While I spend a lot of time plotting, planning, writing and imagining, the simple fact is that there may be no chance that we’ll ever save freedom in America (the only country in which it even comes close to existing). And in the end there are things more important than politics, or even freedom (which requires a flip-side of responsibility), which a large portion of humanity is taking great pains to avoid. 

Without a doubt, the most important of these more important items does have a political component, but both sides here in America are equally at fault. We are currently returning to the fears we held back in the ‘60s. The fear of nuclear war. We are without a doubt far closer to that happening now than we ever have been back in the past, but we have a situation now which may be far worse than nuclear war. 

Our greatest potential weakness  is the flipside of America’s greatest strength, our technological superiority. America’s level of greatness here is not debatable. We are miles ahead of the rest of the world. Our technological advantage requires a great deal of energy to operate, which do have right now. Our energy grid provides us with almost all of the wonders of modern living. Lights, heat, transmitted communication, pumping fuel, making popcorn, hell, everything that requires any amount of energy, including charging batteries. Even our flashlights and pocket radios will be worthless without a power supply to charge up those batteries. The power grid makes almost everything possible. 

One would think that such a magnificent machine would be protected more carefully than any other American marvel. Sadly, this is far from the case. It’s scarcely protected at all. The responsibility for this rest on your shoulders and mine. We can’t sit on our hands and wait for our “leaders” who’ve been ignoring this gigantic and obvious threat since its beginning. Our “leaders” are a mystery to me in dozens of ways, both sides of the spectrum! With the Republicrats its mostly a matter of greed (six figure incomes, and an army of assistants to do the work the politician should be doing), combined with the fact that the way things stand right now they don’t have to do a damned thing! The demonicrats, are at least honest in their hatred for freedom, and other than the discomfort of not being able to turn on the lights, would be pleased with the damage it would do to America.

We’ve had examples of the damage that even short term interruptions can do, such as the Texas power grid failure of 2021. “Major outages have included the Northeast blackout in August 2003 (70,000 MW of lost customer load), West Coast blackout in August 1996 (33,000 MW), Quebec’s geomagnetic storm in March 1989 (20,000 MW), the U.S./Canada ice storm in January 1998 (19,000 MW) and Superstorm Sandy in October 2012 (20,000 MW). In the aftermath of large-scale blackouts, many customers have had power restored within a few hours or a day or two, but some customers have been without power for a month or longer” (oilprice.com). 

The scariness of the situation is increased by the absurd fact that America has purchased billions of dollars worth of high power transformers made in China, our principle world enemy. There is no requirement that anybody check these pieces of equipment for vulnerabilities, no inspections.. Transformers are not the only electric component we import from China. And, of course, our marvelous pedophile in chief, along with destroying America’s newly won (Thanks Donald) energy independence; history’s most absurd and cowardly retreat from Afghanistan, from whom one of Peddo-Joe’s compatriots, Xi Jinping is now obtaining the rare precious chemicals used in making electric car batteries, to power electric cars which are far more dangerous to the environment than gas vehicles. The most obscene and absurd border crises. Spending trillions of your dollars and mine on a series of unnecessary absurdities. The demented pervert also rescinded the Trump order banning Chinese involvement in the US power grid. I imagine Peddo-Joe kisses Xi Jinpings hand when they meet.

There is a potential bright side to this story, and the reason I chose to write this, is to publicize and organization which is actively involved in remedying the situation by putting the power back into the hands which really do have control, if we would just get off our asses and exercise the control we still do have, in spite of the tremendous efforts of the Marxist community (the demonicrats). So please, please check out griddownpowerup.com! We are the only soldiers in this battle and we can win! We have to win! Nothing could amplify the effectiveness of the global, anti-population, billionaires as would power grid failures!