King Animal

06  King Animal (Deluxe Version)

With age indeed comes change. Typically in the music business the change is in the direction of a more jaded, repetitive, unemotional, professionally produced grind. Not so with Soundgarden. With age has come wisdom, talent, and their work has definitely stepped into the very rare world of true art. Maturity often comes at the expense of “soul,” but the heart is beating in these bad boys. Their entire collection is brimming with brilliance in many hues. Every release has been a masterpiece and each has been a step atypical for the genre.. hard-rock? grunge? They’ve been an inspiration to the entire modern musical community. This work has the same reverberating soul you find in everything they’ve done so far, but the years have polished their craft into genuine art. This is a full step above typical, and then some. I have a hard time hearing what’s being said because it’s being delivered on such a beautiful platter. Pay attention to this one, you’ll be more than rewarded. “…I’m addicted to feeling… I’m a ghost and a healer… I’m the shape of the hole inside your heart… yes something is being said, and holy Hanna, what a magnificent listen. Amidst the tripe typically being served up today, this is an absolute sparkling beauty!! Thank you Soundgarden for the most magnificent revival I can remember. I pity the soul that can’t connect to this one!

ps… Don’t steal it, buy it! These boys deserve a reward for this magnificent piece..