Lobbyism Is the Reason I…

Lobbying (the attempt to influence legislators or other public officials in favor of, or against a specific cause) is proper enough and totally natural. The tendency to attempt to profit from moving a political, governing attitude is pure capitalism and natural as well.  What we define as lobbyism is actually nothing more than effectively taking advantage of our representative republic system. There is absolutely nothing wrong with lobbying, not even professional lobbying. However the fact is that it emphasizes the importance of proper, principled behavior on the part of..  nope… not the lobbyist, rather it is the governing official whose behavior should be monitored and controlled.

Should it be illegal for me to offer Obuma a million dollars to see things my way? Should it be illegal for me to offer Obuma’s gay lover a million dollars to try and influence him? Should it be illegal for a person to hone the skills and qualities necessary, and apply them on a professional level, to influence governing? Nope. Lobbyism is a perfectly legitimate right in a free society (which we, unfortunately, the U.S. no longer are).

What has actually happened is, the people who really are responsible have found, in lobbyism a perfect whipping post upon which to hang the blame that belongs on themselves.  Thus we have Obuma spewing lies (his specialty) about ending lobbyism, which he would never, ever, not in a million and two years, actually do.

Focusing the blame on lobbyism has absolutely zero (or less) chance of affecting the way things operate in DC, including lobbyism. It does have the magnificent result of generating a very large amount of focus on not-the-problem. Focus intensified by the mass propagandia, and we see demonstrations such as OWS which is a comedy of errors focused on the successful who, in all actuality, are paying for everything Mr. Average enjoys, including well over 80% of the total tax burden, the dirty bastards!

So what, Bacon, is the answer? Hard core enforcement of the constitution! Desperate support of liberty! Fair is a fantasy. Freedom is everything!  Be painfully careful who you vote for, and DO vote! NO MORE commielibs. No more theocracies. The penalty for abuse of power should not be light and easy. It should be tremendously painful. Were Bacon king, we’d skin the crooked politicians alive, salt ‘em and sing chorals as they bleed to death in screaming agony…  It would solve the problem. Trust me on this! I’m right!

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