America Destroyed

I knew it would be a disaster when I learned that the demoncrats had succeeded in stealing the 2020 election, but who would have guessed they could do so much damage so quickly? Whoever is actually in control has a devilishly evil, yet very effective plan. Consider nothing but the amount of money spent, 8 TRILLION and growing (which we doen’t have). All other considerations are unnecessary. Our “leaders” have created a debt that is impossible to repay. 

COVID relief has almost nothing to do with the COVID Relief Bill, and “infrastructure?” Many imagine they know what “infrastructure” means… transportation systems, communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems. But no! It’s corporate welfare :$300 billion for manufacturing, $100 billion for electric utilities, $100 billion for broadband, $174 billion for electric vehicles, and a whole lot more. A significant portion of this spending is directed at subsidizing big corporations, and we wonder why corporate America is moving to the left? It damn sure isn’t to avoid taxation… It’s to get as big a cut of those tax dollars as possible inserted into the corporate pocket!

One very important consideration is the historic wastefulness of federal activities. Anyone who’s ever dealt with a bureaucracy knows that they are notoriously inefficient and slow. Even the Congressional Budget Office estimates that 2 Trillion in federal spending will actually result in 1.3 trillion actually being spent on the project in question, and $700,000,000.00 (your money) will disappear into congressional pockets…

“Get yer money for nothing, get yer chicks for free!.”

Added to the money for nothing will be the absurdities being called “infrastructure:” For example, forced union membership. $100 Billion to expanding “broadband internet access” (read “controling internet access”). Paid leave is “infrastructure.” Abortion is “infrastructure.” Gun control is “infrastructure.” Another $100 billion to “decarbonize” the US electric grid. (Look out coal and natural gas workers, Biden’s coming for yer britches!) The things legitimately defined as “infrastructure” are getting a whopping 5% of the money, which, in terms of the absurd amount being spent overall, is still a hell of a lot of money! I wouldn’t be surprised if the bill has a section for child sniffing! Orin Hatch did me the honor of suggesting that Bacon is an “infrastructure.” I figure there ought to be a billion or so for me! (Even if Orin didn’t know it was me he was talking about.) So, we’ve accomplished nothing, are spending (so far) over $8,000,000,000,000.00 that we don’t have. We know Biden owes China Millions, but now our country will owe them TRILLIONS! And the future of your grandchildren is quite literally in the septic tank… or is it D.C.?… same thing I guess! 

All of this would be horrendous enough had Joe the child sniffer been elected, but the sad, demonstrable fact is, he was selected. The huge mystery is why Peddo-Joe? If they were going to cheat it could have been anyone! Even Sanders would make more logical sense than Creepy Joe! The important question is, who’s actually occupying the captain’s chair? Many suspect The oBama since Biden’s racing to reinstitute all of the horrendous policies of what he referred to as, “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.  I mean, that’s a storybook, man!”  But I digress. The horrors we face would, and will, fill volumes, but my point is, the destruction of America.

We’ve reached the incomprensible debt of over 24 TRILLION dollars! Well over 100% of our Gross Domestic Product! We’ve gone well beyond the absolute solution which we should have applied decades ago, cutting spending… Slashing spending is what any reasonable or logical civilization should have done. We American citizens are like the parents of a teenager. Our “government” is the teenager with our credit card. If only we’d accepted a credit limit, but no, it’s over 24 Trillion and growing FAST, with no end in sight!

“Oh, dang it, my government is in debt!” No, brothers and sister YOU are in debt. Every individual tax payer in America owes almost $200,000.00! Holy smoke! Think of the Harley I could be riding! And the hunting, and fishing, and traveling and vacationing… but no! Rather than that, children around the world will be aborted and teachers will have even more paid vacations! Oh, and complainers like me will be censored and silenced.

Here’s another interesting little treat: the United States currently has $125 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities! Interest on the Federal debt for 2019 was $479,000,000.00! Federal receipts were only $463,000,000.00. In the modern era, our national debt has doubled every nine years, and will more than double again this year alone, (thanks oBiden!). 

Even the commie-lib propagandists at Yahoo and MSN are admitting that the national debt is “impossible to pay off.” Most of the main-stream propagandia doesn’t say much about it at all, but when it does, it is to tell us that it doesn’t matter, “7 Reasons We Don’t Need to Pay Off the National Debt” (Time Magazine, possibly the most dishonest “news” journal in American history). “Does the National Debt Even Matter Anymore?” and “Why Government Debt Doesn’t Matter Right Now (Newsweek). “Debt? What Debt? The New Wave in Democratic Thinking (CNN).

This happened gradually, but now, at its peak it is blazing fast! America was on a winning streak. The economic news was spectacular! GDP climbing, companies moving back to America, average American income climbing fast, Drug prices beginning to go down, America cutting the cashflow of its resources through the global nipple. All this success had to be stopped! The global community wants our bucks and the American demoncrat party thrives on failure! Then, all of a sudden… the most absurd and ridiculous scam humanity has ever seen creeps out of China (our principle economic competitor), and shuts down the entire world economy. The least affected were countries who most ignored the threat (Sweden, Japan…). The scam shuts down American schools, churches, concerts, sports, family get togethers… (Creepy Joe did allow as to how it might be possible to have limited family get togethers this July 4! Thanks Joe, go back to sniffing children.) All of this over a deadly disease with an over 99% recovery rate (practically 100% if one leaves out comorbidities such as heart disease, old age, cancer, car crashes and falling off cliffs).

America needs to wake up fast to the real threat we face, the demoncrat party. A lie which began in the effort to maintain slavery in the US, in spite of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution! A lie which battled against suffrage for Black AND female Americans. The party of segregation. The party which gave us Jim Crow laws which Peddo Joe supported and rejuvenated with his 1994 Crime Law. The party working to nationalize industries. The party working to ban our capacity for personal self defense (guns). The party working against our police forces and working against arresting and convicting criminals (unless they’re republicans). A party using the COVID-19 scam to release prisoners onto the streets of America. America is drowning in the swamp and it’s up to us to learn to swim… or “drain the swamp.”


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