them in, “I would in fact make sure that there is immediately a surge to the border. They deserve to be heard. That’s who we are.” “We’re a nation that says, ‘You want to flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.’” Now in typical demoncrat dishonesty he says, “I can say quite clearly, don’t come over… don’t leave your city, or town, or community.”

It’s a nightmare!

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks has joined other lawmakers in calling on Dr. Fauci to use his influence to stop “a dangerous new foreign pipeline for COVID-19” along America’s Mexican border. I expect Fauci’ll tell them to wear triple masks and dance an Irish jig (and remember to vote demoncrat!). A March 12 letter from Brooks and other lawmakers also seeks action from the director of the National Institutes for Health, saying the Biden administration has resumed “the dangerous immigration policy of ‘catch and release’” along the border. While at the same time Creepy Joe takes credit for the vaccinations. “When I came into office, the prior administration had contracted for not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in America. We rectified that” (Creepy). However the truth, as usual is that the Trump administration’s contracts with drugmakers did cover enough doses to vaccinate the entire U.S. adult population — and then some, and were it not for Operation Warp Speed, there would’ve been no vaccinations. A week before Trump left office, 10.6 million Americans, including Peddo-Joe, had already been vaccinated.

It’s a nightmare!

On the positive side… WAY on the positive side is the vast mountain of American Taxpayer dollars, that don’t exist being pissed into the wind by Peddo-Joe. Beginning with a $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act from which less that 10% goes toward pandemic recovery!

It’s a nightmare!

A 2.3 trillion “infrastructure” proposal, aka The Green New Deal, in which less than 10% actually goes toward anything related to infrastructure! Unless “infrastructure is abortion, gun control, climate change initiatives (you remember, that Chinese supplied nickel for electric car batteries). And now proposing a 1.8 trillion dollar “American Families Plan.”  All of these absurdities to be funded by by increased taxes on high income Americans. In other words, to be funded by YOU, your children, your grandchildren great grandchildren and so on for generations! It’s a nightmare!

One of the rankest stupidities of modern liberalism is the notion that we can make the rich carry the burden, but how do the rich get their money? Yep, providing goods and services to the masses. If the price of raw material goes up, the price of goods and services goes up to pay for that increase. If taxes go up? Yes, of course, prices go up too. Commie-libs (demoncrats) can buy votes by claiming they will tax the rich. Humanity’s basic nature of envy naturally primes the pump for one of the most powerful tools the left has, hatred of the rich, but the very thing that inspires that hatred, applies here too. You pay for the rich person’s proclivities, you pay for the rich person’s expenses, you pay the rich persons’ taxes! Your expenses, in only 4 months have literally gone through the roof! And this is just the beginning.

It’s a nightmare!

It’s a damn nightmare and I CAN’T WAKE UP!!!

The Scamdemic Solution

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Ah the raucous harmoneis of the Leftist Insanity Dance Band. We are dancing the absurdity jig! Our government has bought into the globalism power scheme all the way! It’s becoming rather difficult to obtain actual statistics as the technocracy puts its thumb on the truth as it tries to squeak out. The truth is out there, but the dishonesty of the media (propagandia) and the technocrats who control much of the internet (Google, Facistbook, Twitter, YouBoob and so on) are pulling no punches as they work to control information flow. As Peddo-Joe pointed out, “We choose truth over facts.” Those damn facts are a pain in the ass when you’re creating your own “truth.” Nevertheless, experienced, investigative minds such as mine will find a way to get to the real meat of the situation at hand. One of the greatest weapons being wielded by the armies of governmental control, is this “deadly struggle” we’re having with a dreaded disorder so gruesome that if you don’t have some form of comorbidity, such as heart disease, old age, cancer, car crashes ect., you have a .09% likelihood of mortality! Shriek!!!

