9/11 and the Holy Wars Continue


Personally I find the greatest importance in respectfully observing 9/11 to be in the honoring of the sacrifice made by the heroes of the day. The fire-fighters, the EMTs, the Police and the citizens who risked and gave their lives in the attempt to save others.

The first event of true notice by the US infidels. Even though it was a “failure”, only a few thousand of the possible half million targeted were actually killed, the horror of it is massive. Obviously the “holy wars” are NOT over. As bad as 9/11 was, worse has happened since, in terms of the ultimate bringdown of the US, the most notable, and possibly least perceived is our Muslim President.

Why Obama? Not even an American. the obstructions to getting him into office were immense. Yet, he was black, intelligent, a good speaker, the self-hating commielib portion of the country has grown and infected others with their “compassion and understanding”, when you stand back and look at it, Obuma’s election was guaranteed. And now that he’s in he’s already done irreversible damage to America and continues to get away with it, for the very same reason that he was originally elected. In spite of a literal mountain of evidence that this destructive road may have its roots in Islamic “faith” the prObumaites absolutely refuse to even consider the possibility. Or maybe it’s simply that they don’t care. It’s been interesting to hear their explanations as to why he’s not wearing his jewelry (Ramadan), If you do a Google search on Obama not wearing jewelry, the first result is a snopes.com (known and well documented pro-Obuma liars) in which the first line is “Barack Obama is not a Muslim and therefore does not observe Ramadan.”.. Why? Snopes also posted the first image of Obama’s supposed certificate of live birth which was even more ridiculous than the current “long form birth certificate” being shown and swallowed as truth by many.

Out of respect for the heroes of 9/11 and for the freedom bought by the original revolution and thousands of magnificent human beings since, I hope and pray for an awakening of the American people. The price has been far too great for us to now stand with our heads up our asses as our freedom and responsibility evaporates.

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