The democrat party is swimming in a sea of absurdity which makes it quite a challenge to filter out any specific elements which carry the largest levels of offal. However, the one ringing most loudly and clearly to me, is the call to defund the police. Let’s begin by considering the words of one of the democrat party’s biggest cannons, CNN, as unpleasant as that may be: “There’s a growing group of dissenters who believe Americans can survive without law enforcement as we know it. And Americans, those dissenters believe, may even be better off without it. … The concept’s been a murmur for years … The concept exists on a spectrum, and the two aren’t dichotomous but interconnected. But both interpretations center on reimagining what public safety looks like—shifting resources away from law enforcement toward community resources, [toward democrat political power?] … It also means dismantling the idea that police are “public stewards” meant to protect communities. Many Black Americans and other people of color don’t feel protected by police, McHarris said [a complete, easily verifiable lie, which we’ll address momentarily] … Disbanding police altogether falls on the more radical end of the police divestment spectrum, but it’s gaining traction [are you laughing yet?] … law and order isn’t abetted by law enforcement, but through education, jobs and mental health services that low-income communities are often denied. … there’s evidence that less policing can lead to less crime. [If you’re not laughing now, you’re a democrat!]. I’m sorry folks, I typically avoid the ClownNewNetwork as much as I can, even for reference purposes, but nothing stands as a better example of what “fake news” actually is than does CNN!

Most of us agree that black lives matter. Where we lose traction with democrats is in proposing the radical idea that “all lives matter.” There is also the apparently illusive concept that Black ideas matter. For our purposes here, the question is, what do Black Americans think about defunding the police? Gallup reported on August 5, 2020, “Black Americans Want Police to Retain Local Presence” ( The poll tells us 81% of Black Americans want a strong police presence in their communities. Which brings us back to the question, do Black ideas matter? Well… to the democrat party, apparently not. However, not all Americans are Black. If we add non-Black Americans to the list everything changes… er… well… 81%? I guess nothing changes. Hmmm is the media lying to America?

Where things do fall apart in this poll is in the people’s confidence about receiving fair treatment by the police. 56% of White Americans are “Very Confident.” For Black Americans this falls to 18%. What becomes obvious according to the Gallup poll results, is that rather than defunding, what we need is additional training, or upfunding! Rather than removing the protection of the police from the communities in the cities of America… 

“I need help! My shop has been attacked and they’re raping the secretary!”

“Don’t hang up ma’am, give us your address and we’ll send some social workers right over!”

Perhaps we could provide more training and testing. California situation: Law enforcement officers are required to get less training than the state’s cosmetologists, and spend an average of 15 hours each on 43 different subjects. Only thirteen states require training before officers begin work. Seems the solution is obvious. Let’s make being a police officer a full-fledged profession requiring the same sort of training such a position should require, such as that of paramedics or EMT’s. Training which would provide police officers with not only the tactical performance oriented training needed, but ethical grounding as well. During EMT/Paramedic training we spent hours of time coming to grips with the humanitarian aspects of the service. You provide identical service to an elderly, sick oriental woman collapsed in her bathroom from an illness as you do to a robust, young athlete harmed in an automobile accident. The confidence level of the person being served must always be “Very Confident!”

Defund the police??? Let’s use the money democrats are itching to spend on health care for illegals! Or just redistribute any of the absurdities: Washington is going to spend $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job (I guarantee you democrats came up with that!) (Mora); A GAO audit found that 95 Pentagon weapons systems suffered from a combined $295 billion in cost overruns (Hedgpeth); Congress appropriated $20 million for “commemoration of success” celebrations related to Iraq and Afghanistan (Flaherty). How much have we spent on the education system during this plan/scamdemic??? We can completely renovate police service in America AND save tons of money!


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