There comes a point at which ridiculosity should render a scam completely ineffective. Our current Covid19 scamdemic has gone well beyond that point. In trying to fathom the situation, one must consider the benefit the hoax is attempting  to achieve.

In this case there are numerous elements. For one, we have Big-Pharma. Big-Pharma has a clear record of underhanded activity going back for decades, criminal history. In this case Big-Pharma is looking at making billions of dollars on a “vaccine,” which in this case is experimental, DNA functioning, and far from effective, in other words, rather dangerous

Next we have Big-Brother, on a global level. The “global health emergency” is detrimentally affecting human rights worldwide. Americans have been at least somewhat protected by our Constitutional Bill of Rights, but now, the freedom and guarantee our Constitution gives us of that freedom is up in a puff of smoke, without a whimper. Of course, this is all for your own good.

The next element is that horrible Orange Man! That damned anti-globalist who wants to “Make America Great Again.” Who wants to force NATO countries to carry their own weight. The trade war with China. Trade agreements with various countries. Agreements that actually put America first. The globalist community wants the Orange Man swept aside! Ending the nuclear “agreement” with Iran???

The actual wonder is why this didn’t happen sooner! The undercurrent of the whole design is that in spite of it being absolutely inhumanitarian, a globalist pursuit of uncontrollable power, completely dishonest, and absurd… it’s working! The globalists and governmental control fiends (“statists,” our Founders called them) are going to fight tooth and nail, to their very last breath to keep this scheme alive! Evidence? Turn on your TV! Visit Facistbook or Twitter (or almost any of the technocratic monsters calling themselves, “social networks”). The lie is being driven relentlessly! We even have new scams concocted by Little Hitler (Zuckerberg), Dorsey, Bezos, and all the main-stream propagandia (including FOX) that there are whistle-blowers working to break down the “eeeevil influences” being carried on social networks. Leftist plants such as Francis Haugen, Sacha Baron Cohen (I’m sure there’s many more to come), have been put out there by the technocrats themselves. If you pay close attention to their “rants,” you’ll see they have nothing to do with freedom of speech, nor protecting your rights online. Theirs is actually an attempt to amplify the censorship! They occasionally do name specifics, i.e. Alex Jones, you certainly can’t be trusted to determine the value of lunatics like A. Jones (nevermind that so much of what he claims turns out to be right on the money).

Back to the point. The greatest boxer who ever lived, developed a trick he referred to as “rope-a-dope,” in which he would back into the rope and let his opponent wear himself out throwing easily defended blows. It occurs to me that our current scamdemic follows much the same strategy, I’m thinking of it as the “hoax-a-dope” technique. Throw up an imaginary threat, watch rights and privileges be swept away, deliver the knockout punch and leave the ring with a multi-billion dollar belt! “Float like a butterfly. Sting like a Bee!” (Muhammad Ali).

An opponent steps into the global arena. One who has no chance of being there in the first place. A candidate who has less than zero chance of beating the great HilLiary Clinton! Long story short, The Donald did the first of many “impossible” feats and won the Presidency! And if that wasn’t bad enough, he brought America one of the most [effective Presidencies] in American History! Accomplishing the “impossible” (Recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel and moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem), to even more impossible (historic peace agreements between Israel and Arab-Muslim countries). These along with a very long list of [accomplishments] that previous administrations didn’t do, and claimed couldn’t be done. This opponent is so far outside of the ordinary, in terms of American rights, that he simply had to be stopped! He put the lie to everything from taxation to unemployment! Actually taking care of American veterans. Restructuring the VA and making decent health and medical care an actual availability rather than an impossible, wait in long lines and hope, dream. Middle-Class family income increased by more than five times over the gains during the entire oBama administration. Most importantly his “Make America Great Again” concept scared the Hell out of the [globalist community].

So how do we bring down this marvelous opponent to our takeover? Yes! Scare the people!! This has to be something more frightening than an economic or Constitutional threat. YES! Threaten their LIVES!! The concept of bioweapons is nothing new. Colonizers used it against Native Americans (unconsciously), but modern researchers around the world are working on various bioweapons, and doing so quite consciously. This including a lab in Wuhan which, reportedly purchased from “A microbiologist and chemistry professor at the University of North Carolina who had raised the eyebrows and the ire of the immunological community in 2015 by undertaking an unauthorized “gain of function” study for the synthesis of a supercharged SARS coronavirus. Work strictly forbidden by both the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization” … A respiratory superbug with a particularly infectious surface protein array (SHC014) and the innards of a pneumococcal killer. The precursor to COVID-19 [Shad Olson]. The Wuhan lab was also funded by Barack oBama (you and I), and that magnificent mystery [Dr. Fauci]. 

Fortunately for the global population, Covid19 is relatively benign, but implemented with the proper amount of propaganda turned out to be quite effective. Far more frightening than C19 is what’s up next? Warren Buffet, who along with Bill Gates, is active in battling against population growth, assures us that a far worse [pandemic] is on its way. For now, it’s C19. It’s very difficult to get at the truth because the propaganda is so crucial to the success of the hoax, but the truth is documented and it is there. If we remove comorbidity from the picture, C19 is less lethal than the typical seasonal flu. Particularly for those who are young and healthy for whom it poses almost no risk at all. It is estimated that a majority of C19 cases are asymptomatic, in my own case I had a mild fever for one evening. 

However, with proper control it can be rather significant. For example, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, where Covid victims were placed in nursing homes resulting in the deaths of 186,000, according to AARP. Yes get those numbers up and fast and high as possible! Don’t consider comorbidities! Whatever the actual cause of death, if they have C19 it is a Covid fatality. In fact, I’m aware of one death, a relative, which was caused by a car crash and listed as a Covid fatality, and the person hadn’t even been tested for Covid! The more we learn, the less deadly C19 appears to be. But noooooo… You must sit in your home, with your freedom to work, to associate, and to speak taken away, when, had we not had a propagandia and completely crooked political agenda, we wouldn’t have even noticed this “pandemic.” Just another bad flu season. Everything shut down, churches, concerts, sporting events, bars, restaurants… well… everything except “peaceful protests” (looting, bombing, burning, beating, vandalism, or liberal gatherings of any sort. “Churches Emerge as Major Source of Coronavirus Cases” (NYT) ya, whatever! 

OK, back to the “vaccine.” I do wish someone could provide a logical explanation for the determination by our “leaders,” along with billionaires interested in reducing global population like George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg and others, to promote this vaccine. The gigantic question is, “WHY?” We know that some of these billionaires are murderers, like Bill Gates who is responsible for thousands of people from India (undesirables in the anti-population world) being paralyzed and we don’t know how many dead. Why don’t they just stand back and watch people die, rather than insisting we administer an “experimental” DNA operative vaccine which we know is not effective (73% of September 2021 Covid deaths in Vermont were people who were fully vaccinated.)? Why hush up news of effective treatments like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine? Why is Peddo-Joe “mandating” the use of this vaccine, or you lose your employment? Of course, there is the multi billion dollar win for Big-Pharma, and the global flushing of human rights, but I’m deathly afraid there is something much bigger and darker. Sadly we’ll see it all to clearly, and all too soon!

In any case, they won’t be sticking me!


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