Well here I am on the morning of Thanksgiving. I was fixin’ to start whining about something but no. In truth I am indeed thankful. Even though the results of the magnificent work of our ancestors (liberty) has faded at the hands of numerous traitors, and we have, as Benjamin Franklin warned, not been able to keep it. We can yet be thankful for the seeds planted by the colonists, fertilized by the founders and maintained in the years since by America. Seeds which will again sprout and grow true freedom.

The longing for freedom survives, what has passed temporarily, is the willingness to pay the price, which is responsibility. Freedom is truly a two-sided coin and without the responsibility side, you simply can’t have the freedom.

I see abortion as a perfect shining example of the modern, mistaken, sense of virtue. “Freedom to choose” certainly sounds appropriate to the value of liberty but what freedom is actually involved? At what point in life does the value of freedom kick in? We can debate as to whether an unborn child is a human or an unviable tissue mass (???) But if that “unviable” mass is not removed from existence, which it does indeed do (exist, whatever it be called) it will eventually become worthy of the “freedom of choice” those desiring to destroy that “mass” claim to possess.

At what point should we draw the line at which point this virtue of “freedom” kicks in?  In the case of abortion, at least two are involved. Before the line, freedom belongs to one (since the other doesn’t actually exist, apparently) after the line, another somehow enters the realm of deserving “freedom”. In our current society we have no problem with the concept of protecting one another. You have the responsibility to pay for your cupcakes no matter how hungry you are. You have the responsibility to refrain from beating up the neighbor kid, no matter how angry he makes you. You have the responsibility to throw your trash in the garbage even if doing so requires some sort of effort. But you have no responsibility to protect the very existence of whatever you choose to call the “mass” which will become a person once it crosses that line, because doing so infringes upon the “freedom” of the mother?

A complex problem with a very simple solution, the Freedom to choose point was prior to the time at which the aforementioned “mass” came into existence. Mom and dad already exercised their freedom to choose at the time at which this particular freedom was appropriate. A freedom which included the responsibility to accept the consequence of the decision made. There can be no “freedom to choose” without the responsibility to accept the consequence. Simply and certainly. Our founders understood this grand foundation. Thanksgiving celebrates this. And, for this I am thankful.

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