Tuesday, 9/17/11

Well hell, here I am with nothing to say…  Tell me that ain’t unusual!

Let’s see…  Oh yeah! I’ve got a shitload of stuff to say actually. OK, here it is.. Decided to walk over to ma’n Pa’s, talk ‘em out of somethin’ to eat and then get a ride home. The walk from here (the Liquor Store) to mom & dads would be the longest actual walk I’ve taken in 5 years… by far.  (Five years ago I had two legs and a keen sense of balance and was in monstrous good shape.) Turns out it’s more of an obstacle course to a fake-legged, severely brain damaged feller with a very inhibited sense of balance.

I brought Alice, my trusty little girl friend and headed out. made it over there fairly well, sweatin’ like a stuck pig. Later on this evening I said something about this to Bart’s daughter, at LD’s and she said pigs don’t sweat. Is that true? I don’t know. Chances are high that I’ll continue to use that phrase one way or the other. Anyway, once I finally made it over there I removed my fancy XXXXX beaver cowboy hat (the hat was a mistake), so I wouldn’t ruin it with sweat. Grabbed the doorknob.. Locked! Yahoo!! I was, believe it or not, exhausted.

The feeling was precisely the same as the feeling I had when I took my first truly long distance bike ride. I rode north through Preston, to Strawberry Canyon and headed up towards Bear Lake.  I had it in my head that Kim was gonna head out in an hour or so, catch up with me and we’d load up my bike, go eat and head home. I made it all the way through Strawberry Canyon over to Ovid (yep there’s a town named Ovid”) and when I got there I began to accept the possibility Kim wasn’t actually coming.  Still, I felt pretty good so I turned around and headed back towards home.  Made it back through the Canyon (full canyon, up one side and down the other). Back to the Bear River bottom and finally reached the hill back up out of the Bear River valley. HUGE hill. Steep, long, with demons waving pitchforks and fat old ladies screaming obscenities scattered along the several mile long, steep uphill stretch.  I looked at that climb and the feeling was identical to the feelin’ I had today upon realizing that I had to make the treacherous walk back.. Makes me feel pretty manly ‘er somethin’. Turns out the bike ride might’ve been preparatory for todays walk. I made the ride, thinkin’.. no..  certain that I would die at any moment. I remembered the ride as I was makin’ the walk and figured, by God I’m gonna fuckin’ make it! I did. Then walked to LD’s for a grilled cheese and fries, fer good measure!.. Oh! Gotta remember to call Bart’s wife tomorrow. They’re gonna pose on Bart’s chopper for a picture for me, on Saturday.

He he.. Alice is exhausted.. One thing about only havin’ one leg… only one leg hurts.

Ronaldus Magnus

Inspired by a fairly recent “debate” between myself and an ROTC student and Veteran from military action in Iraq, during which I was dramatically surprised to learn, from a military boy, that The Obama is the greatest President in history, and that our problems today are due, in part to Bush, but mostly to Reagan.  I maintained enough self control to avoid vomiting. I even avoiding voicing my honest opinion of his intelligence level and we parted company each believing the other a fool, yet smiling.

Tonight, thinking of that feller, I elected to watch on Netflix, “Ronald Reagan: An American Journey”.  Reagan’s words were stunning! He was speaking not only of his time, but his words beautifully expressed the monumental mistake America is making still.  The foolishness of American leaders has slid downhill ever since Reagan’s term ended, magnified with each passing year till today it is literally awesome. How can a free society like ours become so incredibly weak, spineless and dependent. To allow what has happened to happen in America is not only disgraceful, it is disgusting!

I feel the need to share some quotes of the magnificent Ronald Reagan (along with a bit of commentary):  ‘er (:

“But there are advantages to being elected President. The day after I was elected, I had my high school grades classified Top Secret.” ~Perhaps the only words of Reagan which actually influenced The Obama.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”

“Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”

“How can a president not be an actor?”

“Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.”

“They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong.” ~Hitting the nail on the head!

“We might come closer to balancing the Budget if all of us lived closer to the Commandments and the Golden Rule.” ~True whether yer a deist or not.

“We’re in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country.” ~Actually I think they are and always have been capable, they’ve just not been allowed to function.

“People do not make wars; governments do.” ~And religions…  usually hand in hand with government.

“Some people wonder all their lives if they’ve made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem.” ~oorah!

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

“Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’.”

“Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the word, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.” ~and a reason our enemies from within are working so hard to disable it.

“How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.” ~Obuma?

“We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” ~Indeed the very core of the matter!

“The government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

I highly recommend watching “Ronald Reagan: An American Journey” and if it doesn’t resonate, go ahead and vote for Obuma.

