The Trumpster Employs Comedy!

Donald Trump

Hillary clinton had 60,000 governmental emails on a private server which was against the law. Certainly there was motivation for this. HilLIARY isn’t stupid… well… anyway.

It’s become obvious she was selling access to her future regime, and she wanted access to that activity eliminated. In spite of the fact that neither the state department, the FBI nor her democrat supporters seem to care. Of those 60,000 missing emails, HilLIARY did turn over half. The other 30,000? Well, no problem apparently. They were just HilLIARy using state department email to talk about barbecuing hot dogs and Chelsea’s wedding plans. And she wouldn’t lie about that.

indeed shark

The bottom line seems to be that her private server(s) would be far easier to hack than the state department server. The FBI and the state department refuse to look into this obvious probablility. However Comey DID report that she’s a dumbass and a liar.

Which leads us to now. Wikileaks is turning up evidence that DNC emails are being hacked. Yes, the DNC nomination was hacked and we’re seeing what a backstabbing, dishonest bunch the DNC is behind what they thought were closed doors. They’re telling us it was the Russians that hacked the DNC. Which it may have been, but…

At this poing the truth of the matter is irrelevant (as it always is when democrats are involved). The Trumpster brilliantly steps up, right on time,  with the comedic magnificence of revealing the absurdity of all this, by making an absurd (yet completely logical) joke, that we should check with Russia for HilLIARY’s missing emails…

Hell, maybe we SHOULD!

4 thoughts on “The Trumpster Employs Comedy!

  1. What makes you think servers no one even knew existed (until Comey revealed there were several, not just one) are automatically easier to hack? You really do need an IP address before you can even get started. You might think because I’m writing to you here that you could hack me, but I have other computers too, not all at my home. If they aren’t connected to the Internet, there’s not a damn thing a hacker can do to get into them. You would have to burglarize them physically.

    All the State Department’s “official” computers are much more likely to have known and accessible IP addresses, making them easier to hack than those of a private individual.

      1. My only point was to address the false narrative of the “she made us unsafe” issue, which most voters simply have no clue about. HRC has valid negatives. That isn’t one of them.

        I don’t think either candidate has a particularly well-developed sense of humor, but I don’t follow politics for the jokes. Vote for whoever you want.

  2. So you see her using personal servers, selling influence, dishonest (i.e. stealing the nomination from Sanders), the Clinton history of war mongering, her love affair with big banks and big pharma are not indicative of danger?

    Even commielib nuts such as Susan Sarandon believe that HilLIARy is more dangerous than Trump.

    My own desperate, burning dislike for the HilLIARy goes far beyond the fact that she’s a totally self absorbed traitor far more interested in her wallet than her country. Although he’s completely deluded Bernie would’ve been a better choice.

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