I know, I know.  In America, in 2020, 204,691 COVID-19 deaths were reported. However, whatever causes the death of an individual, be it old age, heart attack, car crash or falling off a cliff… if that individual has C19, even if it’s non symptomatic, C19 is THE cause of death. I personally know only two people to have perished. One of them died in the aftermath of a car crash and was never even tested for C19 but still that was the listed cause of death. The other was my father, who got murdered by the state, in the name of the C19 conspiracy, but that’s another story. Government programs are paying hospitals for treating patients who have C19. They claim there’s nothing nefarious going on. Hmmm… I don’t know about you, but I certainly believe them… ‘er somethin’… but I digress. Dr. Deboroah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task Force made it clear that primary-cause COVID deaths, and deaths in which COVID was merely present, would be taken as one and the same! Science? I guess so…

Some figures we rare critical thinkers can ponder are these: at least 124,000 deaths “involving” COVID also had flu; at least 53,000 had heart attacks; at least 10,000 had cancer; at least 26,000 had kidney failures. Science? So how many deaths were caused purely by C19? My challenge to you is this: find out and let me know! You’re not gonna get much help from Google nor any of the “official” C19 resources (HRSA, Johns Hopkins, CDC, WHO, SAMHSA, Harm Reduction Coalition…), they’re all under the auspices of the globalist power mongers and Commie-lib propagandia. However, simple mathematics brings us a conservative estimate based on the fatality probability of these various comorbidities themselves. So, how many of the fatalities would have been fatal had C19 not been a factor? The figure is much closer to 30,000. And that’s being generous.

So let’s compare that figure to the far less considered dangers we face.  Suicide (which is skyrocketing thanks to the fear and absurdity of the C19 scamdemic) took 44,834. Diabetes took 87,647; accidents have taken 173,040; alzheimers got 121,499; stroke – 150,005; cancer – 599,601; heart disease – 659,041 (these figures from the CDC). Drug overdose deaths hit an all time record high, and we all know why, over 80,000! Alcohol caused deaths, over 93,000!

No wonder we shut down the entire world economy, along with any consideration of The Bill of Rights, and enacted occultist remedies like masks, hand washing and social distancing. What makes 6 feet that the magic distance that viruses fear to venture across? 🎵The Devil knows…

“Six (6) is the next sacred number, representing the number of the soul of man”
(Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft)

Yes brothers and sisters, as intriguing as it may be, whether Satan’s actually involved or not, this is about controlling you! As any “progressive” (choke, cough) can tell you, the most damnable thing about America is that hideous Constitution, with it’s absurd Bill of Rights. Whoever came up with the ridiculous idea that “rights” are inherent and granted by a creator? And why would you want to limit the power of government to control the actions of the people? “…assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them” (Declaration of Independence). Where did such an ungovernable principle come from? Oh yeah… That would be John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Samuel Adams…, those racist, misogynistic, intolerant, hateful imbeciles who wanted people to be in control of their government, rather than the other way round. How did King George III ever allow such a disaster to occur? These damn Americans have been out of control for over 200 years! How will we get a handle on this?

Oh! Oh! Oh! Teacher! I know! I know! Scare the Hell out of ‘em and pretend to be their savior!

KaChing!… Thanks America! That’ll be 6 TRILLION dollars! There ya go Xi Jinping, will there be anything else?


Elon Musk is a Liar?

Elon Musk is remarkably perceptive! The more I learn about him the more respect I develop. Unlike much of the corporate community, who (hopefully), are more intelligent that they appear to be, Musk has no fear in expressing what he believes to be true, and he’s almost always right. Musk is one who sees the roots of things, disregarding the windstorms of opinion and the sales pitches of the media (propagandia) and government.

While Musk profits from the vaccine machines Tesla makes for CureVac, he also recognizes the nature of the COVID-19 scamdemic. He didn’t stumble onto this skepticism accidentally, he took 4 COVID tests on the same day. He commented, “Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for Covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse.” A follower on Twitter commented that, “revenues are likely not bogus…” to which Musk responded, “exactly.” Indeed, money to be made and governmental control to be increased! Musk has been taking some heat for calling Bill Gates “a stupid person,” and “a knucklehead.” Personally, I think Musk was being far too kind.