Global Smarming and Egoteneosim

Ok, not that it’ll matter much, however to the list of over 1000 “scientists” who don’t support the anthropomorphic global warming egoteneoism, we can now add Nobel Prize winners.

Dr. Ivar Giaever (one of Obuma’s “scientific supporters” in 2008) won the Nobel for physics, now has actually resigned from the American Physical Society (APS), saying that he cannot live with the APS statement on global warming: “The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring, If no mitigating actions are taken, significant disruptions in the Earth’s physical and ecological systems, social systems, security and human health are likely to occur.  We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses beginning now.” Dr Giaever wrote, “In the APS it is ok to discuss whether the mass of the proton changes over time and how a multi-universe behaves, but the evidence of global warming is incontrovertible? The claim (how can you measure the average temperature of the whole earth for a whole year?) is that the temperature has changed from ~288.0 to ~288.8 degree Kelvin in about 150 years, which (if true) means to me is that the temperature has been amazingly stable, and both human health and happiness have definitely improved in this ‘warming’ period.” The one thing Dr. Giaever said which excites me personally is, “Global warming has become a new religion…“ and, to the NYT, global warming “can’t be discussed, just like religion…” Statements which nicely support my egoteneoism theory whether he’s right or wrong.

Turns out Giaever isn’t the only “scientist” who resigned.  Another, Hal Lewis, physicist said, “Climategate was a fraud on a scale I have never seen… This is not a science”.

Another Nobel winner Dr. Laughlin rejected this in 2010, and said, “Climate is beyond our power to control…  Climate change is a matter of geologic time, something that the Earth routinely does on its own without asking anyone’s permission or explaining itself…  Suppose you are very serious about making a dent in carbon emissions and could replace about 10% of the world’s energy sources with
non-CO2-emitting nuclear power by 2020 — roughly equivalent to halving U.S. emissions. Based on IPCC-like projections, the required 1,000 new nuclear power plants would slow the warming by about 0.2176 degrees Fahrenheit per century. It’s a dent… My experience as a missionary teacher in Africa opened my eyes to this simple fact: Without access to energy, life is brutal and short. The uncertain impacts of global warming far in the future must be weighed against disasters at our doorsteps today. Bjorn Lomborg’s Copenhagen Consensus 2004, a cost-benefit analysis of health issues by leading economists (including three Nobelists), calculated that spending on health issues such as micronutrients for children, HIV/AIDS and water purification has benefits 50 to 200 times those of attempting to marginally limit ‘global warming.’ Given the scientific uncertainty and our relative impotence regarding climate change, the moral imperative here seems clear to me.”

Dr Borlaug, the father of the “Green Revolution” and another Nobel winner said “…is this another one of those natural cycles that have brought on glaciers and cause melting of glaciers?”

John Christy, director of the Earth System Science Center at the UofA was reported by the Wall Street Journal as believing that it is not a proven fact that global warming is human caused, and he is refusing his share of the Nobel price because it is “based on a misunderstanding of science…  The other half of the prize was awarded to former Vice President Al Gore, whose carbon footprint would stomp my neighborhood flat. But that’s another story.  Large icebergs in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica. Winter sea ice around the continent set a record maximum last month.

On the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works website is posted an article entitled “UN Blowback: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims” The article continues to increase the number to ‘More than 700 International scientists dissent over man global warming claims. See the full article here: http://epw.senate

Even the Deseret News in utah sports an article entitled “More scientists speak out against global warming” which begins, “Americans have been rope-a-doped into believing that global warming is going to destroy our planet. Scientists who have been skeptical about man-made global warming have been called traitors or handmaidens of big oil.” (Walter Williams) and continues later with,  “The global warming scare has provided a field day for politicians and others who wish to control our lives. After all, only the imagination limits the kind of laws and restrictions that can be written in the name of saving the planet… It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of scientists who don’t buy into anthropogenic global warming.” (Walter Williams)

Try this.. global cooling, Geologist Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, emeritus professor at Western Washington University, says, “Recent solar changes suggest that it could be fairly severe, perhaps more like the 1880 to 1915 cool cycle than the more moderate 1945-1977 cool cycle.”

Geologist Dr. David Gee, chairman of the science committee of the 2008 International Geological Congress, currently at Uppsala University in Sweden, asks, “For how many years must the planet cool before we begin to understand that the planet is not warming? For how many years must cooling go on?”

Hard for me to get to serious about the dreadful global warming “problem” which government, internationally (new international order?) is using to ramp up it’s power grab. Which magnificent environmentally conscious heroes such as Al Gore are using to make millions (look at how magnificently his internet invention has gone!). But it does give me increased confidence in my own philosophy of egoteneoism. Just for kicks Google “Religion AND global warming” and check out the response.


