Eat the Rich!


Those eeeeevil greeeeedy rich sons of bitches!  So what of wealth?  Where do those rich bastards come from? Born rich right? They didn’t actually do anything meaningful to get there, just born to the rich class, the lucky turds!  Tax the shit out of the free ridin’ bastards, I say!  What? Come again?

The majority are NOT born rich, you say?  That’s not what my sociology professor nor my political science professor nor the media says.  Yet which lives and breathes liberalism says 80% of America’s millionaires are not born to wealth but are self made?  Nooo!  Not possible!  Statistically more than 2/3 of the worlds billionaires made their fortunes from scratch?  This can’t be!

Well..  maybe it’s so, nevertheless the rich sons of bitches could pay America out of this indebtedness, Tax ‘em! They can afford it and then some!  What? Who’ll actually pay for those tax increases?  Well, if we tax them, THEY will!

They won’t? How do you figure? How will the rich make the poor cover their tax increases? Huh? Raising prices for the products they produce, lowering wages for the workers they employ, reducing benefits, reducing the quality of the components they purchase, cutting back on the “free” services they provide…  Leaving the country?  Purchasing from foreign companies? Becoming non-American businesses? You’re saying that the cost always ends up being paid by the consumer? Taxing the rich is actually taxing the middleclass?  Isn’t that somehow related to “Trickle Down Economics”? That nonsense program Wikipedia describes as a “pejorative”, following that with a description of how it was a form of tax evasion? I think some even refer to it as (yech) “Reaganomics”.

Praise Allah. ‘er somethin.

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