Choose the Right!

We’re living in bizarre dark times. Sacrificing our freedom and “Bill of Rights” in the name of a flu bug. Watching an election blatantly, and provably stolen and then the thief, or whoever is controlling this disaster, completely destroying every possible aspect of American tradition. Right out of the gate, the ridiculous imbecile destroyed America’s newly won energy independence. He breathed new live into the Marxist woke delusion and supporting CRT in our schools. Teach those kids to be racist! His COVID messaging was nothing more than divisive nonsense and an attempt to force everyone to take an experimental “vaccine,” which actually isn’t a vaccine but a rather ineffective treatment regimen. All while we have a plethora of effective treatments which could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives had they been applied rather than hidden (hydroxychloriquine,  Ivermectin, chlorine dioxide (which I used myself, cured me in 12 hours), monoclonal antibodies, and more. Any one of which could have saved my father, who was murdered by “health care” officials in Utah. Placed in a nursing home 90 miles away and refused visits from family, and treated with a ventilator, with the usual result death. He died alone and afraid! We now have more COVID deaths than under Trump. Statistically it is demonstrable that the morality rate is higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. The statistics are in, they are verifiable, yet are still being denied by Big-Pharma and those making millions and gaining power as a result of the “vaccine.”

Along with this absurdity comes one of the most disgusting retreats in world history, when Biden abandoned Afghanistan, leaving behind potential and actual victims in those who we were supposed to be working to protect. Leaving behind also, billions of dollars in military equipment! and a magnificent rare mineral supply, to be harvested by Peddo-Joe’s friends, the Chinese communists.

The Southern border? What kind of a joke is this?? When propagandists like Reuters, and NYT are reporting, “Biden’s illegal-immigration welcome mat caused disaster at the border,” One has to wonder just how bad it actually is!

His first year saw gas shortages, food shortages and grocery store rationing, a broken supply chain, runaway inflation, labor shortages, and turbulent markets. 

“Biden’s first year has been marred by violence, chaos, carnage, despair, and confusion — here at home and around the world. All his unforced errors and foolhardy decisions have taken a toll on the American people, our national reputation, and Biden’s own favorability, even among those who watched his inauguration with hope one year ago” (Spencer Brown – “Townhall”)

Whew… This long diatribe leads up to one of the most interesting aspects of the erosion of America, the technocratic takeover. There are over 200 million Americans engaged in the use of “Social Networks,” such as Facebook, You Tube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, etc. Where their words are controlled and censored by leftist propagandists like Zuckerberg, Pichai, Dorsey, Roslansky, and many others. Freedom of speech is so far removed from these platforms that you couldn’t see it with a telescope. We also have an almost completely corrupt news media, but with the introduction of Donald Trump and numerous commentators pointing out the truth (Rush Limbaugh [oh how we miss you Rush], Mark Levin, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Steven Crowder, Steve Deace, Glenn Beck and many, many more, (Blaze TV is a good place to start), the power of the commie-lib media is dwindling. What a treat to watch events like CPAC 2022 in which speakers openly made fun of the main-stream media.

Which leads us back to the obvious question, why do so many people willingly support dishonest, Marxist platforms like Facebook [Facistbook], Twitter, and the others, when there are so many new, freedom oriented platforms available? I’ve stuck with Facistbook for quite a while due to the fact that I have so many friends there. Various times I’ve attempted to get people to leave, but with very minimal success. With my academic friends that’s no surprise, as Peddo-Joe says, “We choose truth over facts.” Truths are what we make them, but those pesky facts are always getting in the way, and Facistbook does as much as possible to hide those inconvenient facts, while selling the Marxist lie. Thus being told what to think, believe and say, is no problem, as long as it fits the liberal dialog. On the other hand, most of my Facistbook friends are fairly conservative and patriotic Americans. And while Facistbook bans, censors and limits them. They continue to patronize. 

My own experience has become so absurd that I’m finally going to cut the ties. I will leave my page up, but only for the limited amount of access it serves in promoting my writing and my site. So, what follows is a list of available platforms, all of which I’ve experimented with.

My favorites in terms of Facistbook style interactions are  I’m at I’m at I’m at I’m at

On a more YouTube [YouBoob] oriented format are I’m at (planning to expand fast) I’m just getting started

Another Platform I have high hopes for is Trump’s “Truth.” Seems to be getting off to a rocky start, but we’ll see. Learn more:

My sincerest, heartfelt desire for all, is that you’ll free yourself from the shackles of technocracy and make a move toward freedom! Goodbye Facistbook!

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