Hail Satan!

This is getting a bit on the scary side. My religious roots are long and tangled, ranging from claiming to be an atheist, which I never actually was, to a garments wearing Mormon, and finally settling (so far) on being simply a Christian of the Born Again variety, but I’ve never been much of an apologist. The concept of Jesus Christ, “Love one another as I have loved you.” Is rather appealing, and while I’ve certainly lived what could be called, a blessed life, it might more appropriately be called a lucky life. While there is a bunch of logical evidence for Jesus, lately I’m finding much more obvious evidence in the presence of Lucifer. 

I don’t believe I’ve ever consciously known a Satanist, but as I look at what’s going on around the world these days, it’s hard not to see a firm logic in the concept of the existence of a “Church of Satan,” and a recognition that Satan does indeed, have significant power. Knowledge of Satanism and evidence of its existence has been with us for over 2000 years, and the evidence for its existence is startlingly similar today as it was back then. This, I suppose, makes perfect sense if there is indeed a Satan.

In the early 70s, “TIME Magazine” produced a cover story which pointed out, among other things, that the concept of Satan predates the Old Testament’s introduction of the term, “Satan.” During times of despair and rebellion against an establishment sanctioned by “the Church,” the Satanic Messiah became rather a popular figurehead, who survives and grows still.

Satanism is defined and described rather differently by various groups, some of whom view it as pure occultism, and others who view Satan as a “symbol of man’s self-gratifying ego,” rather than an actual supernatural being. These being largely, members of the Church of Satan.

In 1969 Anton Szandor La Vey, founder of the “Church of Satan,” produced The Satanic Bible. It isn’t presented in the form of scripture, but is more in the form of an encyclopedic, authoritative text. More of a manual, than a doctrine. There are a range of Satanic organizations, from atheistic Satanism like La Vey’s “Church of Satan,” for whom magic and supernaturalism is just part of the production, rather than a reality, to much more theistic versions, “Diabolists,” who view Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, as a deity with capabilities comparable to those of God, or Jesus.

The important thing to note is the virtual commonality of the concept. Although there are many huge exceptions, the majority of Satanists, theistic or otherwise, appear to be quite common folk. The Joneses, next door and the Jacksons across the street could well be Satanists and you not aware of it. But what we are all aware of is the foul and evil nature developing throughout society worldwide. In America specifically, we are experiencing an open opposition to Christianity. In the grand scheme there is nothing unusual in this. One commonality of all communist takeovers worldwide, which is going on in the name of “socialism” in America, is the destruction of any deistic faith, particularly Judeo-Christian. One of the core tenets of Marxism is a failure to recognize any authority beyond human authority. Is it a surprise to see what I call the “demonicrat party” pursuing the same end? The anti-God party? What would the result of an anti-God party be? Well, perhaps a pedophile-in-chief. Yes, an incestuous Peddo-Joe. Who swore his oath on a Masonic Illuminati Bible (with an upside down cross). He wants to fund abortion worldwide! He destroyed America’s clear opportunity to become a dominating force in oil production AND incredibly wealthy, by destroying our newly won (Thanks Donald Trump) energy independence. He created the biggest border crisis in world history, adding more than 700,000 new workers to the labor market; adding more than $500 million per year in health care payments just for the migrants that have arrived this year; vastly enriching criminal smuggling organizations; giant new costs for state criminal justice systems to deal with the crime problems associated with illegal immigration; “Asylum seekers and parolees can qualify for cash payments from federal coffers under the Earned Income Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit programs. We have estimated this cost to be about $3 billion year for illegal aliens who are already here ($1,100 per alien). We expect that number to increase to include potentially hundreds of thousands of new arrivals who get work permits, or who use stolen SSNs” (Center for Immigration Studies). Trillions in tax increases which will continue to be paid for generations by your descendants. Thank mom and dad! Which reminds me, one of Peddo-Joe’s few accomplishments in over 40 years in office is getting Social Security taxed and then increasing that tax. Oh, he also managed to get thousands of African Americans locked up in prison using the 1994 crime bill. Yes indeed, the pedophile-in-chief is also a blatant racist, and “‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Trump being one of the few politicians who made meaningful advancements for Black Americans. All of this does make much more sense if there is indeed a Satan.

One of the most important components of this Satanic plague is the dishonesty. With a very few exceptions our politicians are completely corrupt. Peddo-Joe didn’t win the election. Many articles admit the doubtfulness of a Biden win. But it was, in fact, mathematically impossible! And ultimately, almost anything you read in the main stream propagandia, is misinformation. It all makes perfect sense if there is, indeed, a Satan. Even if there is no Satan!