Gov’t Mule





Three years since the last release and finally…  These bad boys have got the Southern Rock thing down quite nicely.  They haven’t been a band to lay down much actual political commentary but the final track here, “World Wake Up” delivers nicely in a most unusual fashion I believe..  Warren Haynes knows how to lay it down, handling it well with the Allman Brothers, the Dead, remarkable solo work and a pretty impressive line up of Gov’t Mule releases. http://www.mule.net/

9/11 and the Holy Wars Continue


Personally I find the greatest importance in respectfully observing 9/11 to be in the honoring of the sacrifice made by the heroes of the day. The fire-fighters, the EMTs, the Police and the citizens who risked and gave their lives in the attempt to save others.

The first event of true notice by the US infidels. Even though it was a “failure”, only a few thousand of the possible half million targeted were actually killed, the horror of it is massive. Obviously the “holy wars” are NOT over. As bad as 9/11 was, worse has happened since, in terms of the ultimate bringdown of the US, the most notable, and possibly least perceived is our Muslim President.

Why Obama? Not even an American. the obstructions to getting him into office were immense. Yet, he was black, intelligent, a good speaker, the self-hating commielib portion of the country has grown and infected others with their “compassion and understanding”, when you stand back and look at it, Obuma’s election was guaranteed. And now that he’s in he’s already done irreversible damage to America and continues to get away with it, for the very same reason that he was originally elected. In spite of a literal mountain of evidence that this destructive road may have its roots in Islamic “faith” the prObumaites absolutely refuse to even consider the possibility. Or maybe it’s simply that they don’t care. It’s been interesting to hear their explanations as to why he’s not wearing his jewelry (Ramadan), If you do a Google search on Obama not wearing jewelry, the first result is a snopes.com (known and well documented pro-Obuma liars) in which the first line is “Barack Obama is not a Muslim and therefore does not observe Ramadan.”.. Why? Snopes also posted the first image of Obama’s supposed certificate of live birth which was even more ridiculous than the current “long form birth certificate” being shown and swallowed as truth by many.

Out of respect for the heroes of 9/11 and for the freedom bought by the original revolution and thousands of magnificent human beings since, I hope and pray for an awakening of the American people. The price has been far too great for us to now stand with our heads up our asses as our freedom and responsibility evaporates.

I’m an American, ‘er Somethin’

This whole oBama thing is quite a stirring mystery. The mystery being how they’ve managed to pull it off. It’s as if they not only want to tear down the Republic but also to emphasize the foolishness of the American people. Why not at least run an American? At least they’d not have to deal with the inevitable battles that would come from the natural problems.. The ones we are indeed seeing today. What possible logic can there be? I certainly don’t have the answer, but I do know people of seemingly high intelligence and principle who refuse to even consider the possibility that Obuma is not an American.
Personally I take some relief in the fact that in view of the absolute destruction of our constitutional principles and the slap in the face to our founding fathers which is the result of the current administration being, at least figuratively under the thumb of an alien… Which, if Obuma isn’t, could be proven indisputably and easily but still hasn’t been.

Here are a few easily verifiable facts:
Kenyan Minister of Lands, James Orengo, actually claimed Obuma was born in Kenya.

On April 27, 2011, Obama showed the world a “document” stating that he was born in Hawaii. This has come under examination by several scanning and imaging experts (including myself), all that I’m aware of have concluded it is quite probably a forgery. To date, no official challenges have been made.

At least 3 experts have called the original scanned “Certificate of Live Birth” an obvious phony.

Over 49 separate law suits filed on this issue, several having made it all the way to the Supreme Court have all been denied a full hearing.

Sarah Hussein, Obuma’s  step grandmother has twice (that I’m aware of) claimed that she was there  when Obuma was delivered in Mombasa (not Hawaii)

Quotes from a Nov. 5, 2008 Kenyan Parliament meeting:

“Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the President-elect, Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil of this country.  Every other country in this continent is celebrating the Obama win. It is only proper and fitting that the country which he originates from should show the same excitement, pomp an colour. I, therefore, seek leave of the house that we adjourn to discuss the issue…”

“What I have in mind is the famous Kennedy airlifts of the 1960s when many Kenyans were, due the friendship with the then Government and the late Tom Joseph Mboya, given the opportunity to travel to the United States of America as a result of [The Vice-President and Minister for Home Affairs] which we now have an African American of Kenyan origin being President-elect. This is momentous. At 4 o’clock this morning, Senator Barrack Obama called me at midnight and told me: “Mr. Vice President, could you make sure you sort out this problem?” I want to assure him that the problem has since been sorted out…”

“Kenya is going to receive a lot of attention, but let it not be negative because we are the home of the President-Elect of the USA.”