Of course, the propagandia goes into high gear to refute Musk’s irrefutable logic. Forbes comes out with, “Elon Musk’s False COVID predictions: A Timeline,” which contained no actual truth and was irrelevant in some cases, “As worldwide Covid-19 cases topped 100,000 and deaths exceeded 3,000, Musk tweeted, “the coronavirus panic is dumb.” Which it is. A panic over a typical season of flu fatalities, in this case being less serious than some in the past, .2% fatality rate, going down to almost 0% when comorbidity is left out of the equation. Shutting down the world economy? Yes STUPID! Or, “Musk insisted “kids are essentially immune” to the coronavirus, despite research that children can contract the virus and get sick from it.” Children CAN, but it’s incredibly rare that they get sick and even more unusual that they die. Over a million cases of COVID-19 in children in the US and 271 (claimed) deaths, .02 % fatality. “Forbes,” do you know what the word, “essentially” means? “Musk and Tesla did not respond to requests for comment.” What would they say? “Duh?”

Other headlines from various propaganda machines include, “Inside Elon Musk’s World: He’s Going Mad and Everyone Knows It,” “Elon Musk veers off the road in assailing the media,” YouBoob presents, “Why Does the Media Suddenly Hate Elon Musk?” which presents some intriguing aspects of Musk’s history, and then devolves into utter nonsense. They titled it “…the Media Suddenly…” but then go onto the pitch that “everybody” hates Elon Musk. The most interesting thing about this video is the remarks made about it which seem to rather enthusiastically refute the idea that everyone hates Elon Musk.

Musk has correctly pointed out that nationwide stay-at-home orders amount to “de facto house arrest.” Elon Musk has described lockdowns as “forcibly imprisoning people in their homes” and “To say that they cannot leave their house and they will be arrested if they do, this is fascist.”

“This is not democratic, this is not freedom. Give people back their goddamn freedom!”

It seems Elon Musk is not only a genius, he’s a true American! Hell, I might switch from Cadillac to Tesla!


An Elon Musk Tweet

America Destroyed

I knew it would be a disaster when I learned that the demoncrats had succeeded in stealing the 2020 election, but who would have guessed they could do so much damage so quickly? Whoever is actually in control has a devilishly evil, yet very effective plan. Consider nothing but the amount of money spent, 8 TRILLION and growing (which we doen’t have). All other considerations are unnecessary. Our “leaders” have created a debt that is impossible to repay. 

COVID relief has almost nothing to do with the COVID Relief Bill, and “infrastructure?” Many imagine they know what “infrastructure” means… transportation systems, communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems. But no! It’s corporate welfare :$300 billion for manufacturing, $100 billion for electric utilities, $100 billion for broadband, $174 billion for electric vehicles, and a whole lot more. A significant portion of this spending is directed at subsidizing big corporations, and we wonder why corporate America is moving to the left? It damn sure isn’t to avoid taxation… It’s to get as big a cut of those tax dollars as possible inserted into the corporate pocket!

One very important consideration is the historic wastefulness of federal activities. Anyone who’s ever dealt with a bureaucracy knows that they are notoriously inefficient and slow. Even the Congressional Budget Office estimates that 2 Trillion in federal spending will actually result in 1.3 trillion actually being spent on the project in question, and $700,000,000.00 (your money) will disappear into congressional pockets…

“Get yer money for nothing, get yer chicks for free!.”

Added to the money for nothing will be the absurdities being called “infrastructure:” For example, forced union membership. $100 Billion to expanding “broadband internet access” (read “controling internet access”). Paid leave is “infrastructure.” Abortion is “infrastructure.” Gun control is “infrastructure.” Another $100 billion to “decarbonize” the US electric grid. (Look out coal and natural gas workers, Biden’s coming for yer britches!) The things legitimately defined as “infrastructure” are getting a whopping 5% of the money, which, in terms of the absurd amount being spent overall, is still a hell of a lot of money! I wouldn’t be surprised if the bill has a section for child sniffing! Orin Hatch did me the honor of suggesting that Bacon is an “infrastructure.” I figure there ought to be a billion or so for me! (Even if Orin didn’t know it was me he was talking about.) So, we’ve accomplished nothing, are spending (so far) over $8,000,000,000,000.00 that we don’t have. We know Biden owes China Millions, but now our country will owe them TRILLIONS! And the future of your grandchildren is quite literally in the septic tank… or is it D.C.?… same thing I guess! 

