About?  Hmm…  Well, it’s like this, see?  An outlaw born to a musical mother (Learned piano early on, saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan at age 6 and moved from piano to ukelele, guitar, banjo, bagpipes and if the need strikes, I can pretend to play just about anything).  On the other side of the coin, my father was a hunter, trapper, camper and adventuresome soul.  I inherited the music from my mom and the gun and love of adventure from my dad. Somewhere along the line I picked up a large dose of political concern.  I’ve Always mystified by liberalism and am now becoming disgusted with the Republican imitation of conservatism (liberal use of government but towards different ends). Carrying this somewhat bizarre personality I fell into a life on the edge.  Hunter, fisher, musician, shooter, biker, always pushin’ the limits.  Eventually Zeus caught up with me and in a “terrible accident”, I lost my left leg, above the knee and had my brain literally scrambled.  Killed me at first, but I recovered from death and after a few years I began to remember who I am.  As a Therapeutic endeavour I became a University student.  English major of all the damed things!  Currently working on MA in Folklore. A writerfull of uncommon wisdom in the realm of political ideology AND a musician.  Uncommon combination I know, but there ya go!

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