I’ve fought a lifelong battle with the religion monster.  Grew up in a Mormon community. Yes, the real thing. In Utah, and right square in the heart of possibly the purest hard-core Mormon community in existence.  I was around six years old when I first learned that there are human beings in this universe who are NOT Mormons.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I was being raised by some of ‘em.  I’d done a fair bit of wonderin’ about why mine was the only dad in town who didn’t go to church at least occasionally.

Bein’ the rebellious little shit I was, Mormonism never got it’s hooks into me but I did see a desperate belief in most folks.  Even my old druggin’ and drinkin’ buddies tended to grow up, clean up, go on a “mission” and join into the entire cult ure.

Having grown up surrounded by “the truth” I did become curious.  Almost did get hooked in fact, but my curious/rebellious nature led me towards questioning.  My questions led to Satan or an interesting truth, depending upon how you look at it (Mormon or non-Mormon).  I finally came to realize that “the truth” in the case of this religion is not actually the truth at all.  Nevertheless, its believers don’t see the problems that jab me in the eye with a sharp fork.  For them any problems were created and planted by Jesus’s brother (Satan).  I’ve even attended a couple meetings lately and noticed that almost the entire point of discussion during both of these meetings referred to the interesting fact that if things don’t go as we’re taught they will, this is actually proof that the church IS true.  So if things go as taught and believed, the Mormon faith IS justified and true, if not, this proves the Mormon faith IS justified and even MORE true.  Apparently, once you sign up that’s it, no more questions exist because no matter what happens, it’s God’s will, it’s for your best and if you stick with it, you’ll be a God yerself one day…   Really? I hope not!  It’s hard enough just being an ordinary shit-head human.  No desire to be a God resides in me.  And Didn’t the Bible, Torah, Koran and African witch doctor manuals say that you’d better not be plannin’ to be a God and beware anyone who makes the suggestion?

Sorry..  I digress.  The point of all this is leading up to: Studying and daydreamin’ have led me to what I think is an important discovery.  Whether we were “created” or “evolved”, humanity has ended up with a nature that is as inescapable as hunger, thirst, sex and fishin’. That nature has many components but one of the most predictable is what I call, “egoteneoism.”  It is this aspect of human nature that causes Catholics to believe the unbelievable with a fervency difficult to imagine, and in spite of all logic or evidence to the contrary.  Some call this Religion.  It is indeed a driving force behind Islam, Confucianism, Judaism, Mormonism or any of the dozens of beliefs in supernatural God beings of one kind or another.  However the same trait exists in all humanity, even those not believing in supernatural God beings.

The irrational behavior of the believers is entirely predictable and appears throughout humanity in the very same way.  For some the God creature is liberalism, for some science, for some the God of evolution disproves the silly nonsense believed by those who buy into the God of creation.  Ecology, hunting, wealth, the Blues, chocolate, marijuana…  any number of things.  Also, there is no limitation on the number of  egoteneoistic lords.  The concept of only one God is a fairly new religious premise, apparently unthought of prior to Pharaoh Akhenaten who might well have inspired the Hebrews who were in Egypt during his reign and thrown out according to the Egyptians, rescued by Moses according to them (your egoteneoism probably has the answer as to which is accurate, and whichever it is, you are right!  Just ask you).  In any case, monotheistic faith is still far from universal, so those who follow multiple “Gods” fit in nicely, in many ways.

It all boils down to what we choose to believe.  Once the decision is made it’s time to believe whatever we’ve chosen, against any and all opposition, since the opposition is “of Satan”, of Reagan, of creationists, of animal rights activists or whatever your particular boglevidian demon happens to be.  We all believe, worship, proselytize, and attempt convert others to following our own true egoteneoism (for their own good).  For me the God is Freedom and I tithe responsibility, which does make my God somewhat supernatural.  And I KNOW I’m right! Says so on and who could reasonably doubt that??

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