The Bill of Wrongs Won’t Make It Right!

Our First Amendment is under full attack. What we’re watching, and accepting in America today would’ve been impossible ten years ago. Absolute censorship of any opinion outside governmental or technocratic intent. They are literally closing free speech down! Including businesses such as Parler, the fastest growing social media network on the planet. And the victim? The victims are anyone opposed to the age old enemy, statism, which has now evolved into globalism. Those craving freedom and an equal voice in society are the villains of the day. The rights protected by the First Amendment are the rights of true individualism.

The Declaration of What??? “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

They’re punishing people for being “nationalists!” This is like punishing Adian Amos and Tim Boyle for being Green Bay Packers! Competition is the basic root of human nature. What made America great? The same thing that makes any professional sports team great, the same thing that make any business interest great, the same thing that makes a politician great, the same thing that makes any individual great… Performance!

I’m writing this on Martin Luther King day. This Martin Luther King day also being the day the powers that be announced a ramping up of surveillance over the citizens of this country. Do you realize there are millions of individuals in this country who recognize the extreme likelihood that the 2020 election was fixed? Gasp! All they have is tons of evidence. Voting machines which have capabilities for programming, linking, and outside control which should prohibit their use, and did in Texas where testing demonstrated the problems. Thousands of witnesses have testified of the cheating they’ve seen. Trashed ballots found. Most important is the statistical impossibility that the huge influx of Biden votes which came in all at once could have happened. Evidence be damned! Shut up Bacon! Shut up Parler! Shut up Donald Trump! Shut up Joe Blow from Arakamo! You will say what we allow you to say, or you’ll be forced to go! Martin Luther King would be proud I’m sure. Actually, with the philosophy of Black Lives Matter having achieved ascendance, King would be shut up too. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” WHAT??? 

At first I couldn’t comprehend what motivation could be driving this evolution.  Who’s to benefit from flushing the Bill of Rights? Well… I’m actually becoming embarrassed at this wonderment. Granting rights to the individual is robbing control from the powers that be. If you control you, how can I control thee? As long as the rules of The Constitution are observed the power of government is held back. Whatever form it may take.

Our problem today is the growth of a true technocracy. We have a handful of powerful masters, of business, communication and information. Their wealth is mind boggling and thus their power is too. In any societal downfall in history we see a relativity to what is happening in the America today. Historically it’s been tribalism, aristocracy, statism, communism, we now have a global technocracy. Their consideration of individualism is limited to considereation of the money that can be harvested from the crop. It is a societal disease political philosophers have been aware of all the way back to Socrates, and theorized in preventing. Socrates’ answer was a “benevolent aristocracy” the United States Constitution being the most effective defense in the history of humanity.

But now that Constitution is under direct attack. Our Bill of Rights was brushed aside without a whimper by the threat of a flu. Thousands died to deliver the freedoms we enjoy yet they are swept aside, unConstitutionally and globally in the name of an infection which has 99% survival rate. The whole world is wearing masks which are completely ineffective at anything other than advertising the control the globalist technocracy has over the world. That experiment’s success has led to a new level of  technocratic control, elimination of the freedom of speech. Perhaps the most basic foundational block upon which our freedom resides. 

The challenge of propagandizing has a history going back as far as the transfer on information can be tracked. It is human nature and is a simple reality we have to live with. Modern technology has magnified our ability to test the truth of the stories we’re told, making propagandizing more difficult. We can play recordings of the claims and statements made to verify what was actually said. We can access actual statistics such as GDP, average income level, levels of taxation which can prove or disprove the claims we hear. An excellent example is “trickle down” economics. A concept that is made fun of and ridiculed roundly, but which statistically proves to work quite magnificently every time it’s tried. 

All of which leads to a new challenge for the control oriented mentality. With the truth available, how do we sell the lie? It is a challenge that has always existed and has been controlled as Karl Marx has pointed out, by controlling the education system and the media. But modern society has taken an actual grip upon educational rhetoric and media pitches via social networking. The oBama tells a lie, “You can keep your healthcare plan,” Social media takes hold, and when the lie becomes apparent YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest become filled with video of oBama telling the lie and the truth of what actually happened. Your healthcare plan will cease to exist and your healthcare will go up significantly in cost, down in effectiveness the pharmaceutical and medical care companies will make even more money, and instead of regulating them, we’ll regulate YOU! This is not good for the control class and the government will absolutely control your health caves in.

So what to do?! Well, obviously, take MORE control. Dig out the Communist Manifesto and STUDY! A new challenge rolls into view. An outsider who hasn’t a chance of success in taking the captain’s chair (Donald Trump), does the “impossible” and takes the Captain’s chair. The propaganda didn’t work! This “Orange Man” is making a mess of everything! Accomplishing the “impossible” with the greatest of ease and against the will of the American politic, left AND right. “He’s making them look like imbeciles.” Four years of no new war, bringing troops home, increasing the income and benefits of military service and rebuilding the VA and bringing the service of our country by the military much closer to the honor with which it should be considered. D.C. lied for generations to Black America, Hispanic America, handicapped America and Trump steps in and raises the employment level for all of these to record levels. Governmental regulations and taxation has been chasing businesses out of America for decades trump cuts 800 oBama regulations, saving over 200 Billion. Huge increase in sex trafficing arrests (the Clintons are still in business however) and the list goes on and on and on. We damn sure can’t have this. It is critical that the democrat party win the election whatever it takes.

And they did. The most corrupt, fraudulent election in American history brought to the Captain’s chair a 47 years of do nothing but expand, and enrich your crime family, and a pedophile to boot! The Biden win was not only a lie, the “Biden Injection” during which the curve suddenly went vertical for Biden, was statistically impossible! But those damn social networks, that are making Zuckerberg, Bezos, Holmes, Dorsey, Pichai… fabulously wealthy, won’t shut up about it! Well, we’ll see about that! We’ll censor their statements, boot ‘em from our “public” platforms. Twitter bans the President of the United States??? WHAT???? And info networks which won’t engage in the censorship? Parler, Rumble, NewsCast, FOX News… we’ll either take ‘em over or shut ‘em down!

My brothers and sisters, it’s time to put the boot on the other foot. First listen, I prey, to Trump’s Farewell Address. Remember what we’ve accomplished and remember where it came from. Quit financing the technocrats who are tearing our freedoms away. Cancel your Amazon Prime and remember there are tons of alternatives including local businesses which the technocrats and Democrats have been destroying as rapidly as possible. 372,000 business dead so far. Check out from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple! 

I’ve no opposition to ideologies differing from my own. Words are… well… should be, welcome in the arena of ideals. Debate is empty when lacking opposition. But that is the technocratic goal.


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