Modern Prejudice

Professionally, I’m a political commentator. Much of my work is done in the form of copywriting and ghost writing, thus much of my work gets published under the name of another author or organization. Because of this I have to be very careful that what I produce is completely citable and accurate. If I fail in this regard, my clients will move on, and I’ll be back to digging post-holes for a living. This is becoming more and more of a challenge as the liberal technocrats. the media and the education world have begun censoring, demonetizing, and in at least one case, “Parler,” literally stealing the information and disconnecting the service. The main-stream media, worldwide has become a globalist propaganda machine which makes it impossible to depend upon the media, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Pravda, NPR, BBC (pick your mockingbird) as an accurate resource. Internet sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, where private citizens once had the opportunity to communicate honestly (or dishonestly) are now monitoring the “discussions” and posts which they will tag as “potentially misleading,” or “missing context.” “incomplete,” “false,” or what have you. But only if it goes against the modern liberal philosophy, honesty and true information having nothing to do with the process in any way. Thus, as a writer it becomes my task to actually track down actual recordings and/or documentation which verify whatever case I am reporting, because, since I’m extolling the conservative point of view, accusations of “potentially misleading,” “missing context,” or “false information” are certain to follow, and since I’m being paid for what I produce, I have to be able to back it up.

One of the foundations of freedom in America is freedom of the press and freedom of expression. The history of humanity is a string of societal takeovers, leaving once free peoples in the clutches of some form of autocracy, socialism or communism. Although these takeovers have been going on since long before the birth of Karl Marx, he noted magnificently the methodology to be used in effectively turning the power of “the people’ into the power of the STATE, while pretending to do so for the benefit of “the people.” Communists often talk about the crucial importance of agitation and propaganda. “Together, agitation and propaganda, are a mighty and indispensable weapon in the Party’s revolutionary arsenal” ( Seems startlingly familiar, (BLM, Antifa, the American Democrat Party).

America was founded on the principle of individualism and personal freedom. Our Constitution was written to protect the rights of the people by controlling the authority of the government. Thus, the Bill of Rights, has sadly essentially been essentially discarded. 

The battle against freedom and independence is as old as humanity. The great philosophical and religious works of all the recorded ages, including the Bible have been in reference to this struggle, “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery” ~Galatians 5:1. America’s Declaration of Independence is based on the inalienable rights of man. Inalienable because they are granted by an authority beyond the power of man. The power of “his creator.” It is this very concept that one of the most notable forces against freedom, communism, has consistently battled against. In order to hold infinite authority one has to eliminate such notions as deistic authority. Rights cannot be allowed to be inalienable or from whence comes control of those rights? Thus, in America the first challenge a statist, or globalist takeover faces is, the “Bill of Rights,” and it is here that the battle begins, and now, has begun. The weapon selected by the state in our current battle, is your health. Your very life! The soldiers in this army are the democrat, or as I call them, the demoncrat party.

In order to make this weapon effective the statists must control the information you receive. The threat in this case is a typical coronavirus mutation, COVID-19, the 2019 mutation of the same basic coronavirus we’ve battled for generations. In order to make the threat effective the statists, in this case globalists, must first convince you that the threat is indeed, deadly! This they have done by hiding and confusing the actual death toll numbers. Claiming, at this point, 500,000 deaths in America. It takes very little actual investigation to disprove this inflated number, but the main-stream media (the propagandia, thanks Karl) will not do this investigation, nor report on it’s inaccuracy. Sadly, our President, Donald Trump got hooked into employing Dr. Fauci, a demoncrat of the first order. Dishonest and totally inconsiderate of the actual good of the people. While he’s been unable to get or keep his stories straight, he did recommend putting COVID victims in nursing homes!??? Which could only have the effect of killing many of the most susceptible people on the planet, the old folks. Various demoncrat governors followed that advice, e.g. Cuomo, and literally murdered thousands of America’s grandparents who were at their mercy. My own father fell as a result of this trap here in Utah, a Republican state. Forced from the hospital where he went for treatment of COVID, into a nursing home 90 miles away. Our access to him completely cut off. We battled to get him home and won, but he died the day before we got to rescue him.

Beyond the lies about the actual death toll, we also have what are effective treatments of the virus, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin! These are treatments being used worldwide effectively and are not discussed by our media (propagandia) and are being censored by our social networks. Doctors are risking losing their medical licenses for curing COVID using “unapproved” medications. One hospital I’m aware of, and which must remain nameless for their own protection, has a 100% success rate in treating COVID with Ivermectin! The very treatment I wanted my father to try but was not allowed. He was, rather, allowed to die.

So, we have a flu-bug with a 99% survival rate. The global economy was completely shut down. In America people are isolated. Schools, churches, sports, concerts, in fact all social gatherings except “peaceful” protests are shut down. As a result, suicides, drugs and alcohol abuse, are killing far more people than the actual virus. Masks lack of effectiveness was demonstrated and reported way back in 1918 during the flu epidemic, yet mandates force Americans to wear them. Bill of Rights? Yep, up in a puff of smoke and without a whimper. Inalienable??? Sadly no. My profession has been crushed; my income stopped and why? Because I’m a conservative! The radical prejudice that the democrats introduced when fighting to maintain slavery, to suppress Black and female American votes, lives on today. Never was more clearly illuminated the fact that modern liberalism is based on a lie which has as its goal the destruction of liberty!


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