The Evolution of a Lie

Sadly, well… gladly actually… coronavirus mutations are common and have been ongoing for as long as there’s been coronavirus. Viruses mutate naturally as a part of their life cycle. The SARS-CoV mutation appeared in 2002 in China, from bats and having a much more severe mortality rate than covid-19. Covid-19 has a very close resemblance to SARS-CoV. Another mutation gave us MERS-CoV appearing in Saudi Arabia, also from animals, camels, and a fatality rate more than 10 times higher than covid-19. In the majority of people who develop it COVID-19 causes a mild respiratory illness similar to influenza, or no symptoms at all. In some individuals, however, it can lead to a severe respiratory condition that requires hospitalization. Yes, just like the seasonal influenzas which are also coronaviral mutations.

The key thing to remember is that what is going on today with covid-19 is nothing new. The only thing new about it, is that it’s being politically harvested for the “fear effect” which allows governmental control to leap over the Constitutional boundaries which normally restrict statist control. We’ve witnessed the “Bill of Rights” in America go up in a puff of smoke and without a whimper. Freedom is not near as important as remaining sniffle free, apparently.

Testing and treatment options are ongoing and advancing and the result is showing us that covid-19 is not nearly as disastrous as the globalist technocracy hoped it would be, and wanted us to believe. In fact, we are seeing actual battle being waged against effective treatments such as hydroxychloroquine. Want to get censored on Twitter, Facistbook, Instagram… post the truth about hydroxychloroquine… I guarantee, it’s a lie!!!

Statistically speaking, contracting covid-19 is less dangerous than driving to the supermarket. Even People who garner their “wisdom” from the main-stream propagandia are beginning to realize this is the case. Thus the lie HAS to change. Rather than the deadliness of the disease we are now being directed towards the “long term” effects, which, of course, are terrifying! “Lung damage!” “heart damage!” “neurological effects,” “psychological trauma” (naturally), “chronic fatigue.”

But wait! Aren’t these the same potential long term effects that accompany any coronavirus infection? Shhhhh! That’s not gonna terrify anyone!


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