Eat the Rich!


Those eeeeevil greeeeedy rich sons of bitches!  So what of wealth?  Where do those rich bastards come from? Born rich right? They didn’t actually do anything meaningful to get there, just born to the rich class, the lucky turds!  Tax the shit out of the free ridin’ bastards, I say!  What? Come again?

The majority are NOT born rich, you say?  That’s not what my sociology professor nor my political science professor nor the media says.  Yet which lives and breathes liberalism says 80% of America’s millionaires are not born to wealth but are self made?  Nooo!  Not possible!  Statistically more than 2/3 of the worlds billionaires made their fortunes from scratch?  This can’t be!

Well..  maybe it’s so, nevertheless the rich sons of bitches could pay America out of this indebtedness, Tax ‘em! They can afford it and then some!  What? Who’ll actually pay for those tax increases?  Well, if we tax them, THEY will!

They won’t? How do you figure? How will the rich make the poor cover their tax increases? Huh? Raising prices for the products they produce, lowering wages for the workers they employ, reducing benefits, reducing the quality of the components they purchase, cutting back on the “free” services they provide…  Leaving the country?  Purchasing from foreign companies? Becoming non-American businesses? You’re saying that the cost always ends up being paid by the consumer? Taxing the rich is actually taxing the middleclass?  Isn’t that somehow related to “Trickle Down Economics”? That nonsense program Wikipedia describes as a “pejorative”, following that with a description of how it was a form of tax evasion? I think some even refer to it as (yech) “Reaganomics”.

Praise Allah. ‘er somethin.

Hunters Have Rights Too! Don’t they?

Non-Muslim Terrorist??

Yer Ted Nugent is right, the Humane Society of United States are indeed a batch of vile criminal scam liars.  They cast the illusion that they care about animals to snag the  dollars of those who really do.  They bank on ignorance, just as do the commie-lib politicians.  It is vitally important to them that people don’t understand hunting, the fur industry, rodeo, horse racing, cock-fighting or even pet ownership (you can’t OWN an animal for crying out loud).  People mustn’t see these things for what they really are, or support for these AR organizations will evaporate.  All “animal industry” benefits animals in various, sometimes surprising ways, but nothing benefits a population of wild animals more than does hunting.  The reality of life for a wild animal is a terrible ending.  There be damn few exceptions.  A wild animal is looking at being eaten alive, freezing, starving, disease or being killed quickly and cleanly by the most humane of hunters, humans. Which would you choose?

The fringe benefits of hunting are huge. The money raised by the sale of permits is used for wildlife management.  The rules enacted promote establishment and maintenance of strong populations of healthy animals and the residual programs such as hunter safety, wildlife management programs and hunting related activities foster a huge increase in the awareness of these animals and their importance on many levels. A 10 year old child from a hunting family is guaranteed to have a far greater understanding of nature and the value of wild animals than will the MTV/video game robots raised in the TV room.

I am a true, dyed in the wool animal LOVER. I grew up surrounded by animals. Horses, hound dogs, bird dogs, bizarre pets ranging from raccoons, hawks, fox and bobcat to mice, rats, and even mink!  Yes, I grew up on a mink ranch.  The son of a hard-core trapping, hunting, fishing adventurer. It was this that introduced me to the magnificence of the AR community.  I’ve received a lot of information about the horrors of the fur industry from various AR organizations over the past 50 years and I’ve yet to see one that was honest.  From more than one of them I learned that we starve, abuse and horrify the poor little critters for a year then skin ‘em alive, just knocking them unconscious before skinning them, most regaining consciousness as the skin is being mercilessly torn from their living bodies.  The truth is, fur is priced according to its quality.  The fur of a happy healthy animal being far more valuable than that of a starved, abused, filthy one.  The concept of knocking them out?  Come on!  In spite of the belief of the AR community, I never did “enjoy” the skinning procedure.  I was damn good at it but wasn’t something I did for the pleasure of watching animals suffer.  We killed them cleanly, humanely, fast AND DEAD!

As a child, my family’s profession was considered respectable, admirable and attracted a lot of positive attention from the community.  But as the AR lies began to circulate, that air of respectability began to evaporate.  Soon we were under attack.  AR terrorists were sneaking onto mink ranches at night, vandalizing and releasing mink by the hundreds.  Releasing them to hunger, starvation, and serious damage to the natural wild animals in the area.  More than once they released mothers, leaving the kits behind to starve.  The terrorism escalated to the point of web sites listing the home addresses of ranchers (us included) and instructions for bomb making, vandalism and suggesting this be used against us wretched vermin in the fur industry.  They actually bombed a feed production plant in Midvale Utah, only missing harming innocent passersby by mere coincidence. As the FBI closed in on them, one ended up dead, a mysterious suicide, hung in the garage, another who was preparing to testify against them disappeared for 10 days or so, leaving behind everything including his wallet and shoes.  When he reappeared he had mysteriously decided to face prison rather than testify against the kingpins of the ALF who sponsored the operation and have had a hand in the attacks of restaurants ranging from McDonalds to expensive restaurants serving the dreaded foie gras.  Firebombs and they’re not even Muslims!

