Traitor Joe

Our state department and administration are standing in the way of rescuing people from Afghanistan. Literally refusing to grant papers or verifications. Countries such a Macedonia who was willing to help, got a message from our State Department telling them directly, “Don’t take any of our refugees.”

We will not only be losing Americans, but Afghanis who were working against the Taliban, the judges who sentenced Taliban terrorists, who’ve now been set free, and the typical victims of these monsters, women, children and particularly Christians. America promised help and protection. And then we lost… well Biden gave away, the most strategic location in the humanitarian struggle against the Taliban! We had engaged the international community to aid the Afghan National Army in fighting the Taliban. We gave up that location and strategery, moving our troops out without moving citizens and allies out first! Our “leadership” has lied to us, claiming the afghans wouldn’t fight. They’ve been fighting and dieing for their country for 40 years. Over 60,000 lives lost fighting, and Peddo-Joe calls them cowards. The truth is, America betrayed them! Who are the cowards?? (Hint… Starts with a Demon and ends with rats).

Brings back recollections of Peddo-Joe’s actions back in the Vietnam era. “We should focus on getting [U.S. troops] out. Getting the Vietnamese out and military aid for the [South Vietnam’s government] are totally different,” he said then. Today he makes this remarkably stupid comparison, “They’re not remotely comparable in terms of capability,” he said. “There’s going to be no circumstance when you’re going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.” Yep, right Peddo…

In his struggle to abandon the South Vietnamese, Biden argued that the POTUS lacked the authority to rescue any Vietnamese. “I do not believe the United States has an obligation, moral or otherwise, to evacuate foreign nationals” other than diplomats of third countries, Biden said. “The United States has no obligation to evacuate one, or 100,001, South Vietnamese.” The U.S. should leave the task of protecting them to “the organizations that are available” and “diplomatic channels.”

Peddo-Joe had no moral value, nor sympathy to our allys then, nor does he now. “After 46 years of Saigon’s tragedy, once again, the traitor, Joe Biden creates the genocide in Afghanistan as in 1975, Joe Biden was involved in the aid cut that contributed to Vietcong invaded Saigon with the massacre killing. Moreover, the presidential robber Joe Biden also serves for China’s Communist Party as Democratic Communist Party deserved the priority for China after Democratic President Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976. The political parasite Joe Biden becomes the enemy of the Vietnamese people, and now Afghanistan people, American people, and the world. … the mongrel communist Joe Biden hates the victims of a communist like Vietnam, Cuba, and other refugees because the victims of communist have never voted for the Democratic Communist Party, except small numerous refugees betrayed, and support Democrats.” (Hoa Truong)

Joe Biden is evil on a level that is difficult for a humanitarian being to comprehend. America is watching him destroy our country. We’ve already witnessed the quick end to the newly won American energy independence. We’re entering skyrocketing inflation. Massive, wasteful spending on an incomprehensible level that will be impossible to repay. America to finance the murder of unborn children worldwide (Catholic Peddo-Joe? I don’t think so!). In one fell swoop he Arms the Taliban with millions of dollars worth of military equipment and removes their only effective opposition. And who actually benefits??? Yep… China! The rare-earth-metals market in Afghanistan is worth over 3 trillion, and China definitely has it’s eyes on that!

And what must our allies who’ve been depending upon America for protection be thinking?

“China has a new arrow in its quiver: Afghanistan. It’s using its collapse to outflank America, telling Taiwan we can’t be trusted and offering the Taliban friendship.” Chinese state media have been having a field day with Biden’s bungling. “Chinese netizens joked that the power transition in Afghanistan is even more smooth than presidential transition in the US,” (Hu Xijin, Global Times). “The unfolding events only prove that the Americans cannot be trusted — US protection is always absent when needed.” This last, of course, is anything but the truth. America has always been there for it’s allies and for all who are being threatened. America has been the foundation of world peace for well over a century. But thanks to Peddo-Joe and the Demonicrat party, the symbolism behind our might is fading fast and the victim will be everyone! Hell is creaping in… well… racing in!


