My academic identity is that of a folklorist

The chances of us getting out of the demonicratic Hell we find ourselves in now, are skinny indeed. We’ve entered a world of absurdity that 10 years ago would have been seen as impossible. Abortion alone, even if done early in the pregnancy. I remember laughing when demonicrats began talking about legalizing abortion. At that time they were talking about a limited number, but now they are talking about murdering babies after them having been born alive, and calling it “abortion.” In Canada they are allowing what they call, “MAID” (medical assistance in dying) to depressed children, and have now expanded that to mentally ill people as well. 

While we’re still fighting against accepting migrants from Cuba, who know what a disaster socialism/communism are, and thus vote Republican, while completely opening the Mexican border, allowing the unlimited immigration of beings more likely to vote demonicrat, Yes, this is what is properly seen as the biggest border crisis in human history. 

We have a growing number of pedophiles like Peddo-Joe Biden holding political positions. We capture Epstein, murder him to keep his mouth shut, and instead of delivering penance to the large number of clients such as the Clintons, Prince Andrew, Jean-Luc Brunel (who also died in a mysterious “suicide” while in jail and who is blamed for trafficking over 1000 minors to Epstein), Bill Gates, Bill Richardson, Lex Wexner… They have Ghislaine Maxwell in prison, ever wonder why we are seeing nothing more about Ghislane, Epstein or any of their hundreds of clients? And is it not also curious that these shit wads are all demonicrats? 

Our form of government has devolved from a representative republic into something rather resembling a kingdom. Our Congress has become a flock of magpies squawking loudly but actually doing nothing but spending money. All these wonderfully  dreadful new laws are being enacted via executive orders. Well over 100 so far. The lying pedophile speaks of bills he’s managed to get passed, as if Congress had anything to do with it. And oh the wonders of living in a country sitting on the world’s greatest supply of oil, losing its newly won (Thanks Donald) energy independence. We didn’t lose the capacity for energy independence, Peddo-Joe shut it down, along with a ton of relative construction jobs. His oh so stunning handling of the Afghanistan situation. I’m sure China and Iran are quite pleased by his cowardice. Or is it greed? Peddo-Joe’s sugar daddy, Xi Jinping certainly came out ahead! Our Pedophile in chief  ended the Trump Justice Department’s Operation Legend, which deployed federal officers to aid local law enforcement and helped arrest more than 6,000 criminals. Worked hand in hand with the globalists scamdemic operation which has resulted in millions of needless deaths (including that of my father, who they locked up in a Nursing” home, 90 miles away, refused any visitation or effective treatment which was readily available, and watched him die, afraid and alone.) Vaccine mandates for a treatment which actually isn’t even a vaccine, and is FAR more dangerous than C19! Oh well, at least big pharma, one of the greatest criminal operations in history, are making billions.

We put a lot of faith in the Republicrat party, but since we lost Trump via an easily and provably rigged election. Not only were the results absolutely impossible, even without programmed vote counting machines…

Dominion machines (interesting title, yes? “Dominion!”). Even had they not closed the doors and denied access and covered the windows to ballot centers precisely during the time that voting for trump, who was clearly going to win, was surpassed by straight line demonicrat votes:

Thousands of misplaced or thrown away ballots (all Republican) were discovered, oh and that damned 2000 mules situation. Trump would/should have won. But where are the Republicrats who should be fighting against third world style nonsense? Mostly collecting their six figure incomes  and spending our money!