The Badge of Whatdom!

The dumbing down of humankind has never been more graphic, offensive and downright embarrassing, nor OBVIOUS, as it is today! As recently as two years ago political analysts had to do some research and thinking in order to recognize the lies being spread by the globalist/statist takeover community via the propagandia. Today, if you see in on “the news,” it is almost certainly a lie, modified in some way to forward the power and control of those at the helm. Our “education” [indoctrination] system has become blatantly obvious! Critical thinking is literally discouraged in our institutions as the Marxist lie is forwarded openly. Agitation and propaganda actually touted as a “good thing.” The rioters in the American streets, looting, bombing… even armed takeovers, being committed largely by American college students, largely female. In June 2020, a study done by “College Fix” reported that a large majority of college students were in favor of defunding the police. 92% of the democrat students! 61% of Democratic college students polled responded that rioting and looting are legitimate forms of protest. The Marxist infection of our institutions has reached an almost overwhelming mass! (And here I must throw in a recommendation to read Mark Levin’s new book, “American Marxism,” to see the situation fully discected and explained (https://americanmarxismbook.com).

The current “scamdemic” is the strongest evidence we’ve seen as to the methodology of those working to globalize their power and shut down the the concept of individual rights. We all know Covid-19 is a real disorder. The propagandia loves to accuse us of not believing in the actual infection, when the truth is that we see it as an actual, relatively typical viral infection that has been converted into a political tool with a variety of desired power outcomes, ranging from further enriching the already flaberghastingly wealthy (and criminal) Big-Pharma; deducting from the concept of “rights,” in the name of your “protection.” The U.S. Supreme Court stands as symbolic of the protection of our “rights,” but it has become a tool in the removal of those rights. From a long string of unconstitutional rulings, we now have one of the most shocking and far-reaching rulings out if this court. Your DNA can now be collected and stored in a DNA database, without a warrant or without even being found guilty of a crime. If you are  pulled over for even a minor traffic offense, you are now subject to local and state law enforcement officials collecting and storing your DNA! But I digress.

Why is the demonicrat party and their propagandists, the main-stream media (including Fox News) and our “education” [indoctrination] system, shutting down mention of effective treatment of Covid-19? Don’t mention them on Facistbook or any of the leading “social” networks, you’ll be censored! The propagandists refer to Ivermectin as “horse worming paste,” and suggest that thousands are being put in hospitals for overdosing on Ivermectin [complete lie]. Or hydroxychloroquine? Didn’t President Trump and a host of doctors get silenced by our rulers and the “media” for suggesting it’s positive potential? Why doesn’t the “media” report on areas where these treatments are being used with highly successful results? Don’t we want to investigate potential treatments?  The answer to this question seems a rather obvious, “YES.” But when you’re up against Big-Pharma profits and Big Brother control, the answer is, “shut your conspiratorial mouth!! Are you a Trumpist??”

What it boils down to is this: In order for there to be an emergency use authorization for a vaccine or medication, there has to be no other effective treatment for the disorder involved. Thus the Big-Pharma push to shut up about Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and other treatments, which do exist and are actually effective. Thus we are seeing the propaganda about people taking “horse paste”, when they are actually taking a medically prescribed and approved antiparasitic drug that is used to treat several neglected tropical diseases and is widely believed to be highly effective at treating C19.

I understand that Pfizer is currently doing a “study” on Ivermectin, the results of which will be fascinating. Will the result be the renewal of the current lie, that it doesn’t work and is actually dangerous? Or will they come up with a “new,” version that is “safer and more effective?” A human anti-viral, rather than what our “media” is calling a “horse wormer” or anti parasitic? And might it not be as magnificently profitable as is the vaccine? Big Pharma gets even richer? The safe bet is Big Brother will continue to grow stronger and individualism will continue to be redefined. “It is high time that Communists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Specter of Communism with a Manifesto of the party itself” (Karl Marx).


Angels Among Us

I’ve lived a rather unusual life, in numerous ways. I’ve experienced more than most people get the opportunity to enjoy… or endure. And it’s all been good and then some. I grew up on a mink ranch. The son of an outdoorsman and a mother who was an excellent musician. Mink ranching, by the way, was considered a respectable venture in those days before the truest and most eyil pandemic, liberalism, had begun to hammer the USA.

