We Must Control the People!


The unfortunate fact of the matter is that all this “gun control” bullshit has nothing to do with stopping “mass-murder,” lowering the crime rate, accidental shooting, nor anything in the “public interest”. It is about people control. Government is a living organism fighting for it’s growth and security. The founders recognized this and wrote the Constitution in an effort to keep government under control and make it a useful tool of the people. Unfortunately the natural tendency and will of government has finally overcome the Constitution, as the anti-federalists predicted, and it has become rather than a tool of the people, the master of the people and the only hope now is the will of the people, which as Karl Marx pointed out, is the actual controller of everything, thus the trickery required to turn it in adverse directions, as the commielibs have accomplished throughout most of the world, and now here in America by harnessing the Democrat party and tricking people into believing that “liberalism” refers to “liberty” when it actually refers to the liberal application of government, which by definition refers to the decrease in independence. Unfortunately the Republican party is not far behind in terms of fostering governmental control. There is only the libertarian party, in which the “liber-” actually is in reference to “liberty” in which there is hope for the freedom/responsibility of the people, to prosper.

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