Remember the Alamo


Memory of 9/11?

September 11, 2001, America was stunned by a completely unforeseen attack. Islamic Terrorists hit us in the most successful attack on American civilians ever waged.

Another major attack springs to mind, Pearl Harbor. Unlike Islam, Japan attacked on a Sunday. Most offices on the base were closed and many servicemen were on leave for the weekend, yet there were similarities; “And what encouragement did Japanese aggressors receive from America? It came in two different ways. It came, first, from men who loudly proclaimed that whatever Japan did in Asia was no affair of ours; that we should concern ourselves with nothing outside our own borders. It came, in the second place, from men who asserted that the United States need never fear any attack from any power whatever; that war with Japan was (as Oswald Garrison Villard wrote) “impossible”; that Japan could never hurt us and we could never hurt Japan” (Nevins). Very nearly the same inanity we hear from the left and the main stream propagandia today.

14 years later:

September 10, 2015, Senate demonrats deliver a major victory to oBama (Islam), by blocking a Republican resolution to reject the “agreement.” The irony of the timeframe is stunning 14 years almost to the day. America’s political machine honors the memory of 9/11 with a nuclear agreement with a 7th century culture which was responsible for 9/11. A culture sworn to convert or destroy everything non-Muslim. A culture that relegates women, gays, and minorities to a lower status than farm animals.

The United States Senate sustained the deal, freeing Barack Hussein Obama to lift sanctions on the Iranian regime, which will provide them with between $100 billion and $150 billion, and allow a terror-supporting regime to become a nuclear power. Thus setting off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Will we continue to tell other nations to abstain from nuclear arms? The arrangement also sets forth an inspections process that provides ample time for the Iranians to cheat (no… no… would they??).

The GOP could’ve stopped this agreement on legal grounds. The Corker-Cardin bill (written to bastardize the treaty process) actually made what The oBama regime did, illegal. Thus the responsibility resides not only in the demonrat court, but in the Republicrat side as well… as usual…


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An entry in my Journal seemed like ingredient for a poem: So...

Finally waking up from a couple of days of bizarre
          Fear actually.. 
                Fearful depression. I suspect 
I’ll never know who I am, 
             no how to behave. 
Worrying about it is futile, it is and always will be...  
Today in Literature I witness the fading of certain illusions. 
                The realities 
               in my fantasies 
sometimes come into focus and it came rather closer in 
                 the case 
of one of my little dreams. In 
                 any case, 
that little dream has faded and 
             I’m feeling much better and 
                     the two are completely 



America is under an adMINISTRATION which is currently under investigation by the Senate, the House, the FBI and numerous private and foreign organizations. Obama is currently under more scrutiny than any previous administration. 

The IRS targets Obama’s enemies, Benghazi, Watching the AP, Rosengate, Holder perjury, Fast and Furious, Pigford scandal, GSA, violation of the Hatch Act, Solyndra, Lisa Jackson, Black Panther voter intimidation, War without Congressional approval, Biden’s incredible stupidity, bypassing Congress in various ways, sexual assaults on foreign nationals hired as embassy guards, State department employment of prostitutes while on official trips, nepotism has become an open and widespread practice at the Department of Energy, state dinner security breaches, judicial appointment controversies, drone attacks, Mayward District murders, Guantanimo Bay, Memogate, PRISM, and the list goes on and on… 

Since the American media has evolved into a statist propaganda mill, none of the stories are clearly and fully told. The only certainty seen in the most corrupt administration in history, yes even more corrupt than Bill Clinton which is not an easy task, is that nothing will come of it. Barrack Hussein Obama will not be impeached. The statist empire (left AND right) combined with the ironic reverse racism which has done more damage to black America than the KKK, the American Nazi Party and the League of the South combined, provide the insurance that America’s first black President can do no wrong. In fact, as anyone who pays even the most minimal attention to the media reporting of all the above controversies and more, Barrack Hussein Obama is barely aware of their existence, and he hasn’t the foggiest notion as to how any of them came to be. Just like Clinton, he learns of them only after having read about them in the paper. This level of ignorance alone should be cause for impeachment.


