But Who to Thank?


Some of us are thankful for freedom

Others for big brother’s purse.

I’m thankful for Jefferson’s wisdom

And thankful things aren’t even worse.

I’m thankful for my little sister

Souls bleed but this is obverse.

Children, grandchildren, the National Anthem

The ability to converse.

To who is it we are to be thankful?

Who was it that lit the big bang?

What was it that up and exploded?

From what origin does that one hang?

Jesus? God? Allah?

Or is it Caballa?

Perhaps just a useful harangue.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter

The fact is that thanks does exist.

Whatever it is, this “creator”

Will not go by me unkissed.

I guess it’s not odd if I call it God

And I’m thankful too for this tryst.


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