Kill the Useless Bastards!

From the moment I heard the news of the “pandemic” I knew it was a lie. My initial suspicion was that it was about getting rid of that horrible, anti-globalist Orange Man, while making billions for Big-Pharma. It soon became obvious that there was a political motivation quite beyond all of that, getting rid of that pesky Bill of Rights! Which it did without a whimper. But as the scam has evolved it is becoming more and more apparent that there is very dark undercurrent to this, the deaths of over a million people, so far. Seems a rather high price, particularly in view of the fact that so few of those people actually had to die.

COVID-19 hit the stage in a grand, planned production. It was announced as a virus which suddenly appeared in Wuhan (what a coincidence!), but we now know it didn’t suddenly appear. It was engineered, from experiments being conducted in America years prior to the event. Most of the scam is clouded with uncertainty, but there is one thing we now know for certain, and that is that everything we’ve been told by the “experts” about the disorder, has been a lie. And the saddest cut of all, is that most of the fatalities could have and should have easily been avoided.

It is interesting to note that Donald Trump is credited with the rapid development of a vaccine, but the fact is, the vaccine was in the works years before the scamdemic began. And now that it is upon us, it is apparent that the “vaccine” (which isn’t actually a vaccine at all, but a therapeutic) is not very effective, and that the “emergency use authorization” actually made it one of the most deadly poisons ever released upon humanity.  Not because of the danger actually posed by the vaccine (danger which does exist, particularly for young, healthy people), but by the absurd fact that it has to be the only treatment for the situation in question. Which the COVID-19 vaccine certainly isn’t, it isn’t even the best “treatment.”

What Trump can be legitimately praised for (and actually has been ridiculed for) was his recognition of potential treatments such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which has been used successfully, and countries which did so experienced far fewer fatalities. The average total deaths to date per million for countries using HCQ averages has been over 80% lower than in countries with limited use. 

HCQ is but one of many treatments available. I was familiar with the success of HCQ, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, but the chlorine dioxide treatment was a surprise to me. In my case, it was my second bout with COVID, which isn’t supposed to happen, but does, somewhat crushing the natural immunity theory. They like to treat the C19 virus as if it were a natural coronavirus situation, which is isn’t. It is an engineered virus designed in laboratories. We have no real idea as to its actual nature.

In my case, I was aware of a gentleman who had spoken of chlorine dioxide. I was skeptical at best, but in hearing the mainstream “media” [propagandia], the technocrats (Facistbook, Twatter, etc.) and our Big-Brother masters referring to it as, “toxic death bleach.” I decided it might actually be effective. There is nothing about it that would appeal to Big-Pharma, It’s cheap, can be prepared at home, and it works! In any case my friend brought me a two day supply. I was feeling like warmed over death at the time. He told me, it’ll probably take about 24 hours. Within 12 hours I was feeling notably better and after 24 hours I was completely revived! Not only that, but some other challenges I’ve been dealing with (insomnia) disappeared as well. 

The point of all this goes far beyond the effectiveness of these treatments. It points to the grand question, if COVID-19 can be effectively and cheaply treated, why are these treatments being censored? Why are our wonderful “leaders” working to force us to take injections that are demonstrably ineffective? Why are we forcing children to get jabbed when the jab is significantly more dangerous to them than is the virus? Could this all have anything to do with a group of billionaires including Bill Gates (whose grandfather headed Planned Parenthood’s eugenic platform for a rime), David Rockefeller Jr., George Soros, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg? Shrink the world’s population

We are indeed, living in very dark times.

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