Vestibular Gonadulism


Due to publisher prompting I’m working hard to finish the book, “Severe.” I’m down to the technological aspect of recovery from brain damage. It is hugely frustrating that the ‘therapists” I was involved with had not a clue relative to what I needed. The attempt was made to teach me to walk when I had neither the ambitious will, nor the sense of balance which would make it possible.

My vestibular system is severely damaged. I doubt my “therapists” and possibly not even my doctor knew nor knows what a vestibular system is. Balance is a sense. A sense we don’t know we have, until we loose it. Loosing ones vestibular system in relationship to balance, is comparable to losing the retina in relationship to seeing.

In any case, research for my book has led me to some magnificent chunks of modern medical wisdom relative to brain plasticity (the reason I now know my name, earned a degree and am working on my MA). In any case, it’s all rather groovy, and the next thing you know I may be ballet dancing… Hopefully not alone!

“Severe” the Book

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