Thursday last, I had the serious displeasure of watching the most ridiculous political performance imaginable. Even for the White House, whose record of ridiculosity would be difficult to compete against.

The idea that Joe Biden is POTUS reaches a level of implausibility which alone, without the gobs of evidence of rigging which our wonderful courts refused to even consider, renders the election invalid in any traditional sense… but there ya go, here’s Creepy Joe! Whatever the preposterosity may be, Joe Biden stood before congress to deliver, finally, a State of the Union Address. 

For disappointment I was well prepared, but rather than disappointing, it was a pure, sickening travesty. We have as president a creature who is a stunning, far reach from being a gentleman and patriot. We have a man whose been suckling at the taxpayer teat for half a century. He entered the political arena in 1973 did little til 1977 when he fought to keep schools segregated, “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle…” Little til 1983 when he wrote a bill which, unfortunately passed, to tax Social Security. I know, I know absurd, but there ya go, he’s a democrat! 1988 runs for president but his history of dishonesty and plagiarism foiled that plan. 1993 he voted to increase the Social Security tax rate. (He’s also currently working to tax your 401K and IRAs.) 1994 he writes the “Stop and Frisk” law which is the root of our current use of the term “systematic racism,” for which leftists blame Republicans. Millions of black men went to prison as a result. 2001 Biden refers to Obama: “I mean, you got the first African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Biden is being sold as Americas “Woke Man,” but the truth is he’s one of the most racist persons in modern politics. While to Donald Trump he said, “Abraham Lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents we’ve had in modern history. He pours fuel on every single racist fire.” I suppose this is a predictable reaction from a true racist after President Trump had minorities winning at rates not seen in modern US history. Before the scamdemic the economy was roaring, unemployment was down and incomes were up. Education for the minority community was a major focus of President Trump and included emphasis on job training. Money for schools and school choice was a high priority for the president. Yep, what a damn racist! Another of Trump’s horrible racist actions was offering second chances to those incarcerated unfairly under laws promoted by Biden, but I digress. My intent is to analyze his State of the Union address.

On and on and on he went, milking the horror of the pandemic. Naturally he refers to the 500,000 number as the death count. A number which is ridiculously incorrect. That number includes every imaginable absurdity including those who were killed BY the COVID vaccine (a specific they’re keeping quiet). We have no idea what the actual death count is. I personally know several people who caught the dreaded disease, including Kimmie and myelf, for whom it was no big deal, just a typical flu experience. I personally know of two people whose deaths were attributed to COVID-19. One of them died from the after effects of a car crash and hadn’t even been tested for COVID. The other, my father, went to the hospital, they refused to let us see him, they moved him to an old folks home 90 miles away, where we were refused access to him and where he died. We were fighting to bring him home and we were were winning, one more day and we’d’ve had him home. If we could have just brought him home from the hospital we could have saved him, but no! And this was in Utah!

Biden goes down the list of horrors and ironically each of them is actually caused not by the COVID, but by our government. The shut down of businesses, the closing of schools, church meetings, sports, concerts, only “protests” and illegal immigration are to be permitted. Yes Biden is allowing illegals in by the thousands. Tens of thousands of migrants are once again crossing illegally into the U.S. and overwhelming immigration and border officials, as the Department of Homeland Security announced most won’t be tested for COVID before they’re released into the interior. There’s the work of a true hero! (‘er somethin’)

“Listen to Dr Fauci, one of the most distinguished and trusted voices in the world. He’s assured us the vaccines are safe.” He was also the first to suggest putting COVID victims into nursing homes. Yes, Dr. Fauci is not only a democrat, he’s a mass murderer!

“it’s never a good bet to bet against the American people…” Biden will have a Hell of a time convincing the demonrat party of that! They’ve been doing so for years… successfully!

“Will cut child poverty in this country by half!” By pissing away 1.9 TRILLION dollars spread around almost at random in joyous democrat zeal? Transportation gets tens of billions. More than $30 billion goes to expanding Obamacare, a long-term Democratic policy goal. You thought we’d won that battle, yes? NOPE! Rising unemployment payments will make unemployment more lucrative than employment for many people and will discourage a return to work. The bill authorizes 93 acres of federal lands to be used for the construction of the Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Library in North Dakota and creates an independent commission to oversee horse racing, a priority of Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader. Tax provisions, including extending a $2.5 billion break for racecar tracks and allowing a $6.3 billion write-off for business meals, derided as the “three-martini lunch” expense. Billions in foreign aid. $10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan and $2.5 million for “internet freedom.” I know, I know, on and on it goes. Surely the remedy for child poverty! no? Well at least it’ll cure sanity!

AND of course while he offered himself as an angel of light in bringing about vaccination, he neglects to mention that this was largely due to Donald Trump, whose name he doesn’t mention, but who’s refusal to accept the “impossible,” as Trump always does. Brought about the vaccines in record time.

The state of our union appears to be thus: We will have vaccines, and maybe by July 4, small groups of you people will be allowed to celebrate together. What the powers that be fail to recognize is that there are MANY places where the illusive freedom still rings, Florida, Idaho, Sweden, Japan… But Biden makes it clear that such should not be the case in America. Even with the vaccine, freedom will be limited, shutdowns will remain in place. We “free Americans” will be “provided with additional guidance on what you can do in the workplace, places of worship, with your friends, as well as travel.” What you can do… Really? Well, we Americans have a Constitution that specifically denies the government that power! The “fundamental transformation” you and Obama promote is prohibited by our American Constitution. 

We end up with a hair sniffing, ear sucking pervert, suffering from dimentia and telling us what we can do? I don’t think so Joe!

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