How Will It End?

Everything going on in the world right now is rather disturbing.  But this scamdemic conspiracy is completely over the top. Out of nowhere comes another mutation of the same old coronavirus we’ve dealt with for generations, but this time it generates a most unpredictable result. Economic shutdowns, forced mask wearing, social distancing, societal lockdowns, all of this spiced in America by chaos. “Protests,” The Advancement of Marxist organizations like BLM, Antifa. The “election” of a known criminal and pedophile who has dementia, as POTUS in an election so obviously rigged it reaches a level of absolute absurdity! Biden recieves more votes than any candidate in history? Significantly more recorded votes than registered voters? Programmable vote counting machines?? But I digress…

I tend to put in my earplugs and start singing when I hear people start up on Satanic conspiracies and occultism on the rise, but this COVID-19 scam which is so incessantly being pounded into our heads by globalist “authorities” is so overwhelmingly absurd that the explanation cannot be simple. So when I stumbled onto this meme I had my typical eye-rolling reaction, but that tempered by the absurdity of the whole ball of COVID-19 wax. So, being the hard core folklorist and researcher that I am, I was forced, perhaps by the hand of Zeus to take a closer look at what interest a creature like Satan (real or imagined) would have in removing the reigns of sanity from the bit in the mouth of humanity. It does indeed seem interesting… or is it terrifying? Let’s take a look and maybe you can tell me:

Occultism actually refers to the study of hidden knowledge and is outside of any traditional religious philosophy. It was during the 19th century that Satan seems to have joined up with the occultists. Occultism can be defined as people who believe in harnessing the power of spirits or nature through the use of herbs, crystals, amulets, incantations, symbols and spells for either “good” or “bad” effect. Introducing such a specific agent of potency as is Satan, lends tremendous power to the concept of occultism, just as does the association of Jesus with theism. The name, Lucifer means light bringer (which lends some scary potency to Biden’s statement, “I will ally with the light”). In any case, as Christianity arose occultism faded and the role played by incantations, and spirits was replaced by prayers, sacraments, prayers, angels and Saints. Reported miracles abounded during the Middle Ages, a period when saints were walking the land. 

Today we have reached a time during which Christianity is fading and the attraction of occultism and witchcraft are returning to the fold. In the 2010 Census, Witchcraft was our fourth largest “religion.” Occultism is now more common in American than Islam. The point of all this is that the roots of occultism are very deep and the introduction of Satan into that fold makes things rather dark indeed.

Ancient rituals tended to consist of four stages:

  • 1- Isolation in which one is cut off from the normal and thrust into a new reality.
  • 2- A surrender into the new environment, usually involving a token gift. Maybe a “stimulus check,” making you believe you’re being taken care of. Very craftily done in this case. Using your money, giving the vast majority of it to other causes (who also see it as a gift and as reason to join hands with the devil).
  • 3- Sacrifice. A form of payment for the “service” you “receive” from your masters. For us Americans, it’s our Bill of Rights along with our dignity and individualism.
  • 4- Submission. Mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports, social tracing far beyond the snooping of Facistbook, Google and Amazon. They’re preparing to track not only your milage but where you’ve been and where you plan to go. “Alexa… What’ve you been telling Jeff?”

What springs from the ancient well of occultism is a relativity of ritualism that spans centuries and from which we can pick up on various commonalities which the thoughtful and reasonable among us would prefer to chuckle away. We will look at these in steps:

Step 1- Masks. Purely in terms of COVID-19, the masks have proven completely ineffective and thus useless in protecting us good people from the evils of microscopic Hell. Nevertheless, we still have mask mandates going on. For what possible reason? None that makes any logical sense, but looking back on occult rituals throughout the centuries we see the wearing of a mask over ones mouth as a token of submission. A visible gesture of your willingness to be subjected, particularly to a new sovereign or principle. The mask changes the identity of a person. Rather reminiscent of a robot. “Upon donning the mask, the wearer sometimes undergoes a psychic change, and, as in a trance, assumes the spirit character depicted by the mask” (Paul S. Wingert, Encyclopedia Britannica). Thus it is the powers-that-be who have masked, muzzled and demoted you to your new status, slave. Witness a new element of society, the “Karens,” mind numbed robots who take the mask mandates so seriously that they feel personally threatened by, and chase people who don’t wear the mask, berating them and accusing them of being murderous villains with blood on their hands, who are refusing to be good little boys and girls groveling at the feet of their masters.