All of this would be horrendous enough had Joe the child sniffer been elected, but the sad, demonstrable fact is, he was selected. The huge mystery is why Peddo-Joe? If they were going to cheat it could have been anyone! Even Sanders would make more logical sense than Creepy Joe! The important question is, who’s actually occupying the captain’s chair? Many suspect The oBama since Biden’s racing to reinstitute all of the horrendous policies of what he referred to as, “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.  I mean, that’s a storybook, man!”  But I digress. The horrors we face would, and will, fill volumes, but my point is, the destruction of America.

We’ve reached the incomprensible debt of over 24 TRILLION dollars! Well over 100% of our Gross Domestic Product! We’ve gone well beyond the absolute solution which we should have applied decades ago, cutting spending… Slashing spending is what any reasonable or logical civilization should have done. We American citizens are like the parents of a teenager. Our “government” is the teenager with our credit card. If only we’d accepted a credit limit, but no, it’s over 24 Trillion and growing FAST, with no end in sight!

“Oh, dang it, my government is in debt!” No, brothers and sister YOU are in debt. Every individual tax payer in America owes almost $200,000.00! Holy smoke! Think of the Harley I could be riding! And the hunting, and fishing, and traveling and vacationing… but no! Rather than that, children around the world will be aborted and teachers will have even more paid vacations! Oh, and complainers like me will be censored and silenced.

Here’s another interesting little treat: the United States currently has $125 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities! Interest on the Federal debt for 2019 was $479,000,000.00! Federal receipts were only $463,000,000.00. In the modern era, our national debt has doubled every nine years, and will more than double again this year alone, (thanks oBiden!). 

Even the commie-lib propagandists at Yahoo and MSN are admitting that the national debt is “impossible to pay off.” Most of the main-stream propagandia doesn’t say much about it at all, but when it does, it is to tell us that it doesn’t matter, “7 Reasons We Don’t Need to Pay Off the National Debt” (Time Magazine, possibly the most dishonest “news” journal in American history). “Does the National Debt Even Matter Anymore?” and “Why Government Debt Doesn’t Matter Right Now (Newsweek). “Debt? What Debt? The New Wave in Democratic Thinking (CNN).

This happened gradually, but now, at its peak it is blazing fast! America was on a winning streak. The economic news was spectacular! GDP climbing, companies moving back to America, average American income climbing fast, Drug prices beginning to go down, America cutting the cashflow of its resources through the global nipple. All this success had to be stopped! The global community wants our bucks and the American demoncrat party thrives on failure! Then, all of a sudden… the most absurd and ridiculous scam humanity has ever seen creeps out of China (our principle economic competitor), and shuts down the entire world economy. The least affected were countries who most ignored the threat (Sweden, Japan…). The scam shuts down American schools, churches, concerts, sports, family get togethers… (Creepy Joe did allow as to how it might be possible to have limited family get togethers this July 4! Thanks Joe, go back to sniffing children.) All of this over a deadly disease with an over 99% recovery rate (practically 100% if one leaves out comorbidities such as heart disease, old age, cancer, car crashes and falling off cliffs).

America needs to wake up fast to the real threat we face, the demoncrat party. A lie which began in the effort to maintain slavery in the US, in spite of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution! A lie which battled against suffrage for Black AND female Americans. The party of segregation. The party which gave us Jim Crow laws which Peddo Joe supported and rejuvenated with his 1994 Crime Law. The party working to nationalize industries. The party working to ban our capacity for personal self defense (guns). The party working against our police forces and working against arresting and convicting criminals (unless they’re republicans). A party using the COVID-19 scam to release prisoners onto the streets of America. America is drowning in the swamp and it’s up to us to learn to swim… or “drain the swamp.”