Land of the Free!

It’s taken some time for the clouds to rise and the focus to clear on one of the greatest losses American conservatism has ever suffered. I’ve been learning more about the man I thought of as a brother. Though whom I’d never met face-to-face, with him I felt a spiritual bond as powerful as with any man I’ve known.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of three decades ago, I was driving towards Preston , ID and the signal was fading on the AM station I was listening to, so I tuned to KACH in Preston to see what they were doing. Rather than music, there was a fellow talking. There was something about his voice, the timbre, the timing, that made it listenable enough that I didn’t turn it off. As I listened I was captured by what seemed a very unusual content. It was political, and funny! I was much younger then and had neither clue nor a care about politics. I grew up in a Republican family but I’d been “educated” by our government indoctrination system. It wasn’t as blatant back then, but the Marxist takeover was well under way and I’d learned to doubt patriotism, Christianity, and my parents and grandparents, but this gentleman was making perfect sense! I did believe in freedom and was, in that regard somewhat of an outlaw. I descended from real outlaws going back to the Scottish family Nivin who fought with Robert the Bruce for the independence of Scotland, so the ring of this gentleman’s words rang true to my soul. So I headed straight to the KACH studio in order to find out how to meet him.

During my first listen he mentioned a man I’d never heard of at the time, William F. Buckley, Jr., who went on to become a hero of mine. One of the greatest conservative geniuses in history, and who I was later privileged enough to meet at Utah State University, where he spoke. This was back in the day when American Universities, Marxist though they already were, still allowed dialog from both sides of the aisle. At the end of Buckley’s presentation he took questions from the student crowd, and it was during this question and answer session that I became a true aficionado. On that day, conservatism in me, took root. As each liberal skull full of mush stood up to smash Buckley down, he responded in seeming true interest in the ignorant comments made, and then very majestically and politely made the student look like a complete imbecile, with nary a harsh word nor even intimation of rudeness nor prejudice. It was spectacular! But I digress.

By the time I reached the studio this marvelous curiosity mentioned that he was broadcasting out of Sacramento, CA. DAmn! That’s too far to drive today! But I did become an avid listener, rarely missing an episode. In 1987 the FCC had repealed the “Fairness Doctrine” (Thanks Ronald Reagan!!), which gave the government control over broadcast content. If a broadcaster spent a half hour on a conservative message, the broadcaster then had to provide a half hour of opposing commentary. Yes, ridiculous and having absolutely nothing to do with freedom, a demoncrat proposition. “Rush Limbaugh was the first man to proclaim himself liberated from the East Germany of liberal media domination” (Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal).

From out of nowhere, on AM radio (a dying medium at the time), appeared a beacon for classic American patriotism, which goes hand in hand with political conservatism. For the most part, Americans didn’t know what conservatism is, just that it is a curse-word in modern America. actually conservative politics can be described quite easily. Do you like your food spiced liberally? (lots of spice), or conservatively? (limited spice). Do you like your life governed liberally, or conservatively? Of course, the answer is obvious. Sadly for American freedom, the ever-present Marxist evolution, which existed long before Karl Marx who gave it publication, our founders and the political philosophers who inspired them, referred to it as, “statism” which, incidentally sounds a lot like Satanism, to which it holds a lot of similarities. Rush stepped onto the scene and single handedly went to war against the corrupt liberal media and the demoncrat party.

Never in American history has the Presidential Medal of Freedom been awarded to a more deserving soldier for freedom than Mr. Rush Hudson Limbaugh, III.