Step 2– Hand-washing. At least hand-washing can legitimately be said to kill the virus. COVID-19 has a lipid layer which soap destroys and the virus falls apart. However, to be safe one would have to constantly be washing ones hands. In the world of occultists, particularly Satanists, ritual hand washing can be seen as reversing Pilate’s public hand washing ritual. “When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.” Matthew 27:24. Hand-washing is the occult ritualistic symbol of rejection. AND they are even employing the logic that I am presenting here, as a defence for themselves: “Daily Dot” headline, “Conspiracy theorist led GOP charge to invalidate 127,000 Texas ballots,” followed by “Steve Hotze, who says hand washing is an occult ritual, has appeared on Fox News as a medical expert.” (ha ha ha…)

Step 3- Social distancing. There are millions of viruses in every breath you take. No matter how far apart from others you walk, those viruses are there. You can’t escape them, except in a hazmat suit with an air tank, provided you put on the suit in a sterile environment and the air in the tank is virus free. Social distancing cannot possibly work. It has been demonstrated as absurd, yet we are being forced to do it! Especially if we’re in a church or a school. Seems worry is unnecessary if we’re Hollywood film makers wanting to party, or “peaceful” demonstrators wanting to loot, rob, and burn buildings.

Did you ever wonder at the significance of six feet? There is no scientific nor logical explanation for this distance, outside of the spooky fact that it is one of the most widely used of numbers by the occult, particularly Satanists. The number of The Anti-Christ 6-6-6. hmmm… Christians are supposed to come together, sinew-to-sinew and joint-to-joint, tightly united in the Body of Christ. By preaching His Word, helping bring others into the tightly-knit body to help the organization grow. But the occult ritual initiation rule of six feet of separation symbolically neutralizes this command. It puts arbitrary human-made distance between those who are supposed to have no length at all between them. It rips the metaphorical body of Christ apart at the seams, symbolically speaking. It separates the “joints and sinews” that are supposed to be so tightly knit together.

Step 4- Lockdowns. -A recent study of New York hospitals finds that 66% of all coronavirus hospitalizations have involved people who wore masks, washed their hands, practiced six feet of separation, and stayed home. Experienced epidemiologists lead by D. A. Henderson, who was an American medical doctor and educator and who directed a 10-year international effort (1967–1977) which eradicated smallpox throughout the world. Dr. Henderson was later the Dean of John Hopkins School of Public Health. According to that team lockdowns are “ineffective and destructive.” Not only this study but numerous others give us the same result. “The present Covid-inspired forced lockdowns on business and school closures are and have been counterproductive, not sustainable and are, quite frankly, meritless and unscientific. They have been disastrous and just plain wrong! (Paul E. Alexander, American Institute for Economic Research). Science tells us lockdowns don’t work. So why are our “masters” forcing them upon us?

Yes, my brothers and sisters this COVID-19 scamdemic seems to be rather deeper and darker than even I had imagined. The more we see, the more diabolical it all becomes. Sources I’ve been thumbing my nose at (QAnon, Sabmyk, Boogaloo Bois…) begin to appear thoughtful and logical. Pedophiles ruling the Earth? Whatever its source, Operation COVID-19 is undeniably evil and it appears we were well warned. “You hypocrites! You know how to analyze the appearance of the earth and the sky, but why do you not analyze this present time?” Luke 12:56.


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