Goodbye Brother Rush!

While it used to scare the Hell out of me, I never looked at death as an enemy. It comes to  us all and all too soon. I’ve wrestled with death, having been officially pronounced, “dead,” three times (in one day). I came away from that entanglement having lost my fear of death. I’ve since lost also the nuclear family in which I was raised, I’ve seen the loss of my grandparents, parents, my only sibling, Brenda my baby sister, who certainly wouldn’t’ve seen being referred to as a “baby” as a good thing, but though 6 years my junior, even at middle age she was and always will be my baby sister. What I lost in each case was not the “somebody,” it was the character, the ongoing inspiration. Each of these people expanded magnificently in my realm as a result of their passing. Particularly my father who I spent the greater part of 50 years being mad at, in spite of the illusive truth, which is that he provided me not only the genetic capacity of relative intelligence and capability, but with the full opportunity to learn, apply and enjoy a world few people have the opportunity to experience, Hunting, fishing, shooting, trapping, mountaineering… Thanks dad! I love you with every ounce of my being…

Today we all experienced a loss which reaches a similar magnitude, but on a societal level. One of the greatest soldiers of traditional American principle passed this morning from complications of advanced lung cancer. I met Rush Limbaugh on Highway 91, heading North from Richmond, Ut toward Franklin, ID. He was on KACH 1340 out of Preston and I assumed he was from Preston. 

This was in 1989. Me being in my late 20s, I had no real political stance outside of being an outlaw and knowing my family were Republicans, but I actually didn’t care. Something about the character of the man immediately reached into my soul and so, I became a regular listener, and greatly disappointed when I found that he didn’t live in Preston Idaho. Oh how I would’ve love to meet and talk to Rush.

Rush, like Donald Trump was exemplary of one of the most potent folkloric genres, the heroic outlaw. Held up by his opponents as eeeevil, mean and nasty while at the same time he was working for the freedom and good of the common man. “Liberals measure compassion by how many people are given welfare. Conservatives measure compassion by how many people no longer need it.” “You know why there’s a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one.” “The future is not Big Government. Self-serving politicians. Powerful bureaucrats. This has been tried, tested throughout history. The result has always been disaster.” “President Obama, your agenda is not new. It’s not change, and it’s not hope.” “I’m not against the government building roads. That is a legitimate government function. But I am very much against the government claiming that their building the road is the reason somebody on the road is successful.” “Why didn’t Obama make Hillary Clinton his vice president? (Answer: Because then he’d have to have someone taste his food for him, and start his car for him … )” “It is freedom that allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things.” 

Rush Limbaugh introduced me to William F. Buckley, Jr, whom I actually met at USU back in the day when conservatives were allowed to express themselves on college campi. Buckley gave a brilliant speech in which he stood up for freedom to the point of saying, “all drugs should be legal.” In spite of Buckley’s freedom orientation, the commie-lib students stood in line at the following question and answer session to try and put him down. The student would state his case, Buckley would smile and nod, “I see what you mean, but…” then he’d make the kid look like a complete imbecile, and do so with a smile and not a shred of vindictiveness. True majesty! Rush was inspired by the man and incorporated Buckley’s methodology into his performance on the greatest radio talk show program in history. While Rush lacked Buckley’s Mid-Atlantic idiolect, Ideologically, the fusion of traditionalist conservatism and classical liberalism was very well replicated and amplified.

That was 33 years ago and over those years I’ve gone from being a biker/outlaw/EMT to becoming a highly educated folklorist and writer. Rush Limbaugh turned the key, opening the door to my view of the world. The humanitarian aspects of self, rather than governmental control. My own recognition of the two-sided coin, freedom/responsibility, and the absurdity of the liberal attempt to remove the responsibility side of that coin, which has the unavoidable effect of also removing the freedom. Rush was a true humanitarian occupying a level many can’t even comprehend. Rush opened a playing field which brought conservatism into the light of real world application. His honesty and dignity was beyond reproach, yet reproached it was indeed. Indicative of the great good he did is illuminated by the animosity delivered by the politic of hate at every turn. In reviewing the event of Rush’s passing I did a Google search and was met by statements of hate from the American main-stream propagandia: “It’s easy to make fun of Rush Limbaugh right now, but it’s important to remember that he also brought a lot of people a lot of joy by dying,” Mike Drucker. “If I had to say something positive I guess I’m glad Rush Limbaugh lived long enough to get cancer and die,” Paul F. Tompkins. Trending on Twitter were “Rest in Piss,” “Good Riddance,” and “Rot in Hell.” “Rush Limbaugh, Right-Wing Radio Host Who Trafficked in Bigotry and Cruelty, Dead at 70” Rolling Stone. “Limbaugh’s 30 Years of Lies and Fear” Washington Monthly. Hymnals from the Church of Satan!

So typical of the leftist lie is accusing its opposition of lying. One can only imagine the seismic wave that would have been created did Rush actually tell a lie! Rush was one of the few references I never had to verify because I knew he was very careful to be accurate. He was, on the other hand, a natural born comedian and it was his comedy that garnered him much leftist disapproval. “Feminazis,” the NFL “looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.” “caller abortions,” “Dingy Harry,” “The Ninth Circus Court of Appeals,” “the Drive By Media.” To me, this was funny, to the left it was “lies.”

Rush Limbaugh’s generosity was also amazing. He donated over three million dollars to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, helping fallen military vets and 911 survivors pay off their home mortgages. The main-stream propagandia didn’t whisper a word! Imagine how big the donation would’ve been had CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post made note of it. Limbaugh alone produced over 3 million dollars! He also donated to “Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation,”  “Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.”

In closing, thank you Rush Limbaugh for 30+ years of inspiration, honesty, and humor. By no one was the Medal of Freedom Award more justly deserved. While I had not the privelege to have lived and experienced first hand the wisdom of John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, or Benjamin Franklin, I was here during the Rush Limbaugh era. I love you Rush and will miss, honor and respect you, as long as I live, and will attempt to help continue the advancement of American freedom and independence you knew and loved so well.