BidenTimes Day

Valentine’s Day is here again, but things don’t feel all that loving. Times have gotten so bizarre that it’s hard to believe I’m not dreaming. Marxists running our “education” system; politicians battling to defund police departments; the biggest, most ridiculous fraud in human history (the scamdemic), in which perfectly effective treatments are being ignored and censored (Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, multiclonal antibody treatment; one I’ve used successfully, twice, chlorine dioxide, yet we’re being forced to submit to an experimental “vaccine,” that isn’t even a vaccine, but rather an ineffective treatment regimen which is actually more dangerous for healthy young people, by far, than is the C19 virus, yet our “officials” are forcing the young and healthy to subject themselves to a significant health risk in the form of an experimental “vaccine” that has already caused thousands of deaths and millions of injuries around the world? 

Censorship has become completely normal. It is the real pandemic we are facing. The POTUS (Trump, not Peddo-Joe) was silenced by Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Snapchat, etc. Zuckerberg said, “We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great (sic)… Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on (Trump’s) Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete (sic).” Thus social media is denying the President of the United States of America his First Amendment Rights.

Outside of the truckers uprising in Canada and the US, there is little of encouragement to see. 

We had a President who delivered on his promises. We had a newly accomplished American energy independence, record unemployment, Feds receiving record funds after Trump’s tax cuts, finally keeping the promise to recognize Jerusalem, record peacekeeping in the Middle East, moving school choice to the top of the U.S. Education Department grants, cutting of 800 Obama regulations, saving over $200 billion, over 1,000 arrests in sex trafficking operations, enhanced Veteran Care Act. VA seeking partnerships to build and improve health-care facilities. VA announcing Veterans Coordinated Access & Rewarding Experiences Act. VA, Ginnie Mae creating task force to address mortgage refinancing issues. Signing a bill to streamline VA disability claims appeals process. VA firing more than 500 feds, even before new accountability law. Signing VA accountability act into law, promising far better care for veterans. Launching veterans’ complaint hotline. Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at VA. Business Investments up 39 percent (due to tax cuts). April 2018 best month in history, U.S. manufacturing in the U.S. accelerating as more an more businesses return to the U.S. the list goes on and on and then some (including growing income for Americans).

Nevertheless, and in spite of all this, the 2020 “election” somehow delivered one of American history’s greatest examples of worthlessness. A racist pedophile suffering from dementia who’s been demonstrating for almost 50 years, the fact that one can survive in DC while doing nothing good. The 1994 crime bill which reduced the penalty for cocaine (the white folks drug of choice) and radically increased the penalty for drug being used by minority Americans. His dishonest is of record proportions, he even had to drop out of the ’88 election for plagiarism (a characteristic he has often employed.) About The oBama, America first Black President, he said, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” He Eulogized Strom Thurmond, “There’s not enough troops in the army, to force the southern people to break down segregation and admit the n******* race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our churches.” Peddo Joe fought against school integration. Worked to make Social Security taxable, and then increased that tax! This list too, goes on and on and on… 

Against all odds and defying all logic, the evil creep, Peddo-Joe won the election, we’re told. It actually seems rather obvious that the election was actually rigged, everything from programmable voting machines??? to fake ballots… even Time Magazine admitted that the election was rigged by a “well funded kabal.” 

And what has this magnificent rogue actually accomplished? Rapidly undid most of the accomplishments of Donald Trump. Energy independence gone. A disastrous failure of a retreat from Afghanistan leaving behind billions in assets for Islam; promotes transgender sports bans; the Colonial Pipeline hack; waves sanctions on Russian oil pipeline; weaponized the FBI to intimidate parents; unleashed the biggest border crisis in history. Sadly this list is almost endless.

All of this leaves me with only one option to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a look into the past:

A Trump Valentine’s Day Story: Falling In Love With America

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