Your Elections Will Be Here Tomorrow… But Your Choices May Not.

My favorite Medal of Freedom winner predicted years ago that the left was working towards eradicating American “elections” in their traditional form. Not that they would actually eliminate elections, but that they would forward an evolution of the tradition away from “the people,” towards  the very thing our Constitution was written to protect America against, the state, and now evolving into the globe. This accomplished, an election would not indicate the will of the people, but, rather the will of our rulers. 

Moves in this direction have been going on in the U.S. for for over a century. In 1867 the demonrats attempted one of the first U.S. election frauds of the type going on today. Using mail in voting as a tool to get that damn Constitutional, freedom loving fiend out of office! Sadly, this early attempt failed so they had to settle on killing Abraham Lincoln… which they did!

Elections have lived on and it is interesting to note that voter fraud has continued.a quite Interestingly it seems always the demonrats at the helm. In 2020 we reached a new plateau. The Trump/Biden election never really happened! It tried, but the angels of the demonrat party shut it down. Its attempts at breath smothered by the will of a takeover…

Trump is smoking Biden and the counting suddenly stops! Even the rigged Dominion vote counting machines aren’t doing the trick… STOP the count!! Thousands of ballots appear in the middle of the night, and In the rush to fill in the fake ballots the demonrats are too busy to include any down-ballot votes, only the Biden vote. Thousands of ballots, only Creepy Joe votes. Thus we witness a Republican victory in the House and Senate, which may be our only salvation. Only the presidential vote is affected! Creepy Joe begins announcing the win, prematurely, depending on the riging to work, which it might, in spite of the mountain of evidence. Amazing how accurate Marx was in the importance and power of propaganda! The main-stream propagandia is performing majestically, never missing a note. Decent human beings would be embarrassed but our foe is demonrats. Murdering the unborn is their fortè. Lying and cheating are tools rather than flaws. The unholy Church of Beelzebub is removing the veil but you won’t see it on the news!

Which brings us to the question of the demonrat scams we’ve been enduring. In the attempt to keep that damnable outsider from draining the swamp, both sides have dived into the shit pond. Demonrat activists (BLM and Antifa), bring on the violence; rioting, bombing, looting, burning, murdering, beating, armed takeovers, demanding the defundng of police and blaming the whole thing on that dreaded, horrible Orange Man! The Republicrats stand by with their thumbs up their asses watching and doing nothing, except for the anti-Trumpers who are voting for Creepy Joe. A logic I can’t even try to comprehend. The Lincoln Project is a bottom of the pit insult to one of the greatest Americans who ever lived! But I digress… The Scamprotests and the Scamdemic are literally shaking our economic future to the roots and the anti-Trump rumps are blaming it all on Orange Man!

The imagination that these acts of absurdity would come to an end after the “election” have been dashed! These same scams will instead, be amplified! To deal with what is actually a typical coronavirus mutation, covid-19 (the 2019 version of coronavirus). The same sort we’ve been through many times before, Creepy is working on a mask mandate forcing us all to wear these ridiculous, completely ineffective masks wherever we go! Creepy is also proposing a nationwide lockdown. You know, the economy killing absurdity that has literally killed more people from drug/alcohol abuse, suicide, and increased crime than our new flu by far! No, brothers and sisters, it’s not over!

Back to the point of this article, American elections have now become an ember in the dying fire of American freedom. No matter what happens at this point elections will never be the same again. Twood be sooooo simple to solve the election problem but the demonrats simply will not allow it. The destruction of a country of freedom requires power and control, we’ve got to get governing out of the hands of the people if we really want to don the brownshirts of total control! Beelzebub is laughing…

Oh yeah… the Medal of Freedom winner of whom I wrote is the great Rush Limbaugh. The greatest dispenser of truth and reality America has ever seen! Plus, he introduce me to William F. Buckley, Jr. who set me solidly on the path of conservatism!

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