Christmas is once again upon us replete with added modern splendors. For generations the celebration of the birth of Christ has been accepted by even the non-believers as a valid celebration, if not of an actual deity, or the flesh and blood representation of a deity, at least of the legend of good and kindness the name Jesus represents. Reasoned people celebrating of the birth of a figure who represents this ideology, be it real or symbolic, can be nothing but valid.


…Apparently not. The attacks are on, with antiChristians leading the assault AND accusing Christians of being the ones leading the assault. “Christians have been pursuing their so-called Christmas Wars with great vigor” Interesting statement considering that a war first requires opposition, thus it might seem reasonable that it is a war of self defense.

I’ve never heard so much from the Anti-Christmas crowd as I have this year. Pointing out the Pagan aspects of the Christmas celebration has become de rigueur. However there are valid reasons for this which have nothing to do with the validity of the celebration. The nature and history of humanity remove this argument from valid consideration since everything we do includes borrowing and taking advantage of present opportunities. Here’s a big Pagan celebration, lets take it over! The root of the copyright problem sits in the same soil.

Interestingly, one of the principal oppositional points refers to the secular commercialism of the celebration, as if this is somehow the responsibility of Christ/Christians/Pagans, or what have you. It is actually the fault of human nature and points towards the validity of celebrating the ideological aspects of the day rather than the commercial. Would this be religious rather than secular? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

As far as I’m concerned when it comes to Christ, I’m with Benjamin Franklin, “I think his system of morals and his religion, as he left them to us, the best the world ever saw or is likely to see…”  Franklin followed this by expressing doubts about the actual divinity of Jesus. Whatever Jesus actually was, divinity or not, he was and still is the the most significant historical figurehead of the concepts of morality, honesty, consideration and kindness. The story of “The Passion” is one of the most moving tales of willing self sacrifice in the name of goodness that can be imagined. Even if it truly was imagined its effect is potent and meaningful.

I am relatively certain that the nativity story we celebrate is a fiction. Certainly Christ was born, but the events are almost certainly described in a celebratory fashion designed to emphasize the importance of the event, and the descriptions vary significantly in the different tellings. Nevertheless, the first person in my liquor store, who scoffs about the nativity scene, shall be enthusiastically frowned upon by the Bacon.

Christmas represents peace and happiness, the celebration of it represents freedom/responsibility. Rejoice! Even idiots!

Christmas, Celebrate, Contemplate…

Anne Lewis from Lewis-Heaton Books, a magnificent source for books of true importance, mentioned an idea of true importance, “The Christmas tree…from now on will be decorated with pics of people past and present, that we love, objects that mean something special to each of us…and if no one gets it…pfffff, that is just the way it goes…after all, it is our family tree, and it will be filled with love and memories…” Her comment sparked thoughts of the bottom line importance of the Christmas holiday. Importance that is currently being forgotten and discarded.

I’m currently involved in a study of the history of Christianity about which I’m writing a book..  Should be done in ten years or so… But the importance of the man, Jesus has become stunningly apparent. There is no question, in spite of the arguments, that such a man existed. There is no question that the man was magnificently inspirational, even in his own time. The arguments from the time are not whether he had extraordinary powers, the argument was, where does the power come from.

It is certain that the Canonical references to Jesus are not actually historic observations of what actually occurred, but they are certainly, unquestionably important historical observations of the mentality of the times reflecting the “soul” of humanity. When blended with other accounts from the day, Jewish, pagan, and otherwise, one gains a very good reference to the importance of the man and his life which creeps into everything today. There are tremendous and thought provoking arguments pertaining to the truth and relevance of the stories, but the protocol taught by the man was, I think, addressed most appropriately by my hero, Benjamin Franklin, “I think his system of morals and his religion, as he left them to us, the best the world ever saw or is likely to see…” Franklin doubted the divinity of the man, but absolutely respected the wisdom, goodness and nobility of his philosophy concerning the proper behavior of man.

Thus, the celebration of his birth is perfectly appropriate as the celebration of the most important birth in history, whether you be Christian or not, leaving us with the question as to how the this birth should be celebrated and remembered.

The giving of gifts, celebration, singing, gathering together in social shows of appreciation, are absolutely historical and proper, even Biblical. What is slipping from our modern celebration of the event is thought and observation of the original philosophical roots. The idea Anne provides is perfectly appropriate to the core importance of the event. Including in the ornamentation, representations of actual objects and persons of worth. Indications and memories of the times, events and people of importance and worthy of our own commemoration. Reminders of the principles taught by the most historically significant person in history.

We are losing nobility. Humanity is losing its humanness. Jesus, whatever he may actually have been, indeed left us a tool which can be used to strengthen the important core of humanity. Christmas is far more than interesting, entertaining, fun, expensive…  Christmas is expansive. Contemplate! Celebrate!


Lobbyism Is the Reason I…

Lobbying (the attempt to influence legislators or other public officials in favor of, or against a specific cause) is proper enough and totally natural. The tendency to attempt to profit from moving a political, governing attitude is pure capitalism and natural as well.  What we define as lobbyism is actually nothing more than effectively taking advantage of our representative republic system. There is absolutely nothing wrong with lobbying, not even professional lobbying. However the fact is that it emphasizes the importance of proper, principled behavior on the part of..  nope… not the lobbyist, rather it is the governing official whose behavior should be monitored and controlled.

Should it be illegal for me to offer Obuma a million dollars to see things my way? Should it be illegal for me to offer Obuma’s gay lover a million dollars to try and influence him? Should it be illegal for a person to hone the skills and qualities necessary, and apply them on a professional level, to influence governing? Nope. Lobbyism is a perfectly legitimate right in a free society (which we, unfortunately, the U.S. no longer are).

What has actually happened is, the people who really are responsible have found, in lobbyism a perfect whipping post upon which to hang the blame that belongs on themselves.  Thus we have Obuma spewing lies (his specialty) about ending lobbyism, which he would never, ever, not in a million and two years, actually do.

Focusing the blame on lobbyism has absolutely zero (or less) chance of affecting the way things operate in DC, including lobbyism. It does have the magnificent result of generating a very large amount of focus on not-the-problem. Focus intensified by the mass propagandia, and we see demonstrations such as OWS which is a comedy of errors focused on the successful who, in all actuality, are paying for everything Mr. Average enjoys, including well over 80% of the total tax burden, the dirty bastards!

So what, Bacon, is the answer? Hard core enforcement of the constitution! Desperate support of liberty! Fair is a fantasy. Freedom is everything!  Be painfully careful who you vote for, and DO vote! NO MORE commielibs. No more theocracies. The penalty for abuse of power should not be light and easy. It should be tremendously painful. Were Bacon king, we’d skin the crooked politicians alive, salt ‘em and sing chorals as they bleed to death in screaming agony…  It would solve the problem. Trust me on this! I’m right!