“Could we allow him to move a Motion for Adjournment so we could also continue the celebrations of having a Kenyan ruling the USA?”

“…than a time when the Great America has a President-elect who has his roots in the great Republic of Kenya.”

California attorney Orly Taitz has released a copy of a birth certificate that purports to show Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya.  It’s authenticity has not been proven yet the form of the documents appear to be completely authentic and, unlike the “birth certificate” we’ve seen bear none of the obvious traits of a forgery.

In 2004 Sunday Standard referred to the Senate hopeful Obuma as “Kenyan-born Obama”

Michelle has referred to Kenya as Obama’s “home country”.  I saw it, and if it’s a fake they did the remarkable job of not only matching her voice and changing the words, but also made her lips move as if that was indeed what she was saying.

“There is no birth certificate,” said Tim Adams, a graduate assistant who teaches English at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Ky. “It’s like an open secret. There isn’t one. Everyone in the government there knows this.”  He says during the 2008 campaign when the issue of Obama’s constitutional eligibility first arose, the elections office was inundated with requests to verify the birthplace of the U.S. senator from Illinois.”I had direct access to the Social Security database, the national crime computer, state driver’s license information, international passport information, basically just about anything you can imagine to get someone’s identity,” Adams explained. “I could look up what bank your home mortgage was in. I was informed by my boss that we did not have a birth record.”
At the time, there were conflicting reports that Obama had been born at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, as well as the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children across town. So Adams says his office checked with both facilities.”They told us, ‘We don’t have a birth certificate for him,'” he said. “They told my supervisor, either by phone or by e-mail, neither one has a document that a doctor signed off on saying they were present at this man’s birth.”

To date, no Hawaiian hospital has provided documented confirmation that Obama was born at its facility.

WND confirmed with Hawaiian officials that Adams was indeed working in their election offices during the last presidential election.

Former director of Hawaii’s health department, Dr. Chiyome Fukimo, claimed she had actually seen the President’s birth certificate and it was half typed and half hand-written. The document released by the President was all typed.

Fox News posted a story by Jana Winter, who claimed an expert, Jean-Claude Tremblay, said there was “no doubt” the certificate was authentic. Tremblay is an Adobe certified expert with years of experience working with and teaching Adobe illustrator.  However, Tremblay told WorldNetDaily that none of the comments he made to Fox News would lead to the conclusion the birth certificate was authentic. Tremblay said, “Despite my protests, Fox News will not allow me to correct their story.”

In July 2011, a subpoena for the release of Obama’s official Hawaiian birth certificate was issued to the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, Loretta Fuddy. She was ordered to present it at the HDOH offices to California Attorney Orly Taitz on Aug. 8, 2011. She failed to produce it and the District Court of Hawaii has ordered Director Fuddy to appear in court on Sept. 14, 2011 to explain why she did not comply with the subpoena. On Aug. 30, the Court rescheduled it for Nov. 21, 2011.  The Hawaii Department of Health cited “privacy concerns” when refusing the subpoena. I wonder who else they’d extend this refusal to comply with court order for? Privacy?? Give me a break!

Obama’s application to Punahou School would likely contain a birth certificate, but it is mysteriously missing.  His Occidental College records are important, Obama used his Indonesian name “Barry Soetoro” while attending Occidental. Lawsuits have been filed  requesting Obama’s records from Occidental. Obama’s lawyers have stopped Occidental from honoring this request.

Allegations have been made and are backed up by Stephen Coffman, a former high-ranking Federal agent that Obama’s Selective Service card may have been  turned in in 2008 and doctored to make it look older and moreover, the document shows a September 4th, 1980 date and the location of the transaction as Hawaii, but at that time Obama was thousands of miles away attending Occidental College in Los Angeles.
And then there is the social security #. Amongst the 25 social security numbers connected with Obuma’s name, many connected to addresses at which Obuma known to have resided. President Obama has a social security number issued in Connecticut, despite never living there. Supporters have offered various explanations for the Connecticut number. In an article on the website Obamaconspiracy.org which supports the President, author Dr. Conspiracy said he believed that, “Obama got his SSN as a child living in Indonesia and the application was just processed in Connecticut.”
Everywhere you look into Obama’s background, you discover sealed records, altered documents, deception and unanswered questions. Imagine Bush had blocked access ANY of his records.  It would be media winds at gale force, yet the media doesn’t seem to notice it in Obuma’s case.