His “Rush Limbaugh Adventure Series” is a must read for all Americans interested in the true history of America’s foundation and particularly for children, who are being taught lies by the Marxist indoctrination institutions we call, “public schools.” And we have, “See, I Told You So,” “The Way Things Ought to Be,” “Rush Hudson Limbaugh and His Times: Reflections on a Life Well Lived,” all magnificent works

Lastly, I want to recommend the podcast, “Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind the Golden EIB Microphone,” available wherever you get your podcasts. “Narrated by James Golden, Limbaugh’s long-time call screener and ‘official show observer’ known to listeners as ‘Bo Snerdley,” the 12-episode series will detail legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh’s award-winning, 30-plus year career in radio that revitalized the spoken-word format, and provided a platform for him to develop and lead modern conservatism in America. Featuring Limbaugh’s own words and never-before-heard stories shared by colleagues, friends and family, the series will give listeners a guided tour of the five-time Marconi Award winner’s historic journey from Cape Girardeau, Mo., to becoming the No. 1 talk radio host in America.  The series will also highlight Limbaugh’s lasting legacy, which includes ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show’s’ continued dominance as the most-listened-to talk radio program in the U.S.” 

I knew Rush was a hero, but I learned from this series that he was also heroically humanitarian. The main-stream propagandia will never touch on this, but it needs to be known.


WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 04: Radio personality Rush Limbaugh reacts as First Lady Melania Trump gives him the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the State of the Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives on February 04, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump delivers his third State of the Union to the nation the night before the U.S. Senate is set to vote in his impeachment trial. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The Answer, My Friend, Is…

Usually I write in reference to the disastrous ruination being delivered to the largely unsuspecting citizens of the USA by the democrat party. In spite of the fact that they have a history of horrors such as being founded to maintain Black slavery in America, battling against suffrage for Black and Female America; the Black family being largely destroyed by LBJ’s “Great Society” lie (“We’ll have those n—gers voting democrat for 200 years!” ~LBJ.) The foundation of Planned Parenthood headed by Margaret Sanger, a racist eugenics advocate who’s stated intention was to thin out the undesirables, “the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extinction, of defective stocks — those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.” The “Negro Project,” Peddo-Joe’s magnificent work to get tens of thousands more Black Americans imprisoned for Meth abuse while lessening the penalty for the drug preferred by whites and the drug syndicates, cocaine. Who’s racist comments are numerous and include referencing gay, Muslim, Black Barrack Hussein Obama, saying, “…you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” 

But today I’m targeting a different audience, Demoncrats. Yes, I know a lot of you read my articles. That’s where the mean, abusive, obscene emails, and death-threats come from. Thats why my clients for whom I ghost write political commentary are being demonetized by the “social” networks they use in the attempt to make a living. Thank goodness for the uprising of Parler, Rumble, MeWe, Gab, and the other freedom oriented sites which are springing up. But I digress. The point of this article is to get some sort of explanation from my demoncrat readers as to why they continue to support the absurdities of their party.

We had a President, that dreadful Orange Man, whose horrific stated goal was to “make America Great Again.” A President who actually accomplished more in one term than any before, including the lowest Black, Hispanic, female and handicapped unemployment in history; American energy independence for the first time in decades; moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem; secured the release of American prisoners of war from North Korea; responsible for Feds collecting record taxes in first month under his tax cuts; shrunk federal bureaucracy by 16,000; repealed individual mandate of Obamacare, by which the government was forcing citizens to purchase a service whether they wanted it or not (as well as tripling the cost of that “affordable” service); Signed $700 billion defense bill, giving troops the largest pay raise in 7 years; shut down funding of Syrian Rebels; declassified and releasing JFK files; moving school choice to the top of the U.S. Education Department grants (something the party of racism has battled against enthusiastically); cut 800 Obama regulations, saving over $200 billion; cut the White House budget, saving taxpayers $22 million; eliminating 1200 man hours of wasteful paperwork requirements including Y2K preparedness. Firing corrupt and incompetent FBI Director James Comey; U.S. Trade Deficit falling; New memorandum to protect American IPs from China – potentially saving billions of dollars and millions in jobs; China opening rice market for US exports for first time ever; signing an arms deal worth more than $350 billion and various other investment agreements with Saudi Arabia; suing California for interference with immigration enforcement; more than 1,000 arrests in sex trafficking; refugee admissions plunge to lowest level in 15 Years; enhancing Veteran Care Act; VA seeking partnerships to build and improve health-care facilities; VA announcing Veterans Coordinated Access & Rewarding Experiences Act.; creating task force to address mortgage refinancing issues; signing a bill to streamline VA disability claims appeals process; VA firing more than 500 feds, even before new accountability law; Signing VA accountability act into law, promising far better care for veterans; launching veterans’ complaint hotline; accountability and Whistleblower Protection at VA; business Investments up 39 percent (due to tax cuts); April 2018 best month in history for budget according to CBO; household net worth pushing Into record territory; consumer confidence being at 17-year high; decreasing debt to GDP ratio for the first time in over 50 years; Apple to invest $350 billion in US (citing his tax plan); manufacturing in the U.S. accelerating to Its best year since 2004; median incomes climbing for the first time since 2007; US trade deficit narrowing as exports hit 2½ year high; announcing $200 million in apprenticeship funding; Signing a resolution encouraging women in entrepreneurship and STEM; executive ordering all federal agencies to create task forces to cut regulations that hurt the economy; US Manufacturing Index at a 33-year high… The list goes on but this is indicative of a highly active leader. Plus his did all this with both parties working against him and the fake-news misreporting every instance.