As with most PC causes the propagandia covers up the reality of it as much as possible.  I’ve read about myself in the paper, seen myself & friends described on TV and heard it on the radio..  once again, I’ve yet to hear the truth.

Wasted Vote(r)

I think it’s fairly apparent that we’re in an incredibly sorry situation here in America.  A situation that the American voter has supported.  Stupendous governmental expansion, spending that soars above and beyond any sane reason or logic, absurd debt… the answer? Well, isn’t it obvious?  MORE spending! Increase the debt ceiling.

Americans DID elect the “representatives” who’ve delivered us into the comedic adventure we’re on.  I think the term is “masochism”.  It’s apparent that we’ve moved well beyond the point at which we can look at this as stupid, mistaken philosophy and the like.  What we’re seeing now is the intentional destruction of the old American form of freedom and independence.  Obumasorass isn’t stupid, well..  actually he obviously is, but that is not why he’s done what he’s done.  He’s just workin’ for the Massa and things are gettin’ done!

A majority of Americans claim to want him gone, but who will replace him?  Another Sorosatard New international Order Socialist?  A Demonrat liberal forwarding an even more liberal dose of governmental control and international co-dependency?  A Republicrat conservative forwarding a more liberal dose of governmental control, absurd drug “wars”, more behavioral guidelines?  Where is freedom and responsibility in all of this?

As bad as things are, we came a lot of the way here in a Republicrat wheelbarrow.  While they did tend to provide a much more business and success friendly environment than the Demonrats, they borrowed and spent like madmen, increased the national debt and watched as we dug ourselves deeper and deeper into the chasm in which we now find ourselves.  The current administration is Hell bent on digging us in even deeper and the Republicrats are gettin’ in line as well.

The answer?  Glad you asked. It starts with defeating Obumasorass no matter what.  At this point ANY vote for ANYbody other than the GOP choice, whoever that turns out to be, will not be a wasted vote, it will be a vote for Obumasorass.  Once we get rid of Obumasorass we can work on either refurbishing the G.O.P. or replacing it.  I’ve grown rather fond of the Tea Party movement.  My own religion is following the Freedom and Independence God forwarded by the founding fathers.  Anything that reduces governmental control in any way.  Anything that moves toward putting power into the hands of those interested in success, freedom and advancement, rather than into the hands of people invested in “equality” and “fairness” to whom “excellence” is a derogatory term and the ideal Olympics will be the Olympics in which EVERY participant gets a gold medal.

Countless lives have been laid down to deliver the opportunity for freedom which we do indeed still enjoy.  The price paid for the opportunity we are pissing away is beyond comprehension.  Shame on you America!

Oh, and always remember, Gun Control=People Control.  When a politician wants to control guns, you know immediately what the target really is, not guns…  It’s you!


My Name's Freedom.  Take Me!

Liberal..  Now there’s a misnomer for you! The Middle English/Old French Origin came from the Latin “liber” and had the meaning ‘free man’ as in independent or free from restraint.  Interestingly there was also another sense, ‘generous’.  Liberals like to point to the dictionary definition, “Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.”  Which, in a sense, they are, but it may be better said, “Favoring typically unacceptable behavior and desiring to impugn, discard, and forget traditional values”.  And in the doing of this, Liberals are closer to the “generous” definition as in generous governing.  This is not to say giving everybody everything, (indeed one of their tools) but rather, heaping government on everything in generous doses.  Proffering an association with “liberty” but striving for total governmental control of everything.  Liberalism being as far removed from pure liberty as it is possible to be.

Conservative..  Also from the Latin, “conservativus” meaning to preserve.  The current definition “Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion”, is closer to the truth yet still far removed from the original intent of liberty, held by the founding fathers.  Here again we find battalions of politicians eager to govern you, particularly your behavior and attitude.  From conservatives we get the “war on drugs”, illegalized prostitution, Illegalized gambling and so on, governmental control on behaviors that are not, in and of themselves, harmful.  “Conservative” legislation is fairly easy to promote because of the religious background of America.  Obumasorass is honest and correct in his statement “America is not a Christian country”.  It is, however, a country full of Christians, established and built by Christians for the most part, and the Christian value system is heavily ensconced in America. Thus governmental control of such “sinful” activities as drugs, drinking, smoking, prostitution, sex, gambling and the like is not seen by most for what it really is, governmental control and lack of liberty.

