About?  Hmm…  Well, it’s like this, see?  The world is going to Hell in a hand basket! The liberal lie amplified by technocracy, and Satanic Globalism, is corroding our freedoms in unprecedented ways. Today we are surrounded by a Marxist revolution. BLM… Antifa… Globalists… The Demonicrat party! The battle has nothing to do with the lies they are attempting to sell us. The scam/plandemic and the scam protests have nothing to do with health or civil rights, and particularly not “equality,” but, rather, the opposite, equity.

Mine is the effort of an outlaw to ring the bells of freedom! Beyond being a highly educated Folklorist (M.A.), I was born into an outlaw tradition which goes back genetically through a string of outlaws, known (Frank & Jesse James) and unknown, back to the Nivison family root in Scotland, Nevinus, who were associated with Robert the Bruce, who freed Scotland. Even on the religious side which my father married into went through outlaw phases. Mormonism when Mormonism was “bad!”  

Folklorically speaking, one of the traditions going back as far as one can see through written language, is the concept of the “heroic outlaw.” Freedom is the world outside of governmental control, or any other. Outlaws certainly do go outside the realm of “control,” but heroic outlaws do so with the “good of the people” as a prime component of their trade. Jesse James, Ned Kelly, Billy the Kid, Gregorio Cortez Lira, Robin Hood, William Wallace… Jesus Christ! All outlaws and all heroes, in fiction if not in fact.

The power of the heroic outlaw folk tradition can be seen working in the case of the most well known of modern heroic outlaws, Donald John Trump. Working against the political commonalities that have been foing on for generations, Trump takes the stage, thumbing his nose at tradition, and achieves more in his short time in office than has any President in American history. He’s done so against the opposition of almost all of America’s governmental leadership and much of the American populace. He makes promises which are called, “ridiculous” and “impossible” and KEEPS them. This “ignorant,” dishonest,” “self absorbed,” “greedy,” “hateful,” “RACIST” worked out the most remarkable peace deal with the Middle East in history. He spawned the most absurdly corrupt and outlandish campaign by the “powers that be” (D.C. “insiders” left AND right, and the American media [democrat propagandia]) to remove him from office. He achieved such things as the lowest level of unemployment for Black, Hispanic, and handicapped Americans in history! “Make America Great Again!” (The anti-globalist concept which is at the root of the hatred against him. He’s the outsider! Trump is the outlaw hero in full color! 

I also was gifted the magic of music through a wonderful, musical mother (I learned piano early on, saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan at age 6 and moved from piano to ukelele, guitar, banjo, bagpipes and if the need strikes, I can pretend to play just about anything).  On the other side of the coin, my father was a hunter, trapper, camper and adventurer.  I inherited the music from my mom and the gun and love of adventure from my dad. Somewhere along the line I picked up a large dose of political concern.  I’ve always been mystified by liberalism and am now becoming disgusted with the Republicrat imitation of conservatism (liberal use of government but towards different ends). Carrying this somewhat bizarre personality I fell into a life on the edge.  Hunter, fisher, musician, shooter, biker, outlaw! Always pushin’ the limits.  Eventually Zeus caught up with me and in a terrible accident I lost my left leg, above the knee and had my brain literally scrambled.  Killed me at first, but I recovered from death and after a few years I began to remember who I am.  As a Therapeutic endeavor I became a University student.  English major of all the damed things!  M.A. in Folklore, going PhD in Humanities.. A writer full of uncommon wisdom in the realm of political ideology AND a musician.  Uncommon combination I know, but there ya go!

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