My Name's Freedom.  Take Me!

Liberal..  Now there’s a misnomer for you! The Middle English/Old French Origin came from the Latin “liber” and had the meaning ‘free man’ as in independent or free from restraint.  Interestingly there was also another sense, ‘generous’.  Liberals like to point to the dictionary definition, “Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.”  Which, in a sense, they are, but it may be better said, “Favoring typically unacceptable behavior and desiring to impugn, discard, and forget traditional values”.  And in the doing of this, Liberals are closer to the “generous” definition as in generous governing.  This is not to say giving everybody everything, (indeed one of their tools) but rather, heaping government on everything in generous doses.  Proffering an association with “liberty” but striving for total governmental control of everything.  Liberalism being as far removed from pure liberty as it is possible to be.

Conservative..  Also from the Latin, “conservativus” meaning to preserve.  The current definition “Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion”, is closer to the truth yet still far removed from the original intent of liberty, held by the founding fathers.  Here again we find battalions of politicians eager to govern you, particularly your behavior and attitude.  From conservatives we get the “war on drugs”, illegalized prostitution, Illegalized gambling and so on, governmental control on behaviors that are not, in and of themselves, harmful.  “Conservative” legislation is fairly easy to promote because of the religious background of America.  Obumasorass is honest and correct in his statement “America is not a Christian country”.  It is, however, a country full of Christians, established and built by Christians for the most part, and the Christian value system is heavily ensconced in America. Thus governmental control of such “sinful” activities as drugs, drinking, smoking, prostitution, sex, gambling and the like is not seen by most for what it really is, governmental control and lack of liberty.

These two philosophies are seen in the two political parties which dominate America today.  Democrats tend towards Liberal and Republicans (used to) tend towards Conservative.  Whichever you choose, you are choosing to sacrifice liberty and freedom for governmental control of one sort or another.  Whichever you choose you are voting for more and ever-growing governmental control.

There is a grove of alternative political parties, Communist, Socialist (our current President), Constitution, Green, Nazi, Tea Party, Objectivist, Libertarian, on and on and on.  But only the two in domination are worthy of consideration at this point.  I’m rather partial to the Libertarian party myself, my religion being freedom and my tithe being responsibility, but I simply can’t vote Libertarian as much as I’d like to, particularly in todays’ environment.  The Liberal side of the demonic governmental coin has succeeded in trampling freedom practically out of existence.  Their success in this has been facilitated by the “generous” aspect of Liberalism.  43% of America has it’s hands in the pockets of all.  Welfare, government, military, education, waste disposal, public transportation, healthcare (thanks Obumasorass) and on and on it goes.  Those in the pockets of our “generous” liberal friends are going to vote for???

Thus, at this point, the only valid option is whomever has a chance to defeat the liberal candidate in question.  It’s no longer a question of maintaining our liberty, it’s a question of getting it back.  Our current administration is currently embroiled in the gun control race, gun control long established as the first step toward people control.  We currently have a “fiasco” going on over US guns going to the drug cartels in Mexico.  What’s that about? Do you think Obumasorass will begin ranting about how we need to clamp down on gun ownership because, “Look the Mexican drug lords are getting hold of American guns.”  There is, my friends, a reason for this and it’s not Freedom and Responsibility!

So what’s the solution?  Well..  I’m gonna think about it and I’ll let you know real soon!

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode!

(Dark mysterious music goes here.)


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