These two philosophies are seen in the two political parties which dominate America today.  Democrats tend towards Liberal and Republicans (used to) tend towards Conservative.  Whichever you choose, you are choosing to sacrifice liberty and freedom for governmental control of one sort or another.  Whichever you choose you are voting for more and ever-growing governmental control.

There is a grove of alternative political parties, Communist, Socialist (our current President), Constitution, Green, Nazi, Tea Party, Objectivist, Libertarian, on and on and on.  But only the two in domination are worthy of consideration at this point.  I’m rather partial to the Libertarian party myself, my religion being freedom and my tithe being responsibility, but I simply can’t vote Libertarian as much as I’d like to, particularly in todays’ environment.  The Liberal side of the demonic governmental coin has succeeded in trampling freedom practically out of existence.  Their success in this has been facilitated by the “generous” aspect of Liberalism.  43% of America has it’s hands in the pockets of all.  Welfare, government, military, education, waste disposal, public transportation, healthcare (thanks Obumasorass) and on and on it goes.  Those in the pockets of our “generous” liberal friends are going to vote for???

Thus, at this point, the only valid option is whomever has a chance to defeat the liberal candidate in question.  It’s no longer a question of maintaining our liberty, it’s a question of getting it back.  Our current administration is currently embroiled in the gun control race, gun control long established as the first step toward people control.  We currently have a “fiasco” going on over US guns going to the drug cartels in Mexico.  What’s that about? Do you think Obumasorass will begin ranting about how we need to clamp down on gun ownership because, “Look the Mexican drug lords are getting hold of American guns.”  There is, my friends, a reason for this and it’s not Freedom and Responsibility!

So what’s the solution?  Well..  I’m gonna think about it and I’ll let you know real soon!

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode!

(Dark mysterious music goes here.)


Libertarian Abortion?

My Liberty!!I came out of the gate, hard-core dead set against the legalization of abortion.  I stumbled into the Libertarian stream and the concept of liberty hit me hard.  Who is the drug user harming by using drugs? No one, until he starts stealing, cheating, or otherwise hurting someone, and then the crime is the harm he does, not his reason for doing it.  Should driving be illegal because some speed, drive drunk and end up killing someone?  Nope.  Should Islam be illegal because some commit horrible terrorist actions?  Well… maybe..  kidding, the crime is terrorism. Belonging to a religion which promotes it, is not terrorsm.

The religious opposition is no reason to oppose abortion.  In fact, if you live in the God will punish you world, you believe that there will be a just reward coming from God, which seems to mean that legal or not, you will be punished for abortion and since it is your body in which the fetus resides, you should have the liberty to decide whether or not to allow that fetus to remain.

This is indeed liberty for the parent, and I can clearly see the libertarian reasoning behind it, however there are a few problems.  Has the fetus/unborn child any crumblings from the liberty cake?  Does it have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  One of my philosophical idols, Ayn Rand, said a fetus having a “right to life” is vicious nonsense.  “An embryo has no rights…a child cannot acquire any rights until it is born.”  I can’t help but wonder what gives her the right/liberty to make that determination.

Wherever the line is drawn, at any age, or even before that passage through the birth canal which constitutes for a huge number, the beginning of life, you are dissecting a line, which has led in my case, at 55 years, to skiing, guitar & banjo picking, mountain climbing, smoked salmon, hunting, fishing puttin’ around on rollin’ thunder and now, the writing of this article.  Also, there is behavior going on before that passage.  Things are learned, things, such as mom’s voice, music and more become familiar, reactions in what many interpret to be emotional ways to various stimuli.

Whatever your religious stance, there is absolutely no doubt that the process which begins at the very instant of conception ends at death, regardless of whatever the cause of the death might be.  Abortion delivers the death at a very early point and is done by decision. Not the decision of the fetus.  Liberty?

Even “Libertarians for Life”, who are opposed to abortion look at it from a weird perspective.  “Non-aggression is an ongoing obligation: it is never optional for anyone, even pregnant women. If the non-aggression obligation did not apply, then earning money versus stealing it and consensual sex versus rape would be morally indifferent behaviors. The obligation not to aggress is pre-political and pre-legal. It does not arise out of contract, agreement, or the law; rather, such devices presuppose this obligation. The obligation would exist even in a state of nature. This is because the obligation comes with our human nature, and we acquire this nature at conception.”

Hmmm..  Agression?  It has nothing to do with agression.  It has nothing to do with sin. It boils down simply to liberty.  What liberty is being exercised when a life is ended entirely by another’s decision to do so?  Seems to me as far away from liberty as it is possible to get.