Cherry Speak

There she is again…

This distance disguises her height, but

not her majesty.

She has such

a Cold face.

Even from here,

her stone facade delivers

the impression of


Her crags, I’ve

long longed

to attack.

From the back she is much more inviting.

Many make the ascent from the rear.

On her back is the nature much kinder.

From her summit, I’ve seen her face clear.

I’ve probed every alternate tactic.

to use when the time does appear.

Any mistake could prove tragic!

…Nobody has done this before.

Getting the best of her will not be easy

One thing she is not,

is a whore.


I again gaze up at her

Her face it is still… cold, and white.

I’m afraid.

But now not of her nature.

No, instead, that my wait may have made her

but a conquest for my dreams at night.



Thank You Margaret Thatcher!


One of the greatest heroes of independence, freedom and responsibility passed this morning. She was fought at the time and is increasingly viewed as a “radical” extremist today. And this she was, in the world of socialism, statism and those paving the road toward Marxist communism. She appeared at a time in Great Britain which was even further advanced on the trail towards socialism than we are in the US today. As the US is fast in the process of the government takeover of one of the largest segments in American business, the medical industry, we can examine an economy  under the effect of privatization. Margaret Thatcher said, “privatization  shrinks the power of the state and free enterprise enlarges the power of the people… we understood that a system of free enterprise has a universal truth at its heart: to create a genuine market in a state you have to take the state out of the market.” We can actually examine the effect of the very principle so hated today, in all its successful glory. Although she was far from being a “feminist” in the way we see them today, she literally broke ground in the field of thwarting the logic of sexual discrimination which had been almost constant since the dawn of humanity.

Margaret Thatcher appeared during the “Winter of Discontent” in the UK, where the economy was drowning in an ocean of socialism. The government accounted for over 30% of the workforce. The government red tape, just like in the US today, was strangling the free enterprise that remained. Thatcher privatized telecommunications, railroads, steel and more, and the course of UK economy immediately took a new and much more positive direction. Her wisdom in stating, “The lesson of the economic history of Europe in the 70’s and 80’s is that central planning and detailed control do not work and that personal endeavour and initiative do. That a State-controlled economy is a recipe for low growth and that free enterprise within a framework of law brings better results…” Can scarcely be denied, yet America is flocking down that very path and following a leader who is the diametric opposition of Thatcher’s wisdom and is rapidly destroying the independence and freedom of us all.

“We should back the workers, not the shirkers.”

“When you hold back the successful, you penalize those who need help.”

“There is no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation.”

“To cure the British disease with socialism was like trying to cure leukemia with leeches.”

“What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner ‘I stand for consensus’?”

“When all the objectives of government include the achievement of equality – other than equality before the law – that government poses a threat to liberty.”

“In the Conservative Party we have no truck with outmoded Marxist doctrine about class warfare. For us it is not who you are, who your family is or where you come from that matters, but what you are and what you can do for your country that counts.”

“During my lifetime most of the problems the world has faced have come, in one fashion or other, from mainland Europe, and the solutions from outside it.”

An interesting aside; listening to the news reports today, each one refers to her greatness, but not a one I’ve heard from the “main-stream” has neglected to point out something quite negative “many believe she kicked the poor into the street,” for example. It’s damn hard for statists to show her the respect she deserves.


The Horrifying Face of a Felon!


Yes indeedy! Two FELONY counts of possessing a FIREARM. The Department of Juvenile Justice of North Carolina, in a letter to the child’s parents, informed them that they considered the child’s crime to be a “violent felony.” Oh the horror of it all! The child was being punished for accidentally hitting a passing car. His BB gun… yes BB GUN, was taken away and community service at a local church to pay the $350 to repair the chip. (Hard for me to believe that a bb gun could cause any detectable damage in an automobile.) But that was not enough. The vile little mongrel must be taught a lesson, so now he faces the prospect of a year on probation, hundreds of hours of community service and a criminal record. Oh the horror of it! Next we’ll learn the violent little wretch is a Christian! Hell, what if he turns out to be a heterosexual? What is this world coming to?

There is actually a horror here. The horror is that this is a true story.