Hillary? Gun Control? People Control? Indeed!

I feel driven to restate a prediction I made over a year ago. Funny it is, how my predictions keep coming true. The birth certificate, Romney, Jim’s suicide, and so on. I’m seeing this next coming to fruition precisely as I predicted it would and I need to renew my prediction in order to increase the value of the coming “I told you so”s.

Shortly before the election Barragh Hussein Obuma will pull out. He’s in the conscious process of driving his own popularity down at this very moment. Making absurd moves which are offending even his most ardent supporters. The propagandia is even stepping in and slinging a few arrows. Hillary has made some interesting moves herself, and the Media?

Weekly World News Hillary to Challenge Obama for President

The Daily Beast  Hillary Told You So

Hillary Unleashed

Huffinton Puffington Post Nancy Pelosi: Hillary Clinton Should Run for President 2016

Petition to Congress Draft Hillary Clinton for President 2012

And there are many more! Precisely as I predicted!

She’ll not make the actual announcement right away. It’ll be closer to election time. She’ll have the entire commielib, lefist, traditional Democrat (including those pissed at Obuma beyond voting). She will be in like Flynn and Bill will be the first..  whatever he is.. You can bet yer ass he’ll be supporting Hillary. Good gravy! It’ll be historical! And there’ll not be the slightest glitch in the overall plan. The bigotry of the left against the successful will roll on ahead full steam. The excuse will be “It’s that Dang Obuma’s fault”. Look at the debt! We HAVE to do something radical! And Bacon’ll say, “see, I told you so!”

And one more..  The first attempted move will be income ceilings. Everything above the ceiling must go to the government. This one may not pass right off the bat, but it’ll be thrown in the oven right away.  Those damn eeeeeevil rich sons of bitches MUST PAY! (their fair share (thanks Alinsky.)) We’ll be feelin’ good as we watch freedom/responsibility swirling down the drain.

I’m feeling prophetic, maybe I should start a religion! The Church of Total Equality of Latter Day Retards… ‘er somethin’


July 4, 2012 Update

OK.. modification time. Embarrassing it is but I missed some important points. I misread Obuma for one. He will not pull out. He’s not simply a servant to his masters as I presumed. He is actually completely insane. He believes in Marxism right to his core. He believes he is doing the “right thing” as did Karl Marx who was a genius, and who’s “Manifesto” seems to be more closely followed by American leadership than is our own Constitution. Read the “Communist Manifesto,” particularly the demands in Section II which could easier be seen as the “constitution” America is currently following. In any case, Obuma must go down and I don’t think Biden is seen as a magnificent option by the Demonrat party. Hillary is the next in line. Were something to happen to Obuma and Biden (Satan forbid!) Hillary is the next in line…  My goodness, how simple.

In any case, my prediction of Hillary Clinton as next POTUS still stands, the point of interest is going to be how she gets there.  The crumbling of Obuma is happening, what I missed was the actual intentions of Obuma. Praise Allah!  Ok then…

One thought on “Hillary? Gun Control? People Control? Indeed!

  1. Well, I sure as hell missed this one! However it was largely based on my firm belief that the oBumaholy could not be reelected. How wrong I was! I guess I was bound to miss one, sooner or later.

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