I grew up in Richmond, Ut. A small, almost exclusively Mormon community, during the years of my youth, of about 1000. I was playin’ piano by age 4, and I was huntin’, and fishin’, and runnin’ my own trap-line for mink, muskrats, and weasels, by the age of 8. My grandfather ran the local drug-store, Nivison Drug, which included an authentic, old fashioned soda fountain and large selection of candy which my Grandpa Bill was very generous with, making me a fairly popular kid. It also contained a liquor store, which made me an even more popular teenager (Grandpa Bill not being aware of my outlaw tendencies… yet…)

It was a pretty typical, small-town life. The school was local, friends were more like family. I had the same girlfriend from about age 5, that I expected to marry one day. Sally had a lot of the same outlawistic tendencies as did I. One day, however, at the age of sixteen, I opened the front door, and walking across the backyard of our next door neighbors, was the most beautiful specimen of human femininity that I’d ever seen. It wasn’t plot, nor a scheme, nor a daydream… That is gonna be mine!

At the time there were only two non-Morman families in town, mine being a very unusual example of a very firmly religious Mormon girl marrying a non-Mormon, from Kansas, no less. The home next door was the home of a very faithful, “our ancestors crossed the plains with Brigham Young,” LDS family. I was a young, outlaw, hippie (not the Marxist variety) who spent a lot of time working on cars and motorcycles in the front yard. One of my most used tools was loud profanity of the most colorful variety. Tools would fly, mother f-ing blah blah blah! I’m sure I wasn’t making a positive impression on Grandma Elda (who was a angel in truth). Plus our family get-togethers included alcohol, smokers (me included). I’m sure it wasn’t seen as a blessed event when I took an interest in Kimmie.

Kimmie was a far greater challenge than any I’d faced before, but I became friends with her mother and spent every possible minute with Kimmie and her family, which had moved to Cornish, Ut. early in this process. I managed to clear the hurdles and Kimmie became my bride.

Bacon wins again! Of all things in my life, the most spectacular and rewarding accomplishment, the pinnacle of which is my son and his family who also inherited the outlaw gene which is so strong in the Nivison bloodline, but he controlled it more positively than did his father. 

Kimmie and I passed through some fairly severe thunderstorms over the years, the worst being the day I got hit by a lady going 70 mph in an SUV. I was on a 4-wheeler and was thrown 150 feet, they say, landing on my head on the asphault highway. In an instant I lost a leg and experienced “severe” brain damage. My sense of balance, which was my most remarkable physical characteristic till then, gone. Rock climbing, skiing, waterskiing, I’d started ice skating at 3 years old, and now I can’t walk across a front room without a cane. From Superman to Timmy Vulmer in one fell swoop. But there ya go. 

This accident thing has been long, strange trip. Throughout which I’ve tried to remain positive. It’s been a bizarre regrowth. When I came home from the hospital I didn’t really know who I was. I had the emotional and mental capacity of a five-year old. I can only imagine what that must’ve been like for Kimmie… I can’t remember much of it. I ended up moving out of our home and living in my father’s liquor store. I really wasn’t capable of much in terms of a profession, but my father figured I could run the store, which I could and did. A man who had what by now probably amounted to the mentality of a 12 year old. Yes, I’m sure you can imagine the glorious time I had living in a liquor store. And oh the friends I made!

Fortunately throughout all this my drive remained in gear. Though I couldn’t ski, backpack or dance I could still pick up a challenge and I went to school, this also thanks to Kimmie who knew the wife of a handicapped teacher of a graduate class for student’s aspiring to work with the handicapped. I didn’t realize I was there as an example for the students, but I loved it and ended up enrolling at USU, in music therapy, which somehow evolved into creative writing, which is something I’ve always done. I earned a BS (appropriately enough) in creative writing and went on to get a MA in humanities (folklore). This, once again thanks to Kimmie, who had already graduated Summa cum Laude in business management. Yes, truly amazing lady!

The point of all this, it that I’ve always recognized the majesty of that lady. Her upbringing put her in a situation in which she had to exercise control at a very young age, and deal with adversities which should have been avoided. When we got together I felt like I was rescuing her. The truth is, she was rescuing me. My blessing has been her curse and I am beyond control.  

Still, life is good! and I’m so grateful and wondering at why I’ve been so blessed. I rue the mistakes I’ve made but, still go on makin’ ‘em… Even when mired in self constructed anguish, I still love life! Sadly, I believe we’re all shackled by the chains of Hell. The spark of dissension, agitation and dishonesty… Satan’s tools being sharpened by the minds of his victims.

Now where’s my banjo?