We how have a pRESIDENT who has a 47 year history of little more than making his crime family incredibly wealthy, taxing elderly Americas’ Social Security Benefits. (Social Security, had it been run by private investment organizations, as the conservatives pushed for, would have made our elderly Americans wealthy! Instead the demoncrats made it a slush fund and use it to this day as a political tool, scaring America with the threat of its demise; treating it as a “benefit” rather than a paid for investment.)

Biden bought full in to the scamdemic which virtually eliminated the U.S. Bill of Rights, abused American school-children, for whom C19 is not a risk, in a number of ways, including restricting their education, destroying their social lives, forcing them to wear masks, which are useless in any case, but are actually harmful to youngsters. Thousands of elderly Americans were murdered by demoncrat governors putting C19 victims in nursing homes. In New York rooms in hospitals, boats sent by Trump and other institutions sat empty, but not the nursing homes!

The ridiculous imbecile (or is it traitor?) shut down the Keystone pipeline, which already had 20 billion invested! Withdrew drilling contracts. Banning fracking. Costing in the neighborhood of 70,000 jobs. 11,000 directly and and estimated 60,000 in secondary jobs and related industries.

Peddo-Joe’s “follow the science” routine, ignores the science completely! The masks are simply useless and for youngsters they are actually far, far more damaging than C19. The cost of the ridiculous and completely unnecessary shut-down is beyond estimation. Billions!

Women can no longer be women and female athletes are now forced to compete against men! You’d think the feminists would be aghast, but no, they’re demoncrats so…

The border CRISIS!!! Another absurdity! Amplifying illegal drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and the introduction of who knows how many terrorists.

The demoncrats supported what they called, “peaceful” protests, which involved looting, bombing, vandalism, murder, rape, and armed takeovers. While on the other hand a demonstration in D.C. Jan. 6, which actually was peaceful, sees those arrested STILL sitting in jail today!

Peace in the Middle East??? Erase that one! Thousands of bombs directed at Jerusalem by Hamas and the American media (propagandia) mad at Israel for responding!

It’s hard to say how much this ignorant imbecile has spent but it’s up there in the mega trillions! Our great, great, great, great grandchildren will still be paying for this, and Peddo wants to spend trillions more!

Peddo-Joe the father of a large crime syndicate, stole the election! The evidence is mountainous, but judges who are aware of the destruction demoncrats are capable of directly and via media are slow to look at it. Nevertheless, as they do, in every case, it turns out the vote counts were off dramatically. Trump did win in a landslide!

All of which brings me to this: please demoncrats explain why you support all of this. I know I’ll get a bunch of obscene, ranting, hate filled name calling, but I want to see just one reasoned explanation. Is it that you hate America? You hate freedom? You want government to handle your responsibilities? You’re a Marxist? I know there’s some twisted logic behind all of this and I’d love to hear it explained even if it doesn’t make